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About the Artist

Kari Arvo Ilari "Kartsy" Hatakka is the vocalist and bassist for the Finnish music group Waltari, which he founded in 1986. Kartsy is recognized as one of the most remarkable faces in Finnish rock history. Besides Waltari, Kartsy has lived as a full-time musician since 1991, and therefore has also had a lot of other remarkable musical engagements in different fields of music including a pioneering soundtrack work for the Finnish computer game Max Payne (parts 1 and 2) with Kimmo Kajasto.Credit: Wikipedia

Artist's Music Sheets

  • t Y i o s o P o Y r W w y w y Y r t Y i o s o P o Y r W w y w y Y [ts] [YD] [ig] [oh] [sl] [oh] [PJ] [oh] [YD] [ra] [WO] [wo] [yd] [wo] [yd] [YD] [ra] [ts] [YD] [ig] [oh] [sl] [oh] [PJ] [oh] [YD] [ra] [WO] [wo] [yd] [wo] [yd] [YD] [qi] | [qi] [wo] [WO] [yd] [ra] [wo] [YD] [yd] [qi] | [qi] [wo] [WO] [yd] [ts] [ra] [ep] [ra] | [tosh] [ts] [YD] [ig] [oh] [sl] [oh] [PJ] [oh] [YD] [adgh] [WO] [wo] [yd] [wo] [yd] [YD] [ash] [ts] [YD] [ig] [oh] [sl] [oh] [PJ] [oh] [YD] [adgh] [WO] [wo] [yd] [wo] [yd] [YD] [to] sDghlhJhDa OododDa sDghlhJhDa OododD as
    Level: 6
    Max Payne Main Theme

    Kartsy Hatakka


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