Shogo Sakai

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About the Artist

Shogo Sakai is a video game composer from Japan. He was born in 1960 and has written music for a variety of games including Super Smash Bros and Mother 3.

Credit: Wikipedia

Artist's Music Sheets

  • 3 4 $ 5 8 [f4] [p4] [f4]
    [f4] j [f4] 4 s [d9] f g
    [f5] d s [a0] s d [s6] u
    [i9] [s9] [s9] 5 s [a5] [s5] d
    p [tp] [o8] o 8 t [f0] [O0]
    [f0] [f6] j [f6] 6 s [s9] d
    f [d5] s [a0] s d [s6] p
    [o0] [o0] [o0] [o(] [d(] [d(] [p9] [f9]
    [f9] [wf] [wd] [wf] [wg] [wh] 9 q
    [wh] 9 q w [h6] [j0] [wJ] [j6]
    [h0] w e [g9] 6 8 [g9] 6
    8 9 [qg] [h8] [H(] [h^] [qg] W
    [hE] [f6] [p6] [f6] 5 [f$] j [f$]
    $ s [d5] 5 5 [d0] f g
    [f0] 0 d f d [s4]

    Level: 4
    Length: 00:47
    Mind of a Thief (Mother 3)

    Shogo Sakai