Michiru Yamane

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About the Artist

Michiru Yamane (Japanese: 山根ミチル, Hepburn: Yamane Michiru, born September 23, 1963) is a Japanese video game composer and pianist. Yamane's musical style draws on baroque, classical and rock traditions, with both Johann Sebastian Bach and Yellow Magic Orchestra as prominent influences. She is best known for her two decades of work at the gaming company Konami, with her compositions for the Castlevania series among her most recognized work.

Credit: Wikipedia

Artist's Music Sheets

  • [p6] 3 [f6] 8 d|
    [p6] 3 [f6] 8 d|
    [O%] 4 [g%] 8 s|
    [O%] 4 [g%] 8 s|
    [s6] 0 [ta] s u|
    [s5] 0 [ta] s u|
    [p4] 8 [qoe] p t|
    [o3] 8 [wi0] o t|
    [of2] [dI6] [pI9]| 0| Q| e| y|
    [of4] [dI9] [sof0]| w| e| t| i|
    [of5] [dI9] [wpf]| e| r| y| o|
    pasd[spf6] 0 e [utsp]|
    d s f [pdI6] Q e y [pI]|
    a 6 [usp6] 0 e [utp]|
    p s [f6] [pdI6] Q e [yp] f| h|
    [sqjg4] 8 q [hda] [w5] 9 [wd]|
    [sof1] 5 8 [pdI] 2 6 [p9] a
    [spi4] 8 q [spi8] 4 [p8] [sq] f
    [oda5] 9 w [rofa]| w [o5]|
    [utp63] [utp] [utp6] [utp] [utp63] [utp] [utp6] [utp]
    [ypI62] [ypI] [ypI6] [ypI] [ypI62] [ypI] [ypI6] p
    [spf63] [spf] [spf6] [spf] [spf63] [spf] [shf6] [shf]
    [pdG62] [pd] [pd6] [pdI] [pI62]| [p6]| [e6]tup

    Level: 7
    Length: 01:03
    Bloodstained Theme

    Michiru Yamane


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