Tsukasa Saitoh

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About the Artist

Tsukasa Saitoh was born on 23 March 1975 in Fukushima, Japan. Tsukasa is a composer, known for Bloodborne (2015), Armored Core 3 (2002) and Bloodborne: The Old Hunters (2015).

Credit: Wikipedia

Artist's Music Sheets

  • [6s] 0 [ta] e [up] 0
    [%O] 0 [rf] W [ua] [0s]
    [7d] q [yf] 0 [ig] 9
    [8g] w u t [of] w
    [qd] e [yf] i [pg] e
    [%f] 0 y W [ua] 0
    [%a] 0 [rs] W [ua] 0
    [6a] 0 t e [up] 0
    [6s] 0 [ta] e [up] 0
    [%O] 0 [rf] W [ua] [0s]
    [qd] e [yf] i [pg] e
    [%g] 0 r [Wf] [uH] [0j]
    [qk] [ez] [yl] [ik] [pj] [dh]
    [sg] p [uf] t [ep] 0
    [9a] W [yd]s r [ia] W
    [6a] 0 t e [up] 0

    Level: 4
    Length: 00:46
    Song of Lament (Elden Ring)

    Tsukasa Saitoh


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