Vicente López y Planes

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Alejandro Vicente López y Planes (May 3, 1785 – October 10, 1856) was an Argentine writer and politician who acted as interim President of Argentina from July 7, 1827 to August 18, 1827. He also wrote the lyrics of the Argentine National Anthem adopted on May 11, 1813.

Credit: Wikipedia

Artist's Music Sheets

  • tutoiyr rrrtyt 80ewq9w08 q09q09 0qwertyuio ooiyy uoi yy uoIiuy tttttttttttt uu oo uu iu yyyyyyy ii pp ii uy tttt iu yyyyy oi uuuu po iiiiii apooooo s a ppppp a
    Level: 3
    ¡Libertad! (Argentinian National Anthem)

    Vicente López y Planes


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