Wataru Maeguchi

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Film score composer.

Credit: Wikipedia

Artist's Music Sheets

  • f G h [j9] edy [je] [h] e T [he]h[h7] wdr [yh] [^G] Q E [TG]G[G6] 0fe [yd] [f%] 0aW [rf] [wd] y o a [feS] uGp [hS] [j9] edy [je] [h] e T [he]h[h7] wzr [yh] [GE] I P [SG]G[eG] uLp [uG] [fW] u [kO] u [ze] y u p a d [SL]|[zyoJ]| |[oJ][pl][yjI]|||[zd92]|[zd92]|[f6] [G6] [h6] [j9] [ye]d9 [yje] [h*] [eT] * [heT]h[h7] [wr]d7 [wrh] [^G] [QE] ^ [QGE]G[G6] [e0]f6 [ed0] [f%] [W0]a% [fW0] [d5] [w9] 5 [w9] [fS6] [G6] [h6] [j9] [ye]d9 [yje] [h*] [eT] * [heT]h[h7] [wr]z7 [wrh] [^G] [QE] ^ [QGE]G[G6] [e0]L6 [eG0] [f%] [W0] [k%] [W0] [z5] [w9] 5 [w9] [dL6]S[e0]d[kf6]G[e0]h[tj] I p I t I p [kI]j[rh] y o y [rd] y o y [hE] y o y E y o [yj]h[eG] y [LI] y [eG] y [dI] y [fW] r u [rk] W r [ud] r [wS] e T [je] w e [TS] e [dQ] e y [je] Q e [yS] e [rd] y I y r y [fI] y [f8] t 8 [tk] 8 t [y8] t [u8] t 8 [ta] 8 t [d8] t [f6] e 6 [ke] 6 e [y6] e [u6] e 6 [ea] 6 e 6 [eG]h[jd92]|[zd92]|[f6] [G6] [h6] [j9] [ye]d9 [yje] [h*] [eT] * [heT]h[h7] [wr]d7 [wrh] [^G] [QE] ^ [QGE]G[G6] [e0]f6 [ed0] [f%] [W0]a% [fW0] [d5] [w9] 5 [w9] [fS6] [G6] [h6] [j9] [ye]d9 [yje] [h*] [eT] * [heT]h[h7] [wr]z7 [wrh] [^G] [QE] ^ [QGE]G[G6] [e0]L6 [eG0] [f%] [W0] [k%] [W0] [z5] [w9] 5 [w9] [fL6] [G6] [h6] [j9] [ye]d9 [yje] [h*] [eT] * [heT]h[h7] [wr]d7 [wrh] [^G] [QE] ^ [QGE]G[G6] [e0]f6 [ed0] [f%] [W0]a% [fW0] [d5] [w9] 5 [w9] [fS6] [G6] [h6] [j9] [ye]d9 [yje] [h*] [eT] * [heT]h[h7] [wr]z7 [wrh] [^G] [QE] ^ [QGE]G[G6] [e0]L6 [eG0] [f%] [W0] [k%] [W0] [zhd6] [e0] 6 [e0] 6 [e0] [x6]L[je0]f[dP5] [wE] 5 [wE] 5 [wE] [f5] [wE] [pd2] [eQ] 2 [eQG]h[j2] [heQ]G[f2]d[feQ]G[hP5] [wE] 5 [wE] 5 [wE] [J5] [wE] [jG2] [eQ] 2 [eQ] [zf2]d[feQ]G[h2]G[heQ]j[hJ5] [wE] 5 [wE] 5 [wE] [h5] [wE] [jG2] [eQ] 2 [eQ] [z2]x[zeQ]L[k2]L[keQ]j[hJ5] [wE] 5 [wE] 5 [wE] [h5]j[wkE]L[zjd962] [zjd962]

    Level: 6
    Length: 01:47
    Kaichou Wa Maid Sama Main Theme

    Wataru Maeguchi


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