Tomoki Kikuya

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About the Artist

Tomoki Kikuya (菊谷 知樹, Kikuya Tomoki, born 21 February 1968) is a Japanese music composer and arranger. He has arranged and composed several songs featured in anime.

Credit: Wikipedia

Artist's Music Sheets

  • [S] 0 [fW] 0 [QD] [S0] [a(] 7 [S] [O0] [WI] [a0] [QO] 0 ( [u7]I[O] 0 [aW] 0 [QP] [O0] [I(] 7 [u6] [I0]u[Y7] [rQ(] [T*] [W0] [W0]

    Level: 3
    Length: 00:10
    End Card (Nisekoi)

    Tomoki Kikuya