Bella Reborn (Twilight)

[260] | [269] | [260] | [269] |
J j [269h] f d h J [260j] [29] q w 2 w E e [2q] e w 2 0 w q
[29y] [qi] [wo] [29] [wo] [EP] [ep] [29ep] [qi] [wo] [29] [wo] [0u] [9y] J [29j] q h [wg] 2 f [wh] E d [es] p
[29] q e p [wo] 2 i [0p] w u [qy] J [29j] q h [wgz] 2 f [whj] E [fh] [edj] J [2j] q p [wod] [uf] [wig] 0 E [0yd] [PJ] [29pj] q h [18dg] f [5ph] 6 [pf] [id] g [6pf] 4 d [5o] [of] [6pg] 4 [uf] [29yd] [6fx] o p d g [4sj] h g [8tps] f
[29sg] f d [4qip] [is] [5wi] p o p

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