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Pianist Profile

Create your virtual pianist profile. Customise it to your liking and get ready to take part in challenges - the first step to improving your skills.

Save Settings

Save your preferred instrument, the ideal sustain level for the instrument and your preferred Key Assist mode, so it’s always ready for you.

Totally Yours

Log in via a mobile browser and save your piano customisation including colour and theme. Access premium themes exclusively for Virtual Piano Plus users.

Pianist Rating

Play verified songs and get points to increase your virtual Pianist Rating. The more you play well, the better your rating and ranking.


Record MP3 files of your musical performances up to 5 minutes long. Create beautiful music in a quality that is ready for sharing worldwide.


Experience the platform without advertising. As a Virtual Piano Plus user, enjoy a phenomenal experience without external distractions.


Sign in to Virtual Piano from a browser on another device and experience the piano with the same settings you saved from your previous device.

Commercial Use

Your premium account, Virtual Piano Plus enables you to create and download high quality music that can be used for commercial purposes.

Collect Medals

Collect gold, silver and bronze medals every time you play a song exceptionally well. Take part in challenges, play well and collect medals.

Create & Edit

Use the Music Sheet Producer to compose music, make changes to existing sheets, auto play, submit them to Virtual Piano and share.


See the songs you've played in your performance history and the points you scored for each one. Play your favourites again and improve.

Track Stats

Monitor your statistics including the average difficulty level of the songs you've played, your accuracy, rhythm percentage and more.


$48 USD / year

Recurring annual billing • Cancel anytime

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Play the piano instantly, become an online pianist and create your own extraordinary music. What can you do with your premium account? The question is, what can you not do! The opportunities are endless and only limited by your imagination. So sign up today and utilise all the benefits of your membership.

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Virtual Piano has been used by millions of students as a learning platform in schools all over the world. It has introduced children to the piano and ignited their passion for music. The platform has provided a stepping stone into the music industry for some of the world’s great artists and producers. It has been used as a tool in commercial music production as well as a solo instrument by individuals for recreation. The global picture of the 15-year use of Virtual Piano shows that it is certainly not just a virtual piano keyboard. Virtual Piano is a form of expression and communication between different cultures and regions of the world – crossing language, space and time.

Don't just sit there and listen to great music.

$48 USD / year

Recurring annual billing • Cancel anytime

"I fell in love"
"Hours of fun"
"clever learning"
"It's the future"

Is Virtual Piano Membership for me?

Yes, Virtual Piano Membership is right for you if you're looking for one of the following additional benefits:

  • Experience Virtual Piano without advertisements.
  • Learn, teach or just play using our lightning-fast engine.
  • Save your perfect piano environment settings so you can focus on the music.
  • Create music sheets and record your performances.
  • Build a pianist profile and get a global rating.
  • Compete in Virtual Piano competitions and live leagues, collect medals and rewards.
  • Use multiple devices with your preferred settings.
  • Analyse and improve your performances.
  • Enjoy additional flexibility like commercial use, production of piano music, sell your music etc.
  • You can afford to pay $4 per month (Charged $48 USD per year).

Is it better to learn on a virtual piano or a physical piano?

It's better to learn on a virtual piano. There are hundreds of reasons why millions are increasingly choosing Virtual Piano over a physical piano, but here are just 10 of those reasons:

  1. Easy to learn: It's easier to learn to play on Virtual Piano.
  2. Quicker to play: It takes less than a minute to play your first song.
  3. Smarter learning: At the end of each performance, you get feedback.
  4. Free music sheets: You have access to thousands of ever-growing free music sheets.
  5. Play anywhere: You can play on any of your devices in any part of your home or even outside of your home.
  6. Better for self-learning: You have direct access to learning material.
  7. A key resource for teachers: Teachers can provide students with lessons and tasks using the music sheets on Virtual Piano and review each student's performance remotely.
  8. Easier Music Notation: You don't need to spend months and years learning traditional music notation to play music. Virtual Piano music sheets use plain English alphabet, which even a child as young as 4 can follow.
  9. No environmental impact: No plastic, no metal, no wood, and in fact, no material at all is used in Virtual Piano. It provides you with the richest instrument sounds, yet without negatively impacting our planet. Virtual Piano was pioneered with the future in mind. The notion that biosphere and human civilization need to co-exist in harmony is necessary and good. Human civilisation has produced countless gimmicks made with materials that ultimately end up in our oceans and wastelands. Virtual Piano has done exactly the opposite. More than 19 million people chose to use Virtual Piano over physical plastic in the last 15 years and this impact is meaningful for our environment and our planet.
  10. $4 USD / month: Virtual Piano Membership costs just $48 per year and you can cancel anytime, saving you thousands of dollars in costs elsewhere.

How does a real piano compare to Virtual Piano?

Virtual Piano is a digital product designed for the future. Anyone can access and play the Virtual Piano in less than 1 minute from their computer, mobile or tablet. It takes no space in your living room because it lives in the cloud and your free music sheets and song performance data is also stored there. Not on your hard drive or in paper files. You no longer need months and years to learn the traditional music notation in order to play songs on a real piano. Virtual Piano's music sheets use plain English alphabet, enabling you to play any song instantly.

Virtual Piano is a movement rather than an object like the real piano. There's no plastic, metal, wood, glass or other material used in Virtual Piano - so there's no environmental impact unlike the physical pianos and keyboards which end up in wastelands and oceans. The aim of Virtual Piano is to enable more people across the world to experience the piano and other classical instruments. We need to focus on the music, rather than buying more gimmicks.

The platform provides an online destination for the experience of music that is easy to use, high quality, informative, trusted and fun. Virtual Piano has already boosted the health and happiness of millions of people around the world, not just a privilaged few who could afford a physical piano. Now, we envisage going further together with you; to nurture compassionate new generations of online pianists with healthy minds, positive energy and an ambition to contribute towards making the world a better place.

How much space does Virtual Piano take?

None. No space. Virtual Piano is a digital product that lives in the cloud. Your music sheets and song performance data is also stored digitally in the cloud. Not on your hard drive or in paper files. So Virtual Piano doesn't take any space in your living room or on your hard drive at all.

Can I save my personal preferences on Virtual Piano?

Yes, you can. Customise the piano to how you like it and press the SAVE button to save your settings to your Virtual Piano Plus account so you can return to how you left it.

  • Your performances are automatically saved to your profile to help you improve.Your performance data also allows you to easily find your favourite songs and play them again.
  • Save your unique style by setting your custom colour and theme so the Virtual Piano is individually yours.
  • Your Pianist Rating, earnt badges, key assist setting, favourite instrument and sound preferences will all be saved to your profile.

Do I need to print music sheets?

No. Virtual Piano music sheets automatically get loaded into the piano display without the need for you to print them. Traditional sheet music was printed on paper. Not anymore. So when you choose Virtual Piano, you get free access to thousands of ever-growing music sheets, you save a few trees, save your time, save your ink, save money and focus on what really matters - your passion for music.

Is Virtual Piano safe for children and students to use?

Yes, Virtual Piano is completely safe for children. We aim to create and maintain a safe environment for all users. We enforce a code of conduct through our House Rules and any users who violate this will be blocked from our channels. While we attempt to monitor all channels, at times inappropriate content posted by the community may appear. If you see any, as with any platform, please use the abuse/spam report filter on that particular network or channel. As much as possible we use category blocking so that inappropriate advertising is not served on the website and to keep the website family-friendly. Virtual Piano is an online platform used by millions of people all over the world. We recommend caregiver guidance for children under 13 using the platform and we strongly advise that children are appropriately educated about internet safety.

How can my child learn to play the piano online?

Visit the Virtual Piano's How to Play section for instructions on how to help your child play the piano online. Here you will find some basic tips and starting points as well as songs for your child to play. Find fun and recognisable songs in the following categories:

  1. Super Easy Music Sheets
  2. Disney Music Sheets
  3. Kids Music Sheets
  4. Nursery Rhyme Music Sheets

How much does it cost to buy music sheets?

Nothing. Zero. $0.00. Because in the last 15 years (since 2006) Virtual Piano Music Sheets have been written and produced by Virtual Piano teachers, its musical legends, and its community members. To enable everyone in every corner of the world to create and play great music, Virtual Piano does not charge for music sheets and never will. Music is for everyone, not just a privileged few.

Do I need to buy an additional device to use Virtual Piano?

No. Virtual Piano works on your desktop computer, laptop, tablet and smartphone. So if you are reading this, you most likely have access to one of these devices. There is no need for you to buy more devices or plastic gimmicks to create, play or enjoy outstanding music.

Is Virtual Piano prone to wear and tear like the real piano?

No. Virtual Piano is not subject to wear, tear, or deterioration unlike physical instruments or even other virtual downloadable instruments. In fact, Virtual Piano improves with time due to continuous updates made to the platform every hour. This future ready product does not go out of warranty and it does not have an expiry date. In effect, you're getting a lifetime warranty as soon as you start using Virtual Piano.

Does virtual piano go out of tune like a real piano?

No. All 14 instruments on Virtual Piano are in tune 100% of the time.

Moreover, if you have a Virutal Piano account, you can even set your preferred Sustain level and choice of instrument, which will be ready for you each time you wish to play.

How much time does it take to learn the piano online?

It takes less than a minute to learn to play the piano through You'll be able to play a song in less than a minute of landing on Virtual Piano. That's the start, but like with anything, to improve, you'll need to practice but the pace of your improvement on Virtual Piano will be far quicker than on any other medium. The platform is intuitive and practical. So you're encouraged to start with playing a couple of Super Easy music sheets and see how easy it is for yourself.

Traditionally, music instruments took many years to learn. The barriers to entry were too high. The countless obstacles included the cost of the instrument, the cost of teachers, learning of a complex music notation, navigating the instruments themsleves and so on. That's no longer the case. Learn to play Virtual Piano and you can play any classical instrument on any device, anywhere, anytime.

What are the benefits of learning to play music?

There are countless health and happiness benefits of learning to play music, most of which are widely known.

"Musical training can have a profound and lasting impact on the brain, creating additional neural connections in childhood that can last a lifetime and thus help compensate for cognitive declines later in life."

This is according to Jennifer Bugos, an assistant professor of music education at the University of South Florida.

More on this in National Geographic's article titled "Your Aging Brain Will Be in Better Shape If You've Taken Music Lessons"

Is it too late for me to learn to play the piano?

No. A big fat NO. The fact is - it's never too late. Especially if you begin with Virtual Piano music notation, which allows you to learn and play instantly. There is no need for barriers and pre-requisites. Start to play right now. People used to say "I wish I had learnt to play an instrument when I was younger". That's a notion of the past. You no longer need to be young to start. You don't need to learn traditional music notation to play music. So you're encouraged to start with playing a couple of Super Easy music sheets and see how easy it is for yourself. If you're under 100 years old, then you're still young enough to learn and play Virtual Piano. Start now.

If you're over 100 years old, then you may like pressing the Auto Play button on any song loaded into Virtual Piano and just enjoy the music.

Can I learn the piano by myself?

Yes, you absolutely can. Just head to and click on the Learn / Teach section to start teaching yourself how to learn quickly.

How to install the Virtual Piano app on iPhone and iPad?

The official Virtual Piano app for iPhone, iPad and other compatible Apple iOS devices is available as a Web App. You can add it to your device's home screen in 4 easy steps.

  1. Open the Safari browser on your device
  2. Go to
  3. Tap the 'Share' icon in the top right
  4. Select the 'Add to home screen'. Success.

You can now use Virtual Piano like any other app with some added benefits. As it is a web app, it runs in the browser, so it will help save space on your device by not bogging it down with countless apps. It will improve battery life as the app won't be running background processes, collecting data and using device resources. You've set up Virtual Piano on your iOS device.

Virtual Piano is a cross-platform web app, which means you can easily set it up for use on your iPhone, iPad, computer or any other compatible device.

Learn more about the official Virtual Piano mobile & tablet apps:

How to install the Virtual Piano app on Android devices?

The official Virtual Piano app for Android devices is available to download from the Google Play Store.

Virtual Piano App available on Google Play store


You can also add it to your device's home screen in 4 easy steps.

  1. Go to
  2. Tap your device browser menu
  3. Tap the 'Add page to' icon
  4. Select the 'Home screen'. Success.

Virtual Piano is a cross-platform web app, which means you can easily set it up in a similar way for use on your mobile, tablet, computer or any other compatible device.

Learn more about the official Virtual Piano mobile & tablet apps: