Lacrimosa – Mozart

[yi]Sd [ip]jJ [uo]dS o lJ [id]jz [of]Jh [id]xc [ep]j S [pg]b [di] B
[dou] z L [uop]B b [yip] S d i [ei] j [qy]J [uod] z L [uop]B b [9ipd] ye [6pf] ye [9eyi] iy [8tuo] ot [qtip] pi [0ua] au [epus] te [5aod] y w
[8os] [os]Yi [pfsu] t [6sgp] i t [8p] I t [7adh] o y [^PH} O y [6dpj] y e
[up6] e T [ uopy]e 0 6 [ey] [p8] [yip9] e q 6 [ygp] [epi] [0o] E e 6 [poud] [pofe] [qpif] y e [6dpi] T y [o5] E ( 5 [(PD] [^*YP] [%DYO] Y q 5 y q 6
[dyp6] y e 6 [9ipd] [9fuo] [P^] u E ^ [YP] [ Q )] [7yid] y W [70] [9doh] [5qiy] [8dio] t w 8 [8sou] [0s]
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