Lemon – Kenshi Yonezu

s d
[60ef] s p d [59wa] o u a
[46qp] o t o [380u] y u
[46qi] s a s [350o] i u i
[@$(I] s a p [5O30] 0 s d
[60pf] [0s] p e [6d] [59oa] [9o] u w [8a] [46ip] [9o] t w [8o] [380u] 9 0 [8y] u
[269i] 9 [wo] [8i] o [350u] [9o] [0s] [8f] [46qd] y d [59od] t s [50s] [9y] [0o] [8t] s d
[60sf] [0s] p e [6d] [59oa] o u 8 [9a] [46ip] [8o] t 9 [8o] [35tu] 8 8 [8y] u
[46ei] 8 [9s] [8a] s [35uo] 8 [8i] [8u] i
[@$YI] $ [8s] [2a] p [5o0u] % 0 s d
[60pf] [0s] p e [6d] [59ya] [9o] u [wt] [8ya] [46ip] [8o] t [qy] [9o] [380u] 8 [0t] [8y] u
[46qi] 6 [qyo] [4i] o [350u] [5o] [0ts] [3uf] [24id] d 4 [59od] 8 s [38ts] 9 0 8
[46qp] a s a p [38o] f f
[530d] f g f d [360s] d o
[269i] o p o i [38u] s s s
[249a] a [259p] a [38s] [dz] [fx] [dz] [sl] [46pj] [sl] 6 q [qfx] [hv] 6 4 [58dz] [sl] 5 8 [8dz] [fx] [5dz] [sl] [53pj] [sl] % 0 [0fx] [hv] % 3 [36dz] [sl] 6 0 [0dz] [fx] [6dz] [3sl] [46pj] [sl] 6 q [qfx] [hv] 6 4 [58jb] [hv] 5 8 [8hv] l
[57kn] [hv] 5 7 [7fx] [hv] 6 [5dz] [dz] [fx] [dz] [sl] [46pj] [sl] 6 q [qfx] [hv] 6 4 [58dz] [sl] 5 [8sl] 8 [sl] [5dz] [fx] [26gc] [26fx] [59dz] [59ak] [35sl] 5 0 0 [5sl] [3ak] [46pj] [6ak] q [qsl] [6dz] 4 [35ak] [5oh] 8 [8uf] [5oh] [46pj] [dz] [59ak] [sl] [6esl] 0 e [sl] [ak] [46pj] [6ak] q [qsl] [6dz] 4 [35sl] [5oh] 0 [0sl] [dz] 5
[26fx] [gc] [59dz] [sl] [38sl]

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