Don’t Die On Me

Myuu 10 September 2020

[fe]|a|s|p|f|a|s|p|[qf]|a|s|p|f|a|s|p|[wf]|a|s|p|f|a|s|p|[f0]|a|s|p|[qf]|s|[wa]|p|[fe]|a|s|p|f|a|g|s|[qf]|a|s|p|f|a|d|s|[wd]|a|s|a|d|a|o|a|[p0]|a|s|a|[qd]|a|[wa]|p|[se]|s|a|a|p||a|[sq]|s|a|a|p||a|[ws]|s|d|p|[ws]|s|[wa]|p|[a0]|a|s|p|[sq]|s|[wa]|p|[se]|a|p|u|s|a|p|u|[sq]|a|p|u|s|a|p|u|[ws]|a|p|u|s|a|p|u|[s0]|a|p|u|[sq]|a|[wp]|a|[ts6]|[ts]|[ra6]|[ra]|[pe6]| 6|[ra]|[ts4]|[ts]|[ra4]|[ra]|[pe4]| 4|[ra]|[ts5]|[ts]|[yd5]|[pe]|[ts5]|[ts]|[ra5]|[pe]|[ra3]|[ra]|[ts]|[pe]|[ts4]|[ts]|[ra5]|[pe]|[sl6]|[sl]|[ka6]|[ka]|[pj6]| 6|[ka]|[sl4]|[sl]|[ka4]|[ka]|[pj4]| 4|r|[t5]|t|[y5]|e|[t5]|t|[r5]|e|[ka3]|[ka]|[sl3]|[pj]|[sl4]|[sl]|[ka5]|[pj]|[fe]|a|s|p|f|a|s|p|[qf]|a|s|p|f|a|s|p|[wf]|a|s|p|f|a|s|p|[f0]|a|s|p|[qf]|s|[wa]|p|[fe]|a|s|p|[uf]|a|[ig]|s|[uqf]|a|s|p|[uf]|a|[yd]|s|[wd]|a|s|a|d|a|o|a|[p0]|a|s|a|[qd]|a|[wa]|p|[e6] t y u

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  • p|[S6]|0eT d|[f6]|qey j|[h6]|weTu g|[f6]|qey||[s6]|eup f|[a5]|wyo d|[p4]|qti||5|rua o|[p2]|[f9]qe g|[h1]|0etg f|[d4]|qet k|[h5]|ryo f|[h4]|qetuj f|[h5]|wryoj f|[d4]|[qp]ti h|[f5]|wryo||[S6]|0eT d|[f6]|qey j|[h6]|weTu g|[f6]|qey||[s6]|eup f|[h5]|wyo f|[j4]|qti||5|rua||2|[j9]qe l|[k3]|0wrh f|[j4]|qetu x|[k5]|wryo||[h2]|9qe j|[k3]|0wrl k|[j4]|[qk]etu l|[z2]|9qe||[k3] % 7 0 W r [xu] I O a f H k|||f|j k [l4] 8 q [wk] [je]|[h5] 9 [wf] e [rd]|[d3] 7 0 [s7] [h3]|[f6] 0 e r t|[p4] 8 q [wa] [se]|[d3] 7 [O0] Q [dW]|[g6] 0 e [rf] [td]|[f5] 9 w [fe] [rj] k [l4] 8 q [k8] [l4]|[z5] 9 [wh] e [zr]|[c3] 7 0 [x7] [z3]|[l6] 0 e 0 [e6] r [t4] 8 q [y8] [u4]|[r5] 9 w e r|[e2] 6 9 6 [u2]|[r3] 7 0 [uW] [rp] a [s4] 8 q [a8] [p4]|[o5] 9 [wu] e [yr]|[y3] 7 0 [t7] [o3]|[u6] 0 e 0 6|[e2] 6 9 [r6] [t2]|[y3] 7 [W0] W [yr]|[i6] 0 e [u0] [y6]|[u5] 9 w [xfe] [rjb] [nk] [ml4] 8 q [nk8] [ml4]|[z5] 9 [wvh] e [zr]|[c3] 7 0 [x7] [z3]|[ml6] 0 e 0 [v6]|[l4] 8 q w e t i|j|x|[k5]79w| |h|z||l [k6] 0 [je] r T u p a S f j k L

    Level: 5
    Length: 01:48
    Isabella’s Lullaby (The Promised Neverland) (Alternative)

    Takahiro Obata

  • [pg8] [qf] [ed] [tp]| |[of8] [d0] [ws] [to]||t|[pg8] [qf] [ed] [tp]| |[of8] [d0] [ws] [to]||t|[p8]g [qf] [ed] [tp]| |d [of8] [d0] [ws] [to]|s t f [o%]h 8 ( W g| |[s%] 8 ( W o| |[pg8] [qf] [ed] [tp]| |[of8] [d0] [ws] [to]||t|[pg8] [qf] [ed] [tp]| |[of8] [d0] [ws] [to]||t|[p8]g [qf] [ed] [tp]| |d [of8] [d0] [ws] [to]|s t f [o%]h 8 ( W g| |[s%] 8 ( W o|i|[h4] 6 8 ( g| |[s4] 6 8 ( o|i|[u8] [i0] [wo] [ts]| |[i^] [o9] [qp] [dE]| |[wo80] p a f [r80] d|s [q^P9] p o i [qe8]| |[o8] [p0] [wa] [tf]| |[^P] [s9] [qd] [hE]| |[D%] [g8] [h(] [lW]|J h g [wZ(]cZcZcZcZcZcZcZcZcZcZcZcZcZcZcZc[D4] [g6] [h8] [l(]|J h g [wZ(]cZcZcZcZcZcZcZcZcZcZcZcZcZcZcZc[YD%] [ig8] [oh(] [slW]|[PJ] [oh] [ig] [wZ(]cZcZcZcZcZcZcZc d s d [wrf]||a||o|hkx|k||h|[tsqe]||p||y|gjl|g||h|[wrf]||a||o|hkx|k||h|[tsqe]||p||y|gjl|g||h|[tj]lc[xi] [zp] [sj]| |[th]lx[zu] [ol] [sh]| |[tj]lc[xi] [zp] [sj]| |[th]lx[zu] [ol] [sh]| |[tj]lc[xi] [zp] [sj]| |z [th]lx[zu] [ol] [sh]|l|x [hW]v t Y O c| |[lW] t Y O h| |[tj]lc[xi] [zp] [sj]| |[th]lx[zu] [ol] [sh]| |[tj]lc[xi] [zp] [sj]| |[th]lx[zu] [ol] [sh]| |[tj]lc[xi] [zp] [sj]| |z [th]lx[zu] [ol] [sh]|l|x [hW]v t Y O c| |[lW] t Y O h|g|[vq] e t Y c| |[ql] e t Y gh|g|[to]df

    Level: 6
    Length: 02:11
    Forest of Hope (Pikmin)

    Hajime Wakai

  • [sgl] h J j
    t 8 4 8 q w e t o u
    [sgl] q t o p h J J j h j
    e t i s P p i t
    t p o p t t p o p T T Y T [4t] 8 w e 4 8 w e E
    t p o p t t p o p s p [dg] [sf] [dP] P p o
    y P p P y y P p P o o i o p o [3i]
    [sj] j h G h J j h h g
    y i o o h g g f
    s [sj] h [sj] [ps] s [sj] h [sj] [PS] [PS] D [PS] [4ps] 8 w e 4 8 w e E
    s [sj] h [sj] [ps] s [sj] h [sj] l j [jc] [hx] [gz] d y s y P
    d J j J d d J j J h
    h g h j h G
    [sj] j h G h J j h h g
    [sj] J j h G h l j h j h j h g
    d g [5h] 9 q t [wr] y i a [dg8] w e E [tof] [4g] 8 w e [0ti] e E [48e]

    Level: 5
    Tifa’s Theme (Final Fantasy) (Intermediate)

    Nobuo Uematsu