Futari no Kimochi (Inuyasha)

Kaoru Wada 11 November 2020

d|g|[gY]h|P|[hD]|J|[li]|s|[zg]|c|[og]Jz d|[lh]|J|z| |[zd]|l|[hY]|P|[zD]|l|[ih]|s|g| |[oh]|d|h|j|J| |y|i|[[email protected]]o|^|[o(]|P|[sq4]|8|[qd]|g|[widP5]|9|[ws]|[eP]|[oE]| |[ed]|[ws]|[[email protected]]|^|[d(]|s|[o4]|8|[qi]| |[o5]|9|w|e|E|9|y|i|[[email protected]]o|^|[o(]|i|[qo4]|8|[qp]|i|[o5]|9|[wi]|t|y| |[y9]|t|[[email protected]]|^|[t(]y|t|[w4]|8|q| |5|9|w|e|E|9|[yd]|[ig]|[[email protected]]|^|[oh(]|[wPJ]|[sql4]|8|[zqd]|[gc]|[zwd5]|9|[wsl]|[ePJ]|[ohE]| |[zed]|[wsl]|[[email protected]]|^|[zd(]|[sl]|[qoh4]|8|[qig]| |[oh5]|9|e|t|E|9|[yd]|[ig]|[[email protected](]|^|[oh(]|[^PJ]|[sql4]|8|[zqd]|[gec]|[wJB5]|[jb9]|[wvh]|[gc9]|[zqd4]|8|[zqd]|[sl]|[[email protected]]|^|[zd(]|[sl]|[qoh4]|8|[qig]| |[oh5]|9|w|e|E| |[YD]|[IG]|[OH30]|7|[OH0]|[kaW]|[SL$]||[ZQD]|[GC]|[ZD%]|(|[WSL]|[kaE]|[rZD]| |[SLE]|[kaW]|[OH3]|7|[ZD0]|[WSL]|[OH$]||[QIG]| |[OH%]|(|W|E|r| |D|G|[uG]H|O|[aH]|k|[LI]|P|[ZS]|C|[ZO]|a|[LD]|k|Z| |L|k|[uH]|O|[aL]Z|L|[IH]|P|[SG]| |[WS]DH Y|O|P|a

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About This Music Sheet

Futari no Kimochi (Inuyasha) is a song by Kaoru Wada. Use your computer keyboard to play Futari no Kimochi (Inuyasha) music sheet on Virtual Piano. This is an Intermediate song and requires a lot of practice to play well. The recommended time to play this music sheet is 01:51, as verified by Virtual Piano legend, Arda. The song Futari no Kimochi (Inuyasha) is classified in the genre of Manga on Virtual Piano. You can also find other similar songs using Instrumental, Inuyasha.


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    Level: 7
    Length: 02:24
    Affections Touching Across Time (Inuyasha)

    Kaoru Wada

  • f|h|[spji]|| j|l|[zoda]|| x|v|[xspf]|| z|l|[ojda]|| x|z|[spji]|| x|z|[ojda]||h|| [f6]|0|e|r|t|| f|h|[qj]|t| [ji]|l|[zw]|y| [xo]|v|[xe]|u| [zp]|l|[wj]|y| [xo]|z|[qj]|t| [xi]|z|[wj]|y|[oh]|| [je]|u|p|a|s||u|o| [p4]|8|q|[o8]| [p5]|9|[wa]|[o9]| [p6]|0|[oe]|[y0]| [u5]|9|[wu]|[o9]| [p4]|8|q|[o8]| [p5]|[s9]|[wa]|[o9]| [u6]|0|[ye]|0| [te]|0|[uf]|[oh]| [pj4]|8|q|[oh8]| [pj5]|9|[wka]|[oh9]| [pj6]|0|[ohe]|[yd0]| [uf5]|9|[wf]|[d9]| [p4]|8|[qf]|[d8]| [p5]|9|[wo]|9| [p6]|0|e|r|t||f|h| [j4]|8|[qj]|[l8]| [z5]|9|[xw]|[v9]| [x6]|0|[ze]|[l0]| [j5]|9|[xw]|[z9]| [j4]|8|[xq]|[z8]| [j5]|9|[wh]|9| [f6]|0|e|r|t||[uf]|[oh]| [pj4]|8|[qpj]|[sl8]| [zd5]|9|[xwf]|[vh9]| [xf6]|0|[zed]|[sl0]| [pj5]|9|[xwf]|[zd9]| [pj4]|8|[xqf]|[zd8]| [pj5]|9|[woh]|9| [pj6]|0|e|r|t||f|h| [qp]sj t|i|[th]| [wp]sj y|[ok]|[yh]| [je]|u|[ph]|[ud]| [wf]|y|[of]|[yh]| [qp]sj t|i|[th]| [wj]|[yl]|[ok]|[yh]| [f6]|0|[ed]|0| [se]|0|[uf]|[oh]| [pj4]|8|q|[oh8]| [pj5]|9|[wka]|[oh9]| [pj6]|0|[ohe]|[yd0]| [uf5]|9|[wf]|[d9]| [p4]|8|[qf]|[d8]| [p5]|9|[wo]|9| [p6]|0|e|r|t||[xf]|[vh]| [qjb]|t|i|[vth]| [wjb]|y|[onk]|[yvh]| [jeb]|u|[vph]|[zud]| [xwf]|y|[xof]|[yvh]| [qjb]|t|[vih]|t| [wjb]|[yml]|[onk]|[yvh]| [xfe]|u|[zpd]|u| [sp]|u|f|h| [qj]|t|i|[th]| [wj]|y|[ok]|[yh]| [je]|u|[ph]|[ud]| [wf]|y|[of]|[yd]| [qp]|t|[if]|[td]| [wp]|y|o|y| [p6]|0|e|r|t||x|z| [qj]|t|[xi]|z| [wj]|y|[oh]|| [j9]|w|e|w|y||x|z| [ib]|s|[xg]|[zs]| [ob]|d|[vh]|d| [eb]|u|p|a|s
    Level: 6
    Length: 02:57
    To Love’s End (Inuyasha)

    Kaoru Wada

  • [d9] e y i [yj] e [h8] 0 w t [ug] t [f6] 0 e [td] [us] t [d9] e y i [yj] [ke] [l4] 8 q e [tl] i [k5] 7 w [rj] [oh] r [j6] 0 e t u t 6 0 e t u t [d9] e y i [yj] e [h8] 0 w t [ug] t [f6] 0 e [td] [us] t [d9] e y i [yd] [fe] [g^] q [fE] y [id] y [s8] 0 w t [uf] t [d9] e y i y e 9 e y i y e 9 e y i y e 9 e y i y e [d9] e y i [yj] e [h8] 0 w t [ug] t [f6] 0 e [td] [us] t [d9] e y i [yj] [ke] [l4] 8 q e [tl] i [k5] 7 w [rj] [oh] r [j6] 0 e t u t 6 0 e t u t [d9] e y i [yj] e [h8] 0 w t [ug] t [f6] 0 e [td] [us] t [d9] e y i [yd] [fe] [g^] q [fE] y [id] y [s8] 0 w t [uf] t [d9] e y i y e|| g h [j4] 8 q e [tl] i [k5] 7 w [rj] [oh] r [j4] 8 [qg] e [tj] i [h8] 0 w t [ug] [th] [j4] 8 q e [tl] i [z5] 7 w [rl] [ok] r [j6] 0 e t u t 6 0 e t [ug] [th] [j6] 0 e t [ul] t [k5] 7 w [rj] [oh] r [j4] 8 [qg] e [tj] i [h8] 0 w t [ud] [tf] [g^] q [fE] y [ig] y [h8] 0 [wg] t [uh] t [j6] 0 e T u T 6 0 e T u T [d9] e y i [yj] e [h8] 0 w t [ug] t [f6] 0 e [td] [us] t [d9] e y i [yj] [ke] [l4] 8 q e [tl] i [k5] 7 w [rj] [oh] r [j6] 0 e t u t 6 0 e t u t [d9] e y i [yj] e [h8] 0 w t [ug] t [f6] 0 e [td] [us] t [d9] e y i [yd] [fe] [g^] q [fE] y [id] y [s8] 0 w t [uf] t [d9] e y i y e 9eyi
    Level: 4
    Length: 01:39
    Inuyasha’s Lullaby (Inuyasha)

    Kaoru Wada


  • lkj hh sdd lkj hh sdd sfhgs hgfd sfs ssgfsd ooddfds [8s]s pspo [4s]s pspo [8s]s pspo [9d]d opsp [8s]s pspo [4s]s pspo [8s]s pspo [9d]d opsps dfg fds ofdsdsdd apas dfg fds oofdsdsdd apas dfg fds ofdsdsddfd apas dfg fds shffdfdfds l k [tj][uos]t[uosh]j q[tip][qs][tipd]e[tupd]e[tup] w[ryo][wl][ryok] [tj][uos][tj][uosh]h q[tip] [qs][tipd] e[tupd]e[tup] w[ryo]w[ryos] [tf][ous][th][uosg] q[tips]q[tip] [eh][tipg][ef][tupd] w[ryos][wf][ryos][wtu] ss [tig] fsd [tup] oo [ryod]dfds [tl][uosl][tjl][uosj]h [ql][tipl][qjl][tipj]h [el][tupl][ejl][tupj]h [wz][ryoz][whj][ryol]j 8 w t df[qg][tfd][is] [eof][uds][pds][ud] [wd] y [oakpj] [yak] [8sk] w t df[qg][tfd][is] [sio][ehf][ufd][pfd][ufd] [ws] y [ol][yk] [tj][uos]t[uoshh] [ox][yz] [tx][uos]t[uosl] [ql][tip][qj][tipj] e[tuph]e[tup] w[ryo][wx][ryoz] [tx][uos]t[uosl] [ql][tip][qj][tipkj] [ehf][tuph]e[tup] w[ryo]w[ryoj] [tl][uos][th][uosj] q[tip]q[tip] [el][tupz][ex][tupz] w[ryol][wx][ryol] [wtu] [ti] [wtp] [ryo] sa[ol]ljlj[ohol]l [tjl][yj]h l[yl] jljh zz [shj][alj] [pl]ljlj[ohol]l [tjl][yjh] l[yl]jljh zzhj[tlj] [ul]l[ojl][ijh]
    Level: 6

    Jason Derulo

  • [piye962]|||[i]||[i]||[iw8]||[o ut][t u o]||[iyE^]|||[pyi] [pyiE]||[iyE] [i6]||[u0]|| [j L x b]||||[i2]||[u][y][e]| [e] [y] [i] [u1][o]||[w t u o]||[ot4] [i] [o][it][p]| [o] [i] [u1][t][o]||[u][u2] [y ]|[9 q y]|||[e y u i]| [u y e]| [y][i] [u1] [t][o]|||[ot] [i4] [o][p]| [o][i] [u t1][i] [u][u2] [y]|||[i] [u] [y^] [q] [E] [q][Ey] [q] [t] [e4][8][q][w][e][t][y] [i] [u^] [y9] [q] [E][yq][9][t][q][o4][8][t][i o q p w][p e] [t] [i] [o] [y i o][p] [9] [q] [e] [y] [o] [i] [u] [8] [0] [w] [o] [t] [8] [uw]| [u][y] [e]|||[e y i2]| [u y e]| [y] [i] [u1][i][o]|| [ot][it4] [o][p]| [o][i][u] [t1][i][o]| [u] [t] [u2][y]|||[y] [ye]||[u] [e y u i]| [u][y][e]| [y] [u i u1] [i][o]| [t u][out] [ot] [ot] [it4][o p]| [o] [i] [u t1][o]| [u t] [t u2] [y] [2][2]||[2 ]|[2] [2]| [2][g] [f ] [i P ^ d] [q][E][E][dy][i][sy][E] [p4] [8][q][w][e][t] [g] [f] [d^][q][E][d][iPE][d][y][E][s][h4][8][8][qj] [e] [t] [i] [g] [t][h i][s g h][jy][i][p][d] [hp] [i] [gp][fi][ft][u][ho] [s] [o] [u] [fo]|[f2] [d] [dp]||[o]||[p2][p][p][fg][f][d][d f][d][s][d][s][o][p][p][p][f g][f][d][d f][d][s][d][s][p][s1][s][s][f][d][f][f h][f][f][f][d][d f][s][s][s][f][d][f][f h][f][f][f][d][f][g4][g][g][g][f][g][g h][g][g][g][f][d][f1][f][f][fs][d][f][f h][f][f][f][d][s][d2][d][d][d][p][d][p][d f][g][f][d][f][d][s][p s d][d][d][d][d][d][d f g][f][d][f][d][s][p][p][p][f g][f][d][d f][d][s][d][s][o][p][p][p][f g][f][d][d f][d][s][d][s][p][s1][s][s][f][d][f][f h][f][f][f][d][f][s][s][s][f][d][f][f h][f][f][f][d][f][f4][g][g][g][g][f][g][g h][g][g][g][f][d1][f][f1][f][f][d][f][f h][f][f][f][d][s][d2][d][d][dp][d][d][p f g][f][d][f][d][s][dp][dp][dp][dp][d][dp][f g][f][d][f][d][s][p2][p][p][gy9][f][d][fp2][d][s][dpe9][s][p2][p][p][p][f g][f][d][f2][d][se9][d][s][p][1s][s][s][fw8][d][f][ht8][f][f][fsw][d][f][s1][s][s][f8][d][f][htw][f][f][fw8][d][f][f4][g][g][gq][f][g][hq][g][gi][g][f][d][d1f][f][f][f 8][d][f][ft][g][f][f][fw][d][s][d2][d][d][d][f][f][f9][g][f] [d] [fy] [d] [s] [d9] [e] [y][e][y][e] [i2] [2] [iye9] [9] [u][y][e2] [9] [iye92] [92] [i][u1][i][o][out81] [out][out1] [out8][outw8] [w ot0][ot] [it4][o p][pitq84][pitq84] [otq84] [i][ut1][i ot] [w08] [outw08] [ut] [ut2] [y]|[2] [2]|[2]|[2]| [2] [2]|[2] [ye] [ye] [e y i2] [2]|[2] [u y e] [2] [y] [i][u1][o][out81] [out1][1] [u1][ou][1][8] [1] [8 ot] [ot] [it4][o][p][i] [ptq84] [pitq84] [q] [t] [ot8] [i] [ut1][ot][out8] [outw08] [08][u 0] [ut] [ut2][y] [ye] [ye] [2] [6] [9] [0] [q] [y] [e] [z] [e] [c][x] [z^] [q] [E] [E] [gy] [i] [z] [P] [d] [l] [jq] [t] [i] [j] [o] [p] [c][c][x][zE] [y] [i] [dP] [g] [J] [E] [z] [i] [l] [y][l][vq][t][bli] [o][blp] [zo] [c][v][z][c v y][b][i] [p] [d f g j][z] [c v] [b] [c] [t] [x] [o] [cs] [x c x c x c x][zs] [o] [l] [2]|[zj]|||[p][p][p][f][g2][f][d][d][f][d][s][d3][s][o][p][p][p][f2][g][f][d][d][f][d][s][d2][s][p1][s][s][s][f][d][f][f1][h][f][d][d][f][d][f][s][s][s][f1][d][f][d][f][h][f][f][f1][d][f][g][g][g][g4][f][g][h][g][g][g4][f][d][f][f][s][f][fs1][d][f][f][h][f][f][f1][d][s][d][d][d][p2][d][dp][d][fp][g][f][d][f2][d][s][p][d][d][d][dp2][d][p][dp][f][g][f][d][f2][d][s][p][p][p][f2][g][f][d][d][f][d][s][d2][s][p][p][p][p][f2][g][f][d][d][f][d][s][d2][s][p][p][p][p][f2][g][f][d][d][f][d][s][d][s][p][s][s][s][f1][d][f][f][h][f][f][f1][d][f][s][s][s][f1][d][f][f][h][f][f][f1][d][f][gf][g][g][g4][f][g][fgh][g][g][g4][f][d][f][f][f][s][fs1][d][f][s][h][8][f][f][fst][d][s][s9] [e] [y] [u] [i] [d] [f][g] [z] [x] [c]

    Level: 6
    Length: 04:30
    Promentory (The Last of the Mohicans)

    Dougie MacLean

  • [80wh]| | f d s [680f]| | p s f [468j]| | g d s [579a]||p o|| o [80ws]||f h|| s [0wra]||f h|| h [qetj]||k l|| j [80wh]| | f d [680s]||s s| f d [468s]||s s| d f [$26d]||s p| d f [579d]| | o [80ws]||f h|| s [0wra]||f h|| h [qetj]||k l|| j [80wh]| | f d [680s]||s s| f d [468s]||s s| d f [$26d]||p [579a]| s d [80ws]| | h [80wf]||d s| h| [0wra]| | p a [qetp]||a [wryp]| o| [80wf]| | h| [80wf]||d s| h| [0wra]| | p a [qets]||s [Q9es]| d f [wryd]| | o [80ws]||f h|| s [0wra]||f h|| h [qetj]||k l|| j [80wh]| | f d [680s]||s s| f d [468s]||s s| d f [$26d]||p [579a]| s d [80ws]| h g [680f]| d s [468p]| a p [%O48is]| [Oid]| [8uos]
    Level: 7
    Length: 01:47
    The Moon Represents My Heart

    Teresa Teng