Hajimeteno Tokyo (Kimi no Na Wa)

Radwimps 13 November 2020


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About This Music Sheet

Hajimeteno Tokyo (Kimi no Na Wa) is a song by Radwimps. Use your computer keyboard to play Hajimeteno Tokyo (Kimi no Na Wa) music sheet on Virtual Piano. This is an Easy song and requires practice. The recommended time to play this music sheet is 01:09, as verified by Virtual Piano legend, Arda. The song Hajimeteno Tokyo (Kimi no Na Wa) is classified in the genres: Songs From Movies, Japan on Virtual Piano. You can also find other similar songs using Anime.


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    Level: 7
    Length: 04:02
    Kataware Doki (Kimi no Na Wa)


  • [uhe]|||[tqd]|||[tof]|||w|||[sh60]|||[sg^P9]|||s|||[ph]|h h[ih] f d ds[tf]|||o||s [ph]|h s[li] kjh hj[th]|fgf[od]||s [ph]|h h[ih] f d ds[tf]|||w o sdfdessps ssq i sdfdtos h sdw o sdfdessps ssq i sdfdt o h sdw|sdse||[shE]|||[tf]|||[lh]|||[se]||[sdE]|||[tf]|||[she] p h h[qh] f [id] ds[tf]|||w||s [he]|h s[ql] kj[ih] hj[th] ofgf[wd]||s [he]|h h[qh] f [id] ds[tf]|||w o sdfdessps ssq i sdfdtos h sdw o sdfdessps ssq i sdfd[ut]os h sd[wr] o tyuy[60]ttet tt[84] q tyuy[80]wt o ty[95] w tyuy[60]ttet tt[84] q tyuy[80]wt owty[95] w tyuy[s6]a[o0]p[ye]u[to]p[y4]u[o6]p[y8]uop[s1]a[o5]p[y8]u[o0]p[y5]u[o9]p[yw]uop[soe6] [usphe] [sqpf84] 48qe|[so81] [o8] [woda95] 59wr|[sofe6] [upoed] [qh84][spf] 48qe|[so81] [o8] [wsod95]|||t [oe]|o o[qo] u y yt[u8]|||w||t [oe]|o t[sq] apo op[o8]|uiu[yw]||t [oe]|o o[qo] u y yt[u8]|||5 w tyuy6ttet tt4 q tyuy8wt o ty5 w tyuy6ttet tt4 q tyuy8 w o ty5|tyt6||[to^]|||[u8]|||[wt6]||[yt^]|||[u8]

    Level: 6
    Length: 03:14
    Kataware Doki (Kimi no Na wa) (Intermediate)


  • 680wetuo |
    [ytqe86] |
    [wut8] |
    68qetuo |
    [yqie^9] |
    t | [ph] | h| h[ih] f d ds[tf] |
    o | s | [ph] | h| s[li] kjh hj[th] |
    fgf[od] | s | [ph] | h| h[ih] f d ds[tf] |
    s | [wd] o sdfdessps ssq i sdfd8s sh sdw o sdfdessps ssq i sdfd8s sh sdw o sds etuo |
    [ypihE] | [toa]sf | [tsoie] | [ypodE] |
    [toa]sf | [uphe] | h| h[tqih] f [ldcb] ds[wtf8] |
    [ywro] | [zvsn] | [utohe] | h|
    s[tqli] kj[lhcb] hj[wth8] | fgf[ywrod] |
    [zvsn] | [utohe] | h| h[tqih] f [ldcb] ds[wtf8] |
    s | [ywrod] o [zvsn]dfd[upe]ssps ss[tqi] i [slcb]dfd[wt8]s sh sd[ywro] o [zvsn]dfd[utoe]ssps ss[tqi] i [slcb]dfd[wt8]s sh sdw9[w7]5[t2][y5][u2]y6[t3][t6][e8][t0]e[t0]t48qq[t8]y[u4]y1[t5]8[t0][o8] ty59ww[t9]yuy6[t3][t6][e8][t0]e[t0]t48qq[t8]y[u4]y1[t5]8[t0][wo] ty59[wo]w[ts9][yd][uf][yd]6[ts3][ts6][pe8][ts0]e[ts0][ts]48[qi]q[ts8][yd][uf4][yd]1[ts5]8[ts0][oh8] [ts][yd]59[wo]w[ts9][yd][uf][yd]6[ts3][ts6][pe8][ts0]e[ts0][ts]48[qi]q[ts8][yd][uf4][yd]1[ts5]8[ts0][woh] [ts][yd]572579wryoadh k [sl6][k8][h0][je][td][uf][ph][uj][td][fe][h0][j8][d6][f0][he][j0][s1]l[k5][h8][j0][wd][tf][uh][oj][sd][of][uh][tj][wd][f0][wh][tj][sle6]| [vphe]| [xqf84] | qetite[sl851]| [toh8]| [zwd95] | wryoyr[xfe60]| [zuped]| [vh][xqf84]| qetite[sl851]| [wtoh80]| [zwd95] | wryoadh | lzxzp[lf] jl llisg lzxzt[ol] l[vs] lzodh lzxzp[lf] jl llisg lzxzt[ol]slv lzodh [ol]zxz[pl]fj[lf]j[lf][lj][lf][li]sgh[sl][zi][xs]z[tl]osl[vo]t[ol]z[zo]dhd[lh][zd][xh]z[pl]f[lj][lf]j[lf][lj][lf][li]sgh[sl][zi][xs]z[tl]osl[vo]t[ol]zoyrw[wo]9[s7][d5][f2][d5]6[s0][se][tp][us]p[us][ts]48[qi]e[ts][id][tf][ed]1[s5]8[s0][wh]t[ws][d0]59[wo]r[ys][od][yf][rd]6[s0][se][tp][us]p[us][ts]48[qi]e[ts][id][tf][ed]1[s5]8[s0][wh]t[ws][d0]59[woh]r[ysl][zod][xf][zd]6[sl6][sl0][pje][tsl]u[spl][sl]44[ig8]q[sle][ztd][xif][zd]1[sl1]5[sl8][vh0]w[tsl][zd]55[oh9]w[srl][zyd][xof][zd]6[sl6][sl0][pje][tsl]u[spl][sl]44[ig8]q[sle][ztd][xif][zd]1[sl1]5[sl8][vh0]w[tsl][zd]559wryoadhk | [sl6]0[ke][tl]up[uk][tl]48[qh][le]t[si][th][se][s1]df5[g8]0[wh]t[wf]0[g5]fd9wryoyr[sl6]0[ke][tl]up[uk][tl]48[qh][le]t[si][th][se][s1]df5[g8]0[wh]t[xw]0[z5]9wryoyr[sl6]0[kea][tsl]up[uka][tsl][sl4]8[qka][sle]ti[tka]e[sl1]58[vh0]wt[wsl]0[zd5]9wryoyr[sl6]0[kea][tsl]up[uka][tsl][sl4]8[qka][sle]ti[tka]e[sl1]58[vh0]wt[wsl]0[zd5]9wryoyr[sl6]| [pje60]| [sle60][zd][xfe60] [sl4]| [qoh84]| [sql84][zd][xqf84] [sl1]| [vh851]| [sl851] [zd5]| [w95]| [w95] [sl6]| [pje60]| [sle60][zd][xfe60] [sl4]| [qoh84]| [sql84][zd][xqf84] [sl1]| [vh851]| [sl851] [zd5]| [w95]| [w95] [sl6]| [pje60]| [sle60][zd][xfe60] [zd4]| [sql84]| [qoh84][sl][zqd84] [sl1]| [vh851]| [sl851] [zd5]| [w95]| [w95] [s6]0e[tp]| sdf [d4]8q[se]| osd [o1]sf58[shf0]wt[ud]t[o5]ad9wryoadhkzvnzv [ph] |
    h| h[ih] f d ds[tf] | s | [ts]od |
    s [ph] | h| s[li] kjh ghjhght |
    fgf[od] | s | [ph] | h| h[ih]
    f d ds[tf] | s |
    [wd] o sdfdqts ps ss8w o sdfdeus sh sdwy|
    s fds[s8]0wt

    Level: 7
    Length: 05:46
    Kataware Doki (Kimi no Na wa) (Alternative)


  • [a(]SGaSG[aY]SGaSG[a0]SGaSG[ua]SGaSG[aQ]SGaSG[aI]SGaSG[aI]SGaSG[aI]SGaSG[a(]SGaSG[aY]SGaSG[a0]SGaSG[ua]SGaSG[aQ]SGaSG[aI]SGaSG[aI]SGaSG[aI]SGaSG[[email protected](]SGaSG[aY]SGaSG[a30]SGaSG[ua]SGaSG[aQ$]SGaSG[aI]SGaSG[aW%]SGaSG[aO]SG[aQ$]SG[[email protected](]SGaSG[aY]SGaSG[a30]SGaSG[ua]SGaSG[aQ$]SGaSG[aI]SGaSGaSG[a7]SG[aQ]SG[ra]SG[[email protected]]7QSG[aY][YS][YG][aY]S[TG][aT]S[rG][ra0]SGaSG[a3]SGaSG[a$]QSG[aY][YS][YG][aY]S[TG][aT]S[rG][raYW]SG[aY]S[IG][aT]SG[ra]SG[[email protected]]7QSG[aY][YS][YG][aY]S[TG][aT]S[rG][ra0]SGaSG[a3]SGaSG[a$]QSG[aT][TS][TG][aT]S[YG][aT]S[rG][raQ7]SGaSG[a7]SG[raQ]SG[[email protected]]7QSG[aY]SG[aY]S[uG][aY]S[TG][ra0]SGaSG[a3]SGaSG[a$]QSG[aY][YS][YG][aY]S[TG][aT]S[rG][raYW]SG[aY]S[IG][aT]SG[ra]SG[[email protected]]7QSG[aY][YS][YG][aY]S[TG][aT]S[rG][ra0]SG[ra]SG[ra]SG[a3]SG[a$]QSG[aT][TS][TG][aT]S[YG][aT]S[rG][raQ7]SGaSG[a7]SG[raQ]SG[[email protected]][T7][I(][a(][rS][YG]L kYG [f730]|[r3][T7][I0][a0][rS][uG]aSG[aQ$]SGaSG[aQ]rTISGaSH[QG$]SaITrQ|$|[[email protected]]T[I(][a(][rS][YG]L kYG [f30]|[r3][T7][I0][a0][rS][uG]aSG[aQ$]SGaSG[aQ]rTISGaSG[aTSQIG]QTIaSGkLCnLC| [[email protected]][T7][I(][rD][TD][ID][rD]T[SI][rS]T[aI][a3]70rTIrTI[r0]TI[r$][T][QI][rD][TD][ID][rD]T[SI][rS]T[aI][aD%](W[rD]T[IG][rS]TI[ra]TI[[email protected]][T7][I(][rD][TD][ID][rD]T[SI][rS]T[aI][a3]70rTIrTI[r0]TI[r$][T][QI][rS][TS][SI][rS]T[ID][rS]T[aI][a7]QrrTIrTI[r7]TI[[email protected]][T7][I(][rD][TD][ID][rD]T[fI][rD]T[SI][a3]70rTIrTI[r3]TI[r$]TI[rD][TD][ID][rD]T[SI][rS]T[aI][aD%](W[rD]T[IG][rS]TI[ra]TI[[email protected]][T7][I(][rD][TD][ID][rD]T[SI][rS]T[aI][a3]70rTIrTI[r3]TI[r$]TIr[TS][SI][rS]T[ID][rS]T[aI][a7]QrrTIrTI[r7]TI[[email protected]][T7][I(][a(][rS][YG]LY[nk]r[GC] [xf730]|[r3][T7][I0][a0][rS][uG]aSG[aQ$]SGaSG[aQ]rTISGaSH[QG$]SaITrQ|$|[[email protected]]T[I(][a(][rS][YG]L [nk]Y[GC] [xf30]|[r3][T7][I0][a0][rS][uG]aSG[aQ$]SGaSG[aQ]rTISGaSG[aTSQIG]QTIaSGkLCnLC| [I(][ra]Y|DDD[ID] SS a[raI0]| [urO]| [TQPIE]|DDD[TPD] SS a[YWOD]|D GS|[aO]|[raI(]|DDD[ID] SS a[raI0]| [uO]|r|[TQPIE]|S|[TSP] DS a[ra7]|Q|T|[rY]|[rY(]|D|[ID] fD S[a3]7W| [urI0]|[WO]|[TQE$]|DDD[QD]TIPSS a[aD%](r|D G[YWSI]|a|[[email protected]]|DDD[D(]rISS a[aW73]| [aW]|[30] a[Q$]|SSS[SE] D[TSIE] a[aQ$]|[r$]T[QI]a[SQ]GkLCnL[TQIEC]|[[email protected]][aG][aG][aG(]rI [aG][aG30] [f0][urWD] S[aQ$] a[raQI] S[QD$] S[TSQI]|[SPG$][SQPG][SPGE]T[PG][SPG%]([rf][WD]Yr[D3]00W[rS][ua][[email protected]]((EYE[kaGD%]W[WSL][ZYD]O[xkfYH]30[ZD0][rka]u[rka]7r[rZD][kaY]I[YSLG]$QQ[TSP]IT[kaGD%]W[WSL][ZYD]O[xkfYH]30[ZD0][xrkfH]u[rGC]7r[xrf][ZYD]I[YSL][SL$]Q[ZQD][TSL]I[ka][kfeaS6]|[xj]n[xnL][pjfS]k[xnL][upe]a[kfS][e6]|[upe]a[kfS][e6]r[uaT]%7[r0]$|[Q$][TE]I[TSQP]ISGLC[IC]| [TSQPIG]|[Q$] Df[GD7]| [rYQI7]|[[email protected]] H[G730]| fD[urWS]|[30] aS[QD$]|[TQI]|[SP5](E [wYE]|[aYWI%]|[r(]|[YQI$]|[r(]|[uaI30]|[uI0]Wr[uI]|[I0] a[[email protected]]|[I(]rYI|[ra]YS[iOD!]|[WT]|[iSO4]W [qiWT]|[aSQIG$]|[aQ]TIP|[OH$]E|[aIGD7]|7(Q[rYI]|[rQOH]|[aIGD3]7W [r0] fD[uWS]|r aS[QD$]|[TQI]|[hPJED5(]|[woYE]|[kaWGD(%]|[YW]|[SQL$] [ka][QI][IG] [kfaH0%!]|[uaO]WT[uaO]|[WTIG] [ka][[email protected]]|[aI(]rY[aI]|[rkaY] [SL][ZD30]|[uaI0]Wr[SL]|[urI]|[rkfaH0]|[uI30]|[urI0]|[uaWI]|[kaQ$]|[aQ][TS][IG]aSGaSG[SPJ$]Q|[QP]SG[TPI]SG[TP]S[G7]Q[kaYD]|aSGaSGaSGaSGaSGaSGaSG[a0]WrSYGaSGaSGaSGaSGaSG[a(]SG[aI]S[G]Wr[ua]SGaSGaSGaSGaSGaSG[aY]SG[ra]SG[raQ]SGaSGaSGaSGQ|[TSPI]|||[raYI] SD f|DS a| [IE]|P|[aYWI] SD f|DSaD| [YQI]|P|[ura0] SD f|DS a| [ur]|0 I[aQ]TI SD f|DS a| I|T|Q|[a(]rI SD f|DS a| [PI]|E|[aW]YI SD f|DSaD| [QI]|Y 0r[aO] SD f|DS a| [ua] O[ra]Sa|a[TQIG]|a a|Oa SI|T Q|TI H[TQIG] aa af Da SI|[r$]TI[rQ]TI[rQ]TI[rQ$]TI[r]TI[rQ]TI[r]TI[r$]TI[r]TI[rQ]TI[r]TI[r$]TI[r$]TI[r7]TI[r!]TI[r$]TIrTIrTIrTI[r$]TI[r$]TI[r7]TI[r!]TI[rTI$]|[I$]TEQET[O$][^T][E][WQ][E][^T][P$][^I][T][QE][T][^I][a$][^I][T][rQ][T][^I][S$][^P][I][TQ][I][^P][D$][^P][I][YQ][I][^P][f$][^P][I][uQ][SIG$]|[^Q$]ETIPS[QG]SPIPS[TQG]JLCBL[TIEC]|[TSQPIG]|[TQIE$]|[ka$] [PJ][kaGD7]|[rYQI7(] [GC][kYQGC(]|[[email protected]] [PJ][kfaH3]|[urW730%] [VH][GC0]WrO [ur0][kaGD][kaGD][SLJG$]|[TQI][SLJG][ZD][xhfLJ5]|[woYE][ZD][SL][kaD%]|[YW] [ka][kaD$]|[YQI]|[kfaH3]|[urfaO] [SL][ka0]WrO [urWIG]|[[email protected]] [kaGD][rY(] [SL][rkaIGD]|[rY(]|[gSLH!]|WT[gSLH]i[ZD][xf4]|[qiWT][ZD][SL][ka$]|QrTI[PJ][ka][SLJG$]|[TSQPI]|[kGD7][a7][D(][QG][k7][QC][YC][rG][kQ][ka7]r[QPJ][kfH3][a7][f0][WH][rk][V0][rC][uG][rk][GC0][ka7][ka3][LJG$][S][QG][JE][TSL][ZED][xhJ5][f(][hE][wJ][ZYD][SLE][kD%][a(][rD][WG][kY][ra][kGD$][aQ][QD][YG][kI][aY][kfH3][a0][fW][rH][ka0][rSL][kaW]ur[WIG]07[[email protected]][a7][QD][G(]Q[rka][SL(]Q[rka]Yr[GC(](7[kfH!][a%][f][H][kaW][OH0][kaW]T[WGC]0[kfH!][a][f][WH][ka0][WOH][ka]T[fW][H0][k][a%][ZGD$]|[aYQI$][aYQI$][aYQI$][aYQI$]QT[xfI] [ZD] [SLJG$]|[^TQE$]|[TSQLJIGE] [ka]$[PJ] [kaGD7]|rTIrTIrTIrTIrTIrTIr[T3][I7][WIG]|rTIrTIrTIrTIrTI[[email protected](]TI[OH]|[aIG!]%0|rTIrTIrTIrTIrTIrTIrT[I$][YD$]|rTI[rQ]TIrT[I$][TSI$]|rTI[rQ*]TIr[T7][I$][raY(]|rTIrTIrTIrTIrTIrTI[r$]TI[r7]TIrTIrTIrTIrTIrTIrTI[rQ]TI[aY7]|||[nZC]LC

    Level: 8
    Length: 05:54
    Sparkle (Kimi no Na wa)



  • [8yos] [yos] 8 % [yos] % [4yis] [yis] [4yis] [yis] q [yis] q [yis] [8yos] [yos] 8 % [yos] % [4yis] [yis] [4yis] [yis] q [yis] q [yis] [9yos] [yos] [yos] [yos][5yos] [yos] [5yoa] [yoa] [8yos] [yos] 8 % [yos] % [4yis] [yis] [4yis] [yis] q [yis] q [yis] [8yos] [yos] 8 % [yos] % [4yis] [yis] [4yis] [yis] q [yis] q [yis] [9yos] [yos] [yos] [yos][5yos] [yos] [5yoa] [yoa] D [8yos] ss [yos] 8% [yos] % [4yis] [yis] 4 [qyid] s [qyid] s [8yod] ss
    Level: 7


  • [dP] [sD] [dP] [sD] [dP] [sD] [sp] [dP]
    [sp] [dP] [sp] [dP] [oP] [sp] [oP] [sp]
    [oP] [sp] [pI] [uo] [yI] 2 6 9
    Q [yeI] y o P [Y1] o P
    d [ywYE] [odYP] [ysI92] [PI] p [P5] [ywYE]
    w [ywYE] o P d [hP8] [wtoY] [hP]
    [hP4] [tige] D [i^] p d g [yqeE]
    q [yqeE] p d g [P0] d j
    [yoE] [hdP] [gSP6] [wfTSE] g [p9] d h
    [yqe] g [pf8] [yqe] d [ysi^] [qePE] s
    [d6] [ws0] o [p9] [wte] y o p
    [yteY9] [pI] [sp] [oP] [pI] [yeQ9] [sp] [oP]
    [pI] [oY] [yI] [tY] [ye] 5 [ywE] [ywE]
    2 [ywE] [ywE] 5 [ywE] [ywE] [y2] [yoeQ]
    [eYQPI] [odP1] [ywYE] [ywdYE] [s2] [tYQPI] [tpYQI] [P5]
    [ywiE] [ywiE] [o5] [ywiPE] [ywidE] [hP1] [toYE] [tohYPE]
    [hP4] [tigeY] [tieYD] [pgd^] [yie] [yie] [p4] [yied]
    [yige] [jdP3] [ypE] [yohdPE] [gSP6] [ofTSE] [igTE] [phd92]
    [yoe] [yige] [pf81] [ute] [yted] [ysi^] [yqPE] [ysqe]
    [d6] [wuts] [wuto] [p92] [ytoe] [ytoe] [y92] [toe]
    [tePI] [odP1] [wYE] [wodYPE] [s2] [yPIE] [ypeI] [P5]
    [yiE] [yiE] [tqoW] P [q^W] d [[email protected]] [yoE]
    [yohPE] [[email protected]] [tjie] [tige] D [g2] [tie] [tie]
    [p5] [yoidE] [yoigE] [jdP3] [ypiE] [yoihdPE] 6 [igTSE]
    f [oTED] f [phd2] [ytoe] [ytige] 1 [yife]
    d [yieS] d [id^P] [ysiE] d [ysiE] P
    [p6] [ueT] a [ueTS] [d2] [yeI] [yeI] 6
    [yeI] [yeI] 2 [yeI] [yeI] 6 [yeI] [yedI]
    [sD4] [oYE] [odYPE] [sp4] [toPE] [tpie] [o^P] [tspYE]
    [yidPE] [yi^] [yiE] [yiE] [sD4] [oYE] [odYPE] [sp4]
    [toeP] [tspeY] [d^P] [yiE] [yiE] ^ [yiE] [yidE]
    [d9] f d [yieS] [yied] [g6] [yife] [yied]
    [S0] [ueT] [ufeT] [p6] [ueT] [upeT] [jg9] [yie]
    [yjige] [jg6] [yihfe] [yiged] [hf0] [ueT] [ueT] 6
    [ueT] [ueT] [dG2] [teY] [ytedG] [dG2] [uthfe] [ytjeG]
    [hJ5] [yicE] x Z [zyiE] L l [J5]
    [yiJE] j H [yihE] G g [sf1] [utE]
    [tsofE] [sf1] [tigdE] [uthfE] [jg4] [uthe] G g
    [utfe] D d [s4] [tohe] [tige] [fa7] [urQD]
    [rfYQ] [h3] [rigW] [urfW] [pd6] [wueTS] [wuedT] [f6]
    [wuT] [wujT] [slhD1] [wtY] [ywtJ] [j1] [wtY] [whYE]
    [G2] j [yseI] d s [yePI] 2 [PE]
    s P [tp] 2 [oe] p o [IE]
    y [oe] P [Y1] o P d [wYE]
    [woYE] P d [ysI2] [yPIE] [ypeI] [P5] [yiE]
    [yiE] [tqoW] P [q^W] d [[email protected]] [yoE] [yohdPE]
    [[email protected]] [tjie] [tige] D [g2] [tige] f [tige]
    h [j5] g [yidE] p [yidE] g [jg3]
    [yoiE] [yoihE] 6 [igTE] f [oTED] f [hf2]
    [ytoe] [ytige] 1 [yife] d [yieS] d [d^P]
    [yifE] g [yihE] j [h6] [uheT] g [uheT]
    2 [yjeI] h G [yfeI] d S [z6]
    L k [yjeI] h G [yfeI] d S
    [z2] L k [yjeI] h G [yfeI] d
    S [d6] [yeI] [yeI] [dP] [sD] [dP] [sD]
    [dP] [sD] [sp] [dP] [sp] [dP] [sp] [dP]
    [oP] [sp] [oP] [sp] [oP] [sp] [pI] [uo]
    [yI] [s2] 6 8 9 ( Q e
    t y Y I s [sD] [gd] [sD]
    [gd] [sD] [gd] [da] [sD] [da] [sD] [da]
    [sD] [aO] [sp] [aO] [sp] [aO] [sp] [daOH]
    [iO] [oY] [yi] [oY] [iO] [aO] [iO] [oY]
    [yi] [oY] [iO] [gaO] [pD] [dO] [ia5] 9
    q w W y r t y i
    o O g o s D [wthYW] h
    [ywrig] D d [toYD] s D h [slihOD]
    [lD] [ysliOED] [dJ] [sH] [yohdPJE] y o P
    [d6] s [P9] p P [s5] P [p4]
    o I [[email protected]] o [o2] i t [y5]
    [yto] [yto] [yro5] [toYW4] o [ywri5] Y y
    [wYE8] t Y o [tsqY4] [sY] [sq^YE] [yP]
    [tO] [[email protected]] d h J [zspoD] l [spdJIG]
    j J [olgdP] J [jigdP] h G [ohdYP]
    g D [yspdI] f G [wp5] a d
    h d [Y4] o P D 8 q
    w [dYE] [sY4] [yP] [tp] [y^P] q [sYE]
    t [yid] [yi^] q E t [tiE] q
    [PD4] 8 q [tYE] [od] [sY4] [yP] [sY]
    [id^] q E t E q ^ q
    E t E q [d2] [yi] S [uT]
    d [yi] [g2] [pi] f [uo] d [yi]
    [S6] e W e [fE] e [p6] e
    E e [wp] 0 [g2] [yi] [ye] g
    [yi] [g2] [ye] f [uo] d [ye] [f6]
    e E t E e [g6] f D
    d S s a P p [dG2] [teY]
    [ytedG] [dG2] [uthfe] [ytjeG] [hJ5] [yicE] x Z
    [zyiE] L l [J5] [yiJE] j H [yihE]
    G g [sf1] [utE] [tsofE] [sf1] [tigdE] [uthfE]
    [jg4] [uthe] G g [utfe] D d [s4]
    [tohe] [tige] [f7] [urQD] [rfYQ] [h3] [rigW] [urfW]
    [d6] [wueTS] [wuedT] [pofS6] [wuT] [wujT] [slhD1] [wtY]
    [ywtJ] [j1] [wtY] [whYE] [G2] j [yseI] d
    s [yePI] 2 [PE] s P [tp] 2
    [oe] p o [IE] 2 Y I Y
    y [Y(] [WO] [ra] 3 [u3] 3 3
    3 3 p 3 3 3 3 s
    3 3 3 [f2] [utpie] [utpife] [d3] [ysiWO]
    [yiaWO] [s6] [utoe] [utoe] [p6] [utsoe] [utofe] [j2]
    [ytpi] [ytpji] [j5] [yroih] [yroig] [h1] [uro] [uro]
    [a5] [urof] [uroh] [k$] [uta] [utpj] [h7] [tpYG]
    [tohY] [j3] [urp] [uroh] [G2] [yrI] [yurf] [d1]
    [wuts] [wurd] [f7] [yedI] [ypeI] [a3] [yurp] [yurp]
    [uf30] [yrpj] [ysrlO] [xf2] [xtife] [xtife] [zd3] [zutdO]
    [ka] [zurdO] [ka] [l6] k [utoj] f [utso]
    a [wutp] s [wE8] f [sjf4] [utp] [sjf]
    [utp] [sjf] [j4] [yrok] [yroh] g [h3] [yrof]
    d [yrof] h [fa6] d [utspo] a [utpof]
    h [k$] [utoa] [utpoj] 7 [tohY] G [tpgY]
    G [j3] [yurp] [yuroh] 2 [uroG] f [uroD]
    f [x1] [zuto] x [zuto] l [k7] [rYI]
    L [rZYI] [H3] k x [rW0] [rW0] 7
    [rW0] [rW0] 3 [rW0] [rW0] 7 [IGC] [xuf]
    [ZYD] [xuf] [sp6] [oa3] [pI7] 8 [aY7] [pT]
    [YI] 7 [f3] H k [rW0] [rW0] 3
    [rW0] [rW0] [urW0] Y u O [tpe0] s
    [raW0] P a D [tfe0] G [urWH] G
    H k [rlYQ] Z [xurW] [r730] u O

    Level: 8
    Length: 06:00
    Merry Go Round Of Life (Howl’s Moving Castle)

    Joe Hisaishi

  • 8 w t u [tie]|w| 8 w t u [tie]|w| 8 w t u s|u| [f8] w t u s d [uf] h [d6] 0 e t [us]|t| [sq] e t i p j [ih] s [f8] w t u s u t w [d9] e [yf] ih[pf] [id] y e [s6] [a0] [pe] tf[uf] e t u [qg] e t i p h [ji] g [wd] y o s a o y w [f8] w t u s [ud] [tf] wh [d6] 0 e t [us] e t u [sq] e t i p [ji] [th] es [f8] w t u s u t w [d9] e [yf] ig[h0] r [zu] a [l6] [k0] [je] th[uf] e t u [d9] e y i w [ys] [pi] ws [s8] w t u i e [ti]o[pi]a [s8] w [td] [us] [of] [uh] t w[sl] [sql] e [tka] i[pj][spl] i t e [sl8] w [ztd] u[xf][sh] u t w [g9] [ea] y [if]g[zd0] r [uka] a [sl6] [zd0] [kea] t[sl][upj] e t u [ql] e t [ki]j[h0] w t o [k(] e [tj] Ih[g9] [se] y [id] [pf] e t [sp]d[wf] u o u [fQ] t [jI] p [uf] Q [sp] t [d9] e y i e [ys] [pi] ef [d9] e y [if] [ge] [yh] [ji] [ke] [wtli]|J|H|h| [f81] w t u s [ud] [tf8] wh [d6] 0 e t [us] e t u [sq4] e t i p [ji] [th] es [f81] w t u w t u w [d92] e [yf] ih[pf] [id] [y9] e [s6] [a0] [pe] tf[uf] e t u [qg4] e t i e [th] [ji] eg [wd5] y o s a o y w [f8] w t u s [ud] [tf] wh [d6] 0 e t [us] e t u [sq] e t i e [tj] [ih] es [f8] w t u w t u w [pd9] e [sif] y[gd][hf0] r [zuh] o [lf6] [kd0] [sje] t[ha][usf] e t u [tid9]| | s O s[s8] w t u [tie]|w| 8 w t u [tie]|s| [wut8] w t u [tie]|w| [wut8] w t u [tie]|w|[u8]
    Level: 6
    Length: 03:24
    Hiroshi no Kaisou (Crayon Shin-chan)

    Toshiyuki Arakawa