My Way

Frank Sinatra 10 September 2020

[f8] w t w 8 [wo] [tf] [wd]
[f7] w r w 7 [wo] [rf] [wd]
[f^] w E w [f^] [wf] [fE] [wd]
[d6] 0 [eS] 0 6 0 [pe] 0
[g9] e y e 9 [pe] [yg] [fe]
[g*] e T e * [pe] [gT] [fe]
[g8] e t e 7 [wh] [rd] [wd]
[g8] w [tf] w 8 w [ts] w
[h8] w E w 8 [wG] [hE] [wj]h
[h8] w E w 8 [wj] [fE] [wf]
[h4] 8 [qg] 8 4 [g8] [qg] [f8]
[h%] q [gW] q % q [gW] [qh]
[f8] w t w 8 [wo] [tg] [wf]
[d5] 9 w 9 [a5] 9 [ws] [d9]
[d4] 8 q 8 4 8 q 8 [s8] w t w
[s8] w t w [f8] w [tg] [wh]
[h8] w t w 8 [wj] [th] [wG]
[h8] w E w 8 w [gE] [wh]
[j4] 8 q 8 [J4] 8 [qj] [H8]
[j4] 8 q 8 4 [j8] [qk] [l8]
[l9] e y e 9 [je] [yl] [je]
[k5] 9 w 9 5 [k9] [wl] [z9]
[z3] 7 0 7 3 [k7] [z0] [k7]
[l6] 0 e 0 [j6] 0 [ke] [l0]
[l4] 8 e 8 4 [j8] [le] [j8]
[k5] 9 w 9 5 [k9] [wl] [z9]
[z4] 8 q 8 [wl80]

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About This Music Sheet

My Way is a song by Frank Sinatra. Use your computer keyboard to play My Way music sheet on Virtual Piano. This is an Intermediate song and requires a lot of practice to play well. The recommended time to play this music sheet is 01:36, as verified by Virtual Piano legend, Nova Nine. The song My Way is classified in the genres: Songs From Movies, USA on Virtual Piano. You can also find other similar songs using 70s Songs, Jazz, Easy Listening.

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    • t t [qes] sP|[8p]|o|[qei]|t|8|
      t t[6qo]| i [%qo]| i [50u]|t|8|y|
      [wd] ds|[9QP]|p|[wo]|9|5|
      [7f] d[8s]|s P[8p]|p o[qi]|8|4|t|
      [qes] sP|[8p]|o|[qei]|t|8|
      t t[6qo]| i [%qo]| i [50u]|t|8|y|
      [wd] ds|[9QP]|p|[wo]|9|5|
      [7f] d[8s]|s P[8p]|p o[qi]|8|4|
      u i[80o] po|[wu]|s|[6uo]|e|w|
      u o[9i]|i u[qwy]|t y[8u]|e|w|
      u i[80o]|p o[wu]|s|[8uo]|9|0|w|
      [Q9s] ap|[wia]|p a[8us]|[9i]|[0o]|t|
      [qes] sP|[8p]|o|[qei]|t|8|
      t t[6qo]| i [%qo]| i [50u]|t|8|
      y y[wd] ds|[9QP]|p|[wo]|9|5|
      [7f] d[8s]|s P[8p]|p o[qi]|8|[4pg]

      Level: 5
      Length: 01:04
      Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

      Frank Sinatra

    • Typ [tp9]| [t(]| pasao[wutr]|[wutr]| [wurT]|[wurT]|O pt [tqe9]| [q5] [q5] eErtyt [WE10]|[rW93]| [y0][ws6] [wa6] [wp6] [wo6]i[t9] [t9]o[tp9] [ts9] [qp5]Pa[qp5] [qo5] [qi5]u[r8] [r8] [E8] [E8] [qe]p[qoe] [qie] [uqe]y[e7] [e7]u[ie7] [pe7]O[W0] [iW0] [uW0]iu[yW0]t[w6] [w6] [Q9] [Q9]T[yt9]p[tp9] [t9] [t9] [t(] [t(] [tp(]s [ta(][uo][y0] [y0] [y0] [y0] [eT] [eT] [eT] [eT]r[te9]i[t9]i[t9] [t9] [q5] [q5]t[pi]r[uo]e[yi8]|[wur8]| [ype7] 7eyip[yWO0]pa[us6][us][ya7] [tp1] [ro3][ie]2 3o[p4]o[s6] [ya5][ya][tp6] [ro7] [ie9][wu]812 3 5$4p[o5] [i6] [u8]y7 8u[i9] [qp]O0O[i(] [u9]iu[y7]t667 8 * 9y[t2]p4 6 @ $ [p6]Pas[a8]f3 5 ^ 9 **^ 66[f5] fs s [ytqe]|[teYQ]| D fs s [wutr]|[wurT]|uops [f2]s3s4 $ [q5] [q5] [p6][^P][a7][s8][d9][s8] [uPO8]|[yaO0]|[uto6]|[utI9]|[yiE5]| [piE1] [piE1]| pPas[utr] ap[urT] oi[uqe] op[eYQ] sa[qYW] po[yqW] iu [WT0][wte]| 4aj[h3] [g2]h[f1]d771f[g2] [j4]H3g[[email protected]]d2P[a7]s667 1 6u[s6]usauwapup[uro][tie]9|[o4]pPas$[a5]sapa5po [riW][wur]1|E Ee|[utqp][uto0] [utqi] [ut][yW]3|[ut$][yi%] [utp][yO]7 [yiW] [wuT]3Tyt6|78 * 9tO[tpY] 34$5 O[qp][spY] [yaO][ofa] 3 5^ %[p6] [a7][S*]| [ofP] fs [ytsqp]| [tYQ] Ips[pD9] [iD%] [f5]s [utsro]| [urT] [urT] uops [i2]psfs3[si]4 $ 5 vhvh| eErtyt|[lf] 8 [lg] 9 [lG] ([lh] [C$][v5][xm1]

      Level: 6
      Length: 02:35
      Fly Me To The Moon (Expert)

      Frank Sinatra

    • [s6] e t e u t [ea]p[o0] [i9] e [to] e i y e [qp] [s5] [ra] w r i [rp] w [qo]i[u8] w t w u t w 0 q e t [pe] [oi] [ie] [ut] e [y7] q e [yu] [ie] [qp] y e [O3] W y u u [yi] W [u9]y[t6] 0 e t T w u [wT] [y9] [pe] t e i u y e 5 r y r [si] y r [qa] [o8] w t w u t w 0 6 e T u T w u w [t9] [ie] [qi] e i y e q 5 y [rp] y i [ro] w 9 [i8] w t [wu] u t w 0 0 W r u y u r u [s6] e t e u t [ea]p[o0] [qi] [oe] [yp] e i u y [se] [a5] [rp] w r i r w [qo]i[u8] w t w u t w 0 q e [tp] e i [oe] t [ie]u[y7] q [ue] y e [qi] y [pe] [O3] W r W [ui]u[yr] W 0 [t6] 0 e t T w [uT] w [y9] e y e i [up] [yp] e w r y w q [sr] y [qa] [f0] w r u o y E 0 [f6] 0 w T u T w [g0] [f9] [sq] [se] q i y e 9 5 r y r i r [wd] 0 [s6]|0|e|tetu[wute]
      Level: 4
      Length: 01:03
      Fly Me To The Moon (Easy)

      Frank Sinatra

    • T y p [9tp] [(t] p a s a o [wrtu] [wrtu] [Twru] [Twru] O p t [9qet] [5q] [5q] e E r t y t [10WE] [W39r] [0y] [6ws] [6wa] [6wp] [6wo] i [9t] [9t] o [9tp] [9ts] [5qp] P a [5qp] [5qo] [5qi] u [8r] [8r] [8E] [8E] [qe] p [qeo] [qei] [qeu] y [7e] [7e] u [7ei] [7ep] O [0W] [W0i] [W0u] i u [W0y] t [6w] [6w] [9Q] [9Q] T [9ty] p [9tp] [9t] [9t] [(t] [(t] [(tp] s [(ta] [uo] [0y] [0y] [0y] [0y] [eT] [eT] [eT] [eT] r [9et] i [9t] i [9t] [9t] [5q] [5q] t [ip] r [uo] e [8yi] [8wru] [7eyp] 7 e y i p [0yWO] p a [us] [us] [ya] [1tp] [3ro] [ei] 2 3 o [4p] o [6s] [5ya] [ya] [6tp] [7ro] [9ei] [wu] 8 1 2 3 5 $ 4 p [5o] [6i] [8u] y 7 8 u [9i] [qp] O 0 O [(i] [9u] i u [7y] t 6 6 7 8 * 9 y [2t] p 4 6 @ $ [6p] P a s [8a] f 3 5 ^ 9 * * ^ 6 6 [5f] f s s [qety] [etQY] D f s s [wrtu] [Twru] u o p s [2f] s 3 s 4 $ [5q] [5q] [6p] [^P] [7a] [8s] [9d] [8s] [8uOP] [O0ya] [6tuo] [9tuI] [E5yi] [E1ip] [E1ip] p P a s [rtu] a p [Tru] o i [qeu] o p [eQY] s a [qWY] p o [Wqy] i u [0WT] [wet] 4 a j [3h] [2g] h [1f] d 1 f [2g] [4j] H 3 g [@f] d 2 P [a] s 1 u [6s] u s a u w a p u p [ruo] [eti] 9 [4o] p P a s $ [5a] s a p a p o [Wri] [wru] 1 E E e [qtup] [0tuo] [qtui] [tu] [Wy] 3 [$tu] [%yi] [tup] [yO] 7 [Wyi] [Twu] 3 T y t 6 7 8 * 9 t O [Ytp] 3 4 $ 5 O [qp] [Yps] [Oya] [oaf] 3 5 ^ % [6p] [7a] [*S] [Pof] f s [qtyps] [tQY] I p s [9pD] [i%D] [5f] s [rtuos] [Tru] [Tru] u o p s [2i] p s f s 3 [is] 4 $ 5 v h v h e E r t y t [fl] 8 [gl] 9 [Gl] ( [hl] [$C] [5v] [1xm]
      Level: 6
      Length: 02:28
      Fly Me To The Moon

      Frank Sinatra


    • [oh] d a h d a h d [yg] d p g d p g d [yg] d p g d p g d [fe] s p f s p f s [oh] d a h d a h d [yg] d p g d p g d [yg] d p g d p g d [fe] s p f s p f s [yroh]|h|h|h f [yige] f|d|| [yige]|g|g|g d [utfe] d|s|| [yroh]|h|h|h f [yige] f|d|| [yige]|g|g|g d [utfe] d|s|| [oh] d a h d a h d [yg] d p g d p g d [yg] d p g d p g d [fe] s p f s p f s [yroh]|h|h|h f [yige] f|d|| [yige]|g|g|g d [utfe] d|s|| [yqE]||i|i|s||P p [tqoe]|i o p|| [yqE]||i|i|s||P p [tqoe]|i o p|| [wh] d a h d a h d [g9] d p g d p g d [g9] d p g d p g d [f6] s p f s p f s [wh] d a h d a h d [g9] d p g d p g d [g9] d p g d p g d [f6] s p f s p f s [yrol] k h l k h l k [ylie] k g l k g l k [ylie] k g l k g l k [utle] k f l k f l k [yrol] k h l k h l k [ylie] k g l k g l k [ylie] k g l k g l k [utle] k f l k f l k l k f l k f l k l k f l k f l k
      Level: 6
      Length: 01:38


    • x z [splf]| k| [oda]| k l [zshf] l k| [xoda]| z l [kjgd]| j h [uoja]| g| [uka]|||[uaO]| x z [splf]| k| [oda]| k l [zshf] x z l [xoda]| z l [kjgd]| j h [uoja]| g| [spkf] l k l [kjgd] l k l [zshf] x z x [fc] v V|||n|||b||| [e6] [usp]| [usp] [92] [pid]| [pid] [81] [uso]| [uso] [30] [uaO]| [uaO] [e6] [usp]| [usp] [92] [pid]| [pid] [81] [uso]| [uso] [30] [uaO]| [uaO] [e6] [uspj] k [uspl] [k92] [pid] j [pid] [h81] [uso] f [uso] [H30] [uaO] f [udaO] [fe6] [usp] s [usp] [g92] [pid] f [pid] [f81] [uso] f [uso] [f30] [uaO] f [uaO] [e6] [uspj] k [uspl] [k92] [pid] j [pid] [h81] [uso] f [uso] [H30] [uaO] f [udaO] [fe6] [usp] d [usp] [g92] [pid] f [pid] [f81] [uso] f [uso] [f30] [uaO] f [uaO] [sqig] t [qi] t [qli] t [qih] t [wolda] y [wo] y [wol] y [woh] y [splfe] u [pe] u [ple] u [phe] u [xtshf8] w [t8] [wl] [utoka8] [wk] [tk8] [wspki] [qi] [tj] [qi] t [qli] t [qih] [togda] [wo] [yf] [wo] y [wol] y [woh] [yspgf] [pe] [uf] [pe] u [ple]lul[pe]ku [tshf8] w [t8] w [tl8]lwl k| f| [je6] [usp]|k[uspj]h[f92] [pid]| [pid] [s81] [uso]| [uso] [f30] [uaO]| [uhaO] [je6] [usp]|k[uspj]h[f92] [pid]| [pid] [s81] [uso]| [uso] f s f f [e6] [usp]| [usp] [92] [pid]| [pid] [81] [uso]| [uso] [30] [uaO]| [uaO] [e6] [usp]| [usp] [92] [pid]| [pid] [81] [uso]| [uso] [30] [uaO]| [uaO] [e6] [usp]| [usp] [92] [pid]| [pid] [81] [uso]| [uso] [30] [uaO]| [uaO] [e6] [usp]| [usp] [92] [pid]| [pid] [81] [uso]| [uso] [30] [uaO]| [uaO] [j6]| 7k[j8]h[f2] d| [s1]| 7 8 f||| [sqig] t [qi] t [qli] t [qih] t [wolda] y [wo] y [wol] y [woh] y [splfe] u [pe] u [ple] u [phe] u [xtshf8] w [t8] [wl] [utoka8] [wk] [tk8] [wspki] [qi] [tj] [qi] t [qli] t [qih] [togda] [wo] [yf] [wo] y [wol] y [woh] [yspgf] [pe] [uf] [pe] u [ple]lul[pe]ku [tshf8] w [t8] w [tl8]lwl[t8]kw [ida]||| s|h|f [oda]||| s|h|f [spf]||| s|h|h [shf]| f [khf]|g f s[spi]||| s|h|f [oda]||| s|h|h [spf]||| ff f d|[shf]||| [ofda]f f d|[tqpi4]||| [vsqpoi]| b| m| [wvoda]| b| c| [xspfe]|||c| [xtshf8]| z [woda]| l| [vsqpoi]| b| m| [wvoda]| b| c| [xspfe]|||c| [xtshf8]| z [woda]| l| [vsqpoi]| b| m| [wvoda]| b| c| [xspfe]|||c| [xtshf8]| z [zwoda]| l| [vsqpoi]| b| m| [wvoda]| b| c| [xspfe]|||c| [xtshf8]| z [zwoda]| l| [vsqpoi]| b| m| [wvoda]| b| c| [xspfe]|||c| [xtshf8]| z [zsqpi]| l| v| b| m
      Level: 8
      Length: 05:30
      Isle Of Flightless Birds

      Twenty One Pilots

    • Y[50][Pz][50][DB][536]v[536]c[3214]@[50][(E][50][qy][50]P[536]o[536]y[0]i[3214]@[0]([0]q[0]w[0]E[1072]t[1072]8[2144]w[0]J[536]y[0]d[536]o[0]h[536]z[536]q[0]l[536]t[0]J[536]i[0]j[536]y[536]@[0]([0]P[0]d[0]h[4288]9[0]g[536]e[536]y[0]d[1072]([0]Y[0]P[0]d[0]h[2680]B[536]b[536]c[536]z[536]J[536]j[1072]w[0]o[0]P[0]J[536]y[0]d[536]5[0]P[0]h[536]z[536]q[0]i[0]j[0]l[536]t[0]h[0]J[536]4[0]g[0]j[536]d[536]([0]Y[0]d[0]h[536]E[0]P[536]@[0]d[0]j[536]g[0]J[536]^[0]E[0]d[0]g[536]q[0]s[0]D[536]^[0]P[0]d[1072]8[0]t[0]o[0]P[0]D[536]w[0]g[536]1[0]P[0]h[536]o[0]D[536]^[0]E[0]i[0]P[0]d[536]w[536]^[0]d[0]h[536]J[536]0[0]u[0]S[0]h[0]J[536]E[0]g[0]j[536]0[0]f[0]h[536]g[0]j[536]9[0]p[0]d[0]h[536]t[536]y[0]p[0]d[0]G[536]h[0]v[268]j[0]b[268]5[0]w[0]J[0]v[0]B[536]e[0]y[536]E[0]y[0]o[0]d[536]z[536]4[0]q[0]l[0]b[0]m[536]E[0]t[0]J[0]v[0]B[536]e[0]i[0]p[0]j[0]c[0]b[536]d[0]z[536]@[0]([0]h[0]z[0]v[536]E[0]i[536]E[0]Y[0]o[0]j[0]b[536]J[0]B[536]^[0]g[0]z[0]c[536]9[0]q[0]D[0]l[0]Z[536]q[0]E[0]y[0]d[0]J[0]z[1072]1[0]8[0]D[0]l[0]Z[536]([0]w[0]g[0]z[0]c[536]w[0]t[0]Y[0]h[0]Z[0]v[536]D[0]Z[536]^[0]d[0]J[0]z[536]9[0]w[536]w[0]E[0]y[0]h[0]z[0]v[536]J[0]v[0]B[536]*[0]T[0]J[0]v[0]B[536]E[0]j[0]c[0]b[536]![0]h[0]Z[0]v[536]e[0]u[0]p[0]h[0]v[536]2[0]e[0]y[0]o[0]j[0]x[0]b[1072]y[0]I[0]J[0]B[536]w[268]e[268]5[0]9[0]E[0]y[0]P[0]z[536]9[536]w[0]E[536]s[268]P[268]4[0]t[0]y[0]p[536]t[0]i[536]e[0]y[0]l[0]m[536]t[0]i[0]J[0]B[536]@[0]w[0]y[0]i[0]j[0]b[536]y[0]o[0]J[0]B[536]w[536]o[536]^[0]y[0]i[536]^[0]y[536]E[536]6[0]h[0]v[268]j[0]b[268]5[0]9[0]E[0]y[0]P[0]z[536]9[536]w[0]E[536]s[268]d[268]4[0]s[0]l[0]m[536]q[0]P[536]t[0]p[536]s[0]z[268]l[268]@[0]o[0]P[0]J[0]B[536]^[536]([536]q[536]w[1072]4[0]j[0]l[0]b[268]y[268]o[268]d[268]5[0]o[0]d[0]J[536]9[536]w[0]E[0]y[268]9[0]o[268]w[0]P[268]y[0]d[268]4[0]o[0]P[0]h[536]8[536]w[0]t[0]i[268]9[268]w[0]i[0]g[268]y[0]Y[0]D[268]@[0]y[0]o[0]d[536]^[536]w[0]E[0]o[268]9[0]d[268]w[0]s[268]y[0]P[268]4[0]y[0]p[536]8[0]Y[0]P[536]q[0]y[268]p[268]t[268]o[268]5[0]w[0]y[0]o[536]E[0]o[0]P[0]h[0]J[268]y[0]d[268]5[0]o[0]h[268]5[0]d[0]z[268]4[0]p[0]g[0]j[536]4[0]q[0]t[0]i[536]e[0]i[0]s[0]g[268]y[0]d[268]4[0]o[0]h[268]4[0]d[0]z[268]@[0]o[0]d[0]h[536]@[0]([0]Y[0]o[536]w[0]y[268]y[0]d[268]@[0]i[0]g[268]@[0]d[0]D[0]z[268]4[0]y[0]o[0]d[536]4[0]q[0]D[0]l[0]Z[536]e[0]i[0]d[0]J[0]z[536]4[0]s[0]h[0]l[268]4[268]5[0]o[0]d[0]h[536]5[0]w[0]y[0]o[536]E[0]o[0]P[0]h[0]J[268]y[0]d[268]5[0]o[0]h[268]5[0]d[0]z[268]4[0]o[0]g[0]j[536]4[0]q[0]t[0]i[536]e[0]i[0]s[0]g[0]l[268]y[0]d[268]4[0]o[0]h[268]4[0]d[0]z[268]@[0]y[0]d[0]J[0]z[536]@[0]([536]w[0]Y[268]([0]y[0]D[0]Z[268]w[0]o[134]d[0]z[134]y[0]d[268]4[0]s[0]d[0]l[268]Y[0]D[134]q[134]y[0]d[134]q[134]t[0]s[134]q[134]E[0]P[134]q[134]t[0]s[67]P[0]J[67]q[134]^[0]E[134]4[0]q[134]4[0]p[0]j[268]@[0]o[0]P[0]d[0]h[268]w[0]E[0]y[268]9[268]@[0]w[0]E[0]y[268]P[0]h[0]J[268]w[0]E[0]y[268]@[0]w[0]E[0]y[268]w[0]E[0]y[268]@[0]q[0]e[0]E[268]q[0]e[0]t[268]p[0]s[0]j[268]@[0]q[0]e[0]t[268]P[0]g[0]J[268]q[0]e[0]t[268]e[0]t[0]i[0]s[0]j[0]l[268]q[0]e[0]t[268]@[0]P[0]d[0]h[0]J[268]w[0]E[0]y[268]9[268]@[0]w[0]E[0]y[536]w[0]E[0]y[268]@[0]p[0]d[0]h[0]j[268]w[0]E[0]y[0]P[0]J[268]@[0]s[0]g[0]j[0]l[268]q[0]e[0]t[268]e[0]t[0]p[268]@[0]q[0]e[0]t[268]t[0]p[0]s[268]q[0]e[0]t[268]e[0]t[0]i[0]o[0]d[0]h[268]q

      Level: 6
      Length: 04:18
      Xenoblade Theme (Intermediate)

      Yoko Shimomura