Recollecting Memories (MapleStory)

Studio EIM MapleStory 12 November 2020

[tqh] s h s h s h sj[wrh] d h d h d h d [uhe] s h s h d h d [uhe] d h dm[nh]v[xf]z[lh]k[hf]f[qh84] [se] [uoh] [se] [uoh] [se] [uoh] [se]j[wh75] [ed] [yoh] [ed] [yoh] [ed] [zyoh] [ed] [zhe60] [sr] [uoh] [sr] [xoh] [rd] [uoh] [rd] [xe0]nx|||[qf] [tj] [xi] [zj] w [yv] o [zj] e u p [lj]||p|[xql] [ztk] [lji] [zk] w [ylj] [okh] [lj] e [ukh] p [hf]||p|[u4] [p8] [qf] [pd] 5 [h9] w [kh] 6 [hf0] e [ljh]||e [lf]z[xf4] [c8] [vq] [xf] 5 [zk9] w [zc] 6 0 e [xl]|r tuoa[sf4]8q[wda] [sp] [da]59we[sh] [oa] [da6]0e[usr] a [us]60er[us] 5 [sf4]8q[wda] [sp] [da]59we[sh] r [kha6]0e[srl] [ka] [oha] 60e[oha5]9we[spj4]8q[xwkf] [zed] [wsl][zd5]9we[vh]r e[nk6]0e[rml] [tnk] [rml]60[ne]r[zv5]9[wk]9[xj4]8q[zk] l [zk4]|[zv]|[zv3]50[zk] l [zj3] l k l [slh2]| |lxvm||[zjd5]| |zcbz||[vm1] x [vm] x [vn] x [vn] x [vn] x [vn] x [vn] x [vn] x [z1]vnz

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About This Music Sheet

Recollecting Memories (MapleStory) is a song by MapleStory. Use your computer keyboard to play Recollecting Memories (MapleStory) music sheet on Virtual Piano. This is an Intermediate song and requires a lot of practice to play well. The recommended time to play this music sheet is 01:39, as verified by Virtual Piano legend, Arda. The song Recollecting Memories (MapleStory) is classified in the genre of Songs From Games on Virtual Piano. You can also find other similar songs using Inspirational, Maplestory.


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    Level: 6
    Length: 01:54
    Sengoku Ogassen (MapleStory)


  • [yrI95]| |[ueT$]| |[ywrI73]| |o| |[eTQ62]| |[e60]|aSdf[pfI95] [aG] [pf] [aG] [pf] [aG] [jd] [pf] [upf$] [aG] [pf] [aG] [jS]| |[pfI73] [aG] [pf] [aG] [upf$] [aG] [jS] [pf] [pfI95] [aG] [pf] [aG] [pf]| |[pfI95] [aG] [pf] [aG] [pf] [aG] [jd] [pf] [upf$] [aG] [pf] [aG] [jS]| |[pfI73] [aG] [pf] [aG] [pof] [aG] [jd] [pf] [pf62] [aG] [ha] [pf] [aG60]| |[pfI95] [aG] [pf] [aG] [pf] [aG] [jd] [pf] [upf$] [aG] [pf] [aG] [jS]| |[pof73] [aG] [pf] [aG] [upf$] [aG] [jS] [pf] [I95]adG| |kLzx[G5]kzC9 [rkQ] 9 [G5]kzC9 [rkQ] 9 [f$]jLx[z] [eSL] [j*] [f$] * [eS] * [G5]kzC9 [rkQ] 9 [G5]kzC9 [rkQ] 9 [f$]jLx[z] [eSL] [z] [xf$] * [eS] * [G5]kzC9 [rkQ] 9 [G5]kzC9 [rkQ] 9 [f$]jLx[z] [eSL] [k] [jf$] * [keS] [L] [f3]hkz7 [C9] [0$] GjL [xe] T [h5]kz9 r 9 [dG5] [fS9] [wrd]IpS[wo5]adS a [pTI30]|* 0 [uoa93]|[pSI0$]|[daQI5]|9 w ry[woda5] S a [upT30]|d S|[uoa93]|[pSI0$]|[daQI5]|5|[wo5]aadS a [pQ$]|d [S0$]|[uro3] 9 [upT$] 0 [yrQI75]|p uo[yw5]oadS [yd] [SQI6]|[d0] [fe] [yw7]oad| |aSdf[I5]adG9 [raI] 9 [I5]adG9 [raI] 9 [I$]pSf[d*] [TS] [pe] [u$] * T e [I5]adG9 [raI] 9 [I5]adG9 [raI] 9 [I$]pSf[d*] [TS] [ed] [uf$] * T e [I5]adG9 [raI] 9 [I5]adG9 [raI] 9 [I$]pSf[d*] [TS] [ea] [up$] * [aT] [eS] [o3]ad7 [G9] [p$] S * [fe] T [o5]ad9 r e d [f9] [rG] [j9] [G5]kzC9 [rkG] 9 [G5]kzC9 [rkG] 9 [f$]jLx[z] [eSL] [j] $ [a]S[ed]f[G]h[G5]kzC9 [wkG] r [G5]kzC9 [wkG] r [G$]jLx[z] [SQL] [ze] [xG$]h[j]k[QL]z[eL]k[G5]kzC9 [rkG] 9 [G5]kzC9 [rkG] 9 [G$]jLx[z] [eL] [k] [jfS$] * [ke] [L] [f3]hkz7 [C9] [j$] GjL [xe] T [h5]kz9 [dQG] w y T e|[wf] [yG] [fI] [oG] f [aG] j|[fQ] [dT] [uS] [aI] p a S d [o0]aGr [ua] o G r a u [fQ] [dT] [uS] [aI] p T S u [o0]af[rG] [uf] [IG] [pfQ] [TG] [jI] f [wdaG] I S dSp| |Ghkz

    Level: 8
    Length: 01:50
    Temple Of Time (Maplestory)



  • [s8]| [w0]| [w0]| [a5]| [w0]| [w0]| [s8]| [w0]| [wp0]| [a5]| [ws0]| [wp0]| [a9]| [qe]| [qed]| [f6]| [e0*]| [eS0*]| [d9]| [qe]| [qe]| 6| [qe]| [qe]| [wh]| [yr]| [yr]| [G9]| [yr]| [yr]| [wg]| [yr]| [yr]| [g9]| [yrf]| [yrd]| [j8]| [w0]| [wh0]| [g5]| [w0]| [wd0]| [f9]| [qed]| [sqe]| [d5]| [wp97]| [wa97]| [s8]| [w0]| [w0]| [a5]| [w0]| [w0]| [s8]| [w0]| [wp0]| [a5]| [ws0]| [wp0]| [a9]| [qe]| [qed]| [f6]| [e0*]| [eS0*]| [d9]| [qe]| [qe]| *| [eQG]| [jeQ]| [h0]| [wt]| [wts]| [j*]| [e0]| [je0]| [j9]| [qge]| [qed]| [k(]| [rQ]| [rkQ]| [l0]| [wtk]| [wtj]| [h8]| [w0]| [wh0]| [J*]| [je0]| [he0]| [g9]| [qe]| [qje]| [d9]| [wr]| [wr]| 5| [w97]| [wf97]| [s8]| [w0]| [w0]| [w0]
    Level: 6
    Length: 01:04
    Once Upon A Dream (Maleficent)

    Lana Del Rey

  • [es]| |[qp]| |
    [tf]| |[wa]| |
    [es]| |[qp]| |
    [tf]| |[wa]|||
    [et]| [et] [8t] [qp]| [qp] [8p] [wo] i [wu] [5y]8w 7 [wy] 5
    [et]| [et] [8t] [qp]| [qp] 8 [wu] i [wo] [5y]8w 7 [wy] 5
    [et]| [et] [8t] [qp]| [qp] 8 [wo] i [wu] [5y]7w 7 [wu]y5
    [4qt] e [8qt] e8[qt] [qe] [qu] [8u]
    [5w] y [9w] r5w [wy] w [7y]
    [6t]| [0t] 8 [4qp]| [8qp] o
    [18o] i [8u] [9y] [5w]| [9y] w [6t]| [0t] [8t] [4qp]| [qp] [qp]4
    [18u] i [8o] [9y] [5w]| [wy]9t5[6t]| [0t] 8 [4qp]| [qp] [qo]4
    [18o] i [0u] [9y] w 95[7u][8y]75[4y] t| |e|
    [4qe]| [qe]| [4qe]| [5wr]|
    [1t] 1||[7u] [7i] o s 6 6 [0t]|
    [5o] [5u] [9t]8[5p]6[4q] [4q] [4qt] q4[18o] [18i] [0u]8[9u]w5 y|
    [5y]9[5a] s [5d] o5[18s] [18] [0t]| [7u] [7i] [wo] s 6 6 [0t]|
    [5o] [5u] [9t]6[8p]4[4q] q4[4qt] q4[18o] [8i]4[8u] u15
    [5y]9[5y] [5y]9[5a] s [9u][wy]95[4qy]
    [qo]4q [8t]4[8t] u58 [5t]8[59wyo]

    Level: 5
    Length: 01:30
    21 Guns (Greeny Day)

    Green Day

  • [yqe] [yqe] [yqe] [rqe] [rqe] [rqe] [re0] [re0] [re0] [te0] [te0] [te0] [tqe] [tqe] [tqe] [wr0] [wr0] [wr0] [rW0] [rW0] [rW0] [rW0] [rW0] [rW0] [yxqe] [yqe] [yqe] [rqec] [rqe] [rqe] [rle0] [re0] [re0] [te0] [te0] [te0] [xtqe] [tqe] [tqe] [zwr0] [wr0] [wr0] [rjW0] [rW0] [rW0] [rfW0]| [yqe2]2[yqe] [yqe] [rqe2]1[rqe2]2[rqe] [re60]6[re0] [re0] [te60]5[te60]6[te0] [tqe4]4[tqe] [tqe] [wr10]7[wr10]1[wr0] [rW30]3[rW0] [rW0]2[rW30]4[rW30] [rW0] [yqe2]2[yqe] [yqe] [rqe2]1[rqe2]2[rqe] [re60]6[re0] [re0] [te60]5[te60]6[te0] [tqe4]4[tqe] [tqe] [wr10]7[wr10]1[wr0] [rW30]3[rW0] [rW0]2[rW30]4[rW30] [rW0] [yqe2]2[yqe] [yqe] [rqe2]1[rqe2]2[rqe] [re60]6[re0] [re0] [te60]5[te60]6[te0] [tqe4]4[tqe] [tqe] [wr10]7[wr10]1[wr0] [rW30]3[rW0] [rW0]2[rW30]4[rW30] [rW0]1 [yqe2]2[yqe] [yqe] [rqe2]1[rqe2]2[rqe] [re60]6[re0] [re0] [te60]5[te60]6[te0] [tqe4]4[tqe] [tqe] [wr10]7[wr10]1[wr0] [rW30]3[rW0] [rW0]2[rW30]4[rW30] [rW0]1 [yqe2]2[yqe] [yqe] [rqe2]1[rqe2]2[rqe] [re60]6[re0] [re0] [te60]5[te60]6[te0] [tqpe4]4[tqe] [tqe] [wr10]7[wr10]1[wr0] [rW30]3[rW0] [rW0]2[rW30]4[rW30] [rW0]1 [yqe2]2[yqe] [yqe] [rqe2]1[rqe2]2[rqe] [re60]6[re0] [re0] [te60]5[te60]6[te0] [tqe4]4[tqe] [tqe] [wr10]7[wr10]1[wr0] [rW30]3[rW0] [rW0]2[rW30]4[rW30] [rW0] [tsqpie] [tqe] [tqe] [tqe] [tqe] [tsqie] [uraWO0] [rW0] [rW0] [rW0] [rW0] [rW0] [30] [92] [81] [81] 7 6 [qe8]||| [w80]||| [wr9]||| [e80]||| [qe8]||| [w80]||| [wr9]||| [wof95] [w95][od][w95][so][wod95][so][w95][oa][w95] [yqe2] [yqe2] [yqe2] [rqe2] [rqe2] [rqe2] [re60] [re60] [re60] [te60] [te60] [te60] [tqe4] [tqe4] [tqe4] [wr10] [wr10] [wr10] [re30] [re30] [re30] [rW30] [rW30] [rW30] [yqe9]| p a s [re60]6[re0] [re0] [te60]5[te60]1[te30]5 [tqe4]4[tqe] [tqe] [wr10]7[wr10]1[wr0]1 [rW30]3[rW0] [rW0]2[rW30]2[rW30]4[rW30]1 [yqe2]2[yqe] [yqe] [rqe2]1[rqe2]2[rqe] [re60]6[re0] [re0] [te60]5[te60]6[te0] [tqe4]4[tqe] [tqe] [wr10]7[wr10]1[wr0] [rW30]3[rW0] [rW0]2[rW30]4[rW30]4[rW30]1 [yqe2]2[yqe] [yqe]1[rqe2]1[rqe2]2[rqe] [re60]6[re0] [re0]5[te60]5[te60]6[te0] [tqe4]4[tqe] [tqe]7[wr10]7[wr10]1[wr0] [rW30]3[rW0] [rW0]2[rW30]4[rW30] [rW0]1 [yqe2]2[yqe] [yqe]1[rqe2]1[rqe2]2[rqe]5 [re60]6[re0] [re0]5[te60]5[te60]6[te0] [tqe4]4[tqe] [tqe]7[wr10]7[wr10]1[wr0]7 [rW30]3[rW0] [rW0]2[rW30]4[rW30] [rW0] [tsqpie] [tqe] [tqe] [tqe] [tqe] [tqied] [urfWO0] [rW0] [rW0] [rW0] [rW0] [rW0] [30] [92] [81] [81] 7 6 [qe8]||| [w80]||| [wr9]||| [e80]||| [qe8]||| [w80]||| [wr9]||| [wof95] [w95][od][w95][so][wod95][so][w95][oa][w95] [yqe2] [yqe2] [yqe2] [rqe2] [rqe2] [rqe2] [re60] [re60] [re60] [te60] [te60] [te60] [tqe4] [tqe4] [tqe4] [wr10] [wr10] [wr10] [re30] [re30] [re30] [y2] [t1] [r7] [t60] 6 [t60] [r60] 6 [r60] [t60] 6 [t60] [r60] [q4] [30] [t60] 6 [t60] [r60] 6 [r60] [t60] 6 [t60] [r60] [q4] [30] [p6] 6 6 6 6 [a5] [s4] 4 4 4 6 [d7] [f1] 1 1 1 [g7] [f1] [d3] 3 3 [f3] 3 3 [p6] 6 6 6 6 [a5] [s4] 4 4 4 6 [d7] [f1] 1 1 1 [g7] [f1] [d3] 3 3 [f3] 3 3 [usp6] [usp6] [usp6] [usp6] [usp6] [upa5] [spi4] [spi4] [spi4] [spi4] [spi6] [pia7] [uso1] [uso1] [uso1] [uso1] [uod7] [uso1] [uaO3] [uaO3] [uaO3] [uO3] [uO3] [uO3] [usp6] [usp6] [usp6] [usp6] [usp6] [upa5] [spi4] [spi4] [spi4] [spi4] [spi6] [pid7] [sof1] [sof1] [sof1] [sof1] [sog7] [sof1] [daO3] [daO3] [daO3] [faO3] [faO3] [faO3] [spi4] [spi4] [spi4] [spi4] [spi4] [pid4] [ufO3] [ufO3] [ufO3] [uaO3] [uaO3] [uaO3] [kfda3] [kfda2] [kfda1] [kfda1] 7 6 4||| [w80]||| [wr9]||| [e80]||| [qe8]||| [w80]||| [wr9]||| [e80]||| [qe8]||| [qaW8] pa a|s| [ws80]
    Level: 7
    Length: 04:28

    Twenty One Pilots