Right Back

Yuri Kane 10 September 2020

uaGh uaof todf thos
eukh tfud yIkG ydIa
0rzk rhuf tokh tfus
eukh efud rI[ak] GrdI

[30]rIo 0rwu 0yu 0t0r
30oI 0y0t 30yu 0t0r

[30]rIo 0rwu 0yu 0t0r
30oI 0y0t 30yu 0t0r

0rIo 0rwu 8wyu 8owt
60ao 6u0y 7QaI 7yQr

37da 0owu 8wao 8u0t
60ao 6u0y 7Q[ra]I 7yQr

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About This Music Sheet

Right Back is a song by Yuri Kane. Use your computer keyboard to play Right Back music sheet on Virtual Piano. This is an Easy song and requires practice. The song Right Back is classified in the genre of Dance on Virtual Piano. You can also find other similar songs using EDM.


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