Scattered and Lost (Celeste) (Easy)

Lena Raine 10 September 2020

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About This Music Sheet

Scattered and Lost (Celeste) (Easy) is a song by Lena Raine. Use your computer keyboard to play Scattered and Lost (Celeste) (Easy) on Virtual Piano. This is an Easy song and requires practice. The recommended time to play this music sheet is 00:50, as verified by Virtual Piano legend, Mark Chaimbers. The song Scattered and Lost (Celeste) (Easy) is classified in the genre of Songs From Games on Virtual Piano. You can also find other similar songs using Fun, Instrumental, Celeste.


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    Level: 5
    Scattered and Lost (Celeste)

    Lena Raine

  • o d j h| z|||n| b v [ic] d j h| z|||v b n m [zo] d j h| z|||v| [ic] d j h| z|||x m [zo] d j h| z|||v b n m [ib] d j h| z|||v| [vo] d j h| z|||[wo5]dhjodhj[wo5]dhjodhj[^PE]dhjPdhj[^PE]dhjPdhj[sq4]dhj[sq4]dhj[sq4]dhj[sq4]dhj[TS]dhj[TS]dhj[TS]dhj[TS]dhj|||z

    Level: 5
    Length: 01:05
    Prologue (Celeste)

    Lena Raine

  • j|[xe]|t|u|O|s|f|H|l z l [xke]|t|u|O|s|[jf]|[kH]|l l [xwf]|t|u|o|s|f|h|l|[xw]|t|u|o|s|f|h|[lj]|[xq]|e|t|u|p|s|f|j z l [qk]|e|t|u|p|[sj]|[kf]|j l [xf0]|W|r|u|O|a|f|H|[k0]|W|r|u|O|a|f|j|[xe]|t|u|O|s|f|H|l z l [xke]|t|u|O|s|[jf]|[kH]|l l [xwf]|t|u|o|s|f|h|l|[xw]|t|u|o|s|f|h|[lj]|[xq]|e|t|u|p|s|f|j z l [qk]|e|t|u|p|[sj]|[kf]|j l [xf0]|W|r|u|O|a|f|H|[k0]|W|r|u|O|a|f|H|e|[uO] e [uO] e [up] e [xup] eb[ua] e [ua] e [us] e [us] w [uo] w [vuo] w [upb] wv[up] [xw]z[ua]xw [ua] w [us] [zw]l[us]k[zq] [ulO]kql[uO] q [up] q [up] q [ua] q [uka] [ql] [us]kq j[us] [H0]j[uO]k0 [uO] 0 [up] 0 [up] [l0]zx[ua] 0 [ua] 0 [us] [b0] [usn] em[uO] e [uO] e [up] e [upn] [me] [ua]ne [ua]be [usn] eb[us] w [vuo] w [uo] w [up] w [xup] [wb] [ua]vwx[ua] [zw] [us]xw [zus] q [ukO] [ql] [ukO] q [up] q [up] [qj] [ua] q [ua] [qH] [us]jqk[us] 0x[uO] 0 [uO] 0 [up] 0 [upb] 0n[ua] 0 [ua] [m0] [us] 0 j [xe] t u O s f H lzl[xke] t u O s [jf] [kH] ll[xwf] t u o s f h l [xw] t u o s f h [lj] [xq] e t u p s f jzl[qk] e t u p [sj] [kf] jl[xf0] W r u O a f H [k0] W r u O a f H e [uO] e [uO] e [up] e [xup] eb[ua] e [ua] e [us] e [us] w [uo] w [vuo] w [upb] wv[up] [xw]z[ua]xw [ua] w [us] [zw]l[us]k[zq] [ulO]kql[uO] q [up] q [up] q [ua] q [uka] [ql] [us]kq j[us] [H0]j[uO]k0 [uO] 0 [up] 0 [up] [l0]zx[ua] 0 [ua] 0 [us] [b0] [usn] em[uO] e [uO] e [up] e [upn] [me] [ua]ne [ua]be [usn] eb[us] w [vuo] w [uo] w [up] w [xup] [wb] [ua]vwx[ua] [zw] [us]xw [zus] q [ukO] [ql] [ukO] q [up] q [up] [qj] [ua] q [ua] [qH] [us]jqk[us] 0x[uO] 0 [uO] 0 [up] 0 [upb] 0n[ua] 0 [ua] [m0] [us] 0

    Level: 5
    Length: 03:25
    Awake (Celeste)

    Lena Raine

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    Level: 5
    Length: 07:18
    Resurrections (Celeste)

    Lena Raine

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    Level: 5
    Length: 02:35
    Exhale (Celeste)

    Lena Raine


  • oPoPoiPsdspP | oPoPoiPsdspP | oPoPoiPsdspP | ids | oPoPoiPsdspP | oPoPoiPsdspP | oPoPoiPsdspP | ids Ppo | ooiiyio ii | Ppo | ooiiyio iio Pd P P P oPoPPo P P P oPoPPo PPP oPoP dsPP odsPP
    Level: 3
    Teenage Dream

    Katy Perry

  • [t80]||t r [tq]||t r [t80]| y y| i [ie]||u t [yw]| r w|u t [yw]||o t [ie]| u [wu]| y [yr]||t r [t80]||t r [tq]||t r [t80]| y y| i [ie]||u t [yw]| r w|u t [yw]||o t [ie]| u [wu]| y [yr]||s a [s80]||s a [sq]||s a [s80]|o|h|g f [ge]||h d [g9]| f d|h d [qg]||h d [ge]| f [wd]|g j [k9]||l k [l80]|h|[qg]|l k [l80]|h|[qg]|l k [k80] l| h|s| [wJ]||l k [l80]|h|[qg]|l k [l80]|h|[qg]|l k [k80] l| [wh]|s| [l80]||| [wkg]||| [wl80]
    Level: 6
    Length: 01:08
    Jurassic Park (Theme)

    John Williams

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    Level: 5
    Length: 03:33
    Video Outpost Too (Night in the Woods)

    Alec Holowka