What Angel Wakes Me

Masayoshi Soken 10 September 2020


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About This Music Sheet

What Angel Wakes Me is a song by Masayoshi Soken. Use your computer keyboard to play What Angel Wakes Me music sheet on Virtual Piano. This is an Intermediate song and requires a lot of practice to play well. The song What Angel Wakes Me is classified in the genres: Japan, Songs From Games, Final Fantasy on Virtual Piano. You can also find other similar songs using Animation, Fantasy.


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    Level: 8
    Length: 05:18
    Dragonsong (Final Fantasy XIV)

    Masayoshi Soken


  • [zt] [oa] d h [tj] k [pja] k
    j h [zt] [oa] d h [tj] k
    [pja] k j h [rL] [pI] S f
    [rG] h [upj] k j z [rk] [pI]
    r [po] [zt] [oa] d h [tj] k
    [pja] k j h [zt] [oa] d h
    [tj] k [pja] k j h [rL] [pI]
    f G [rj] k [xup] z L [rj]
    [pI] r [po] [ztk] [oa] [da] [hd] [tjG]
    [kh] [pjaG] [kh] [jG] [hf] [ztk] [oa] [da]
    [hd] [tjG] [kh] [pjaG] [kh] [jG] [hf] [rLG]
    [pI] S f [rG] h [upj] k j
    z [rkd] [pI] r [po] [zth] [oa] [dI]
    [ha] [tjd] [kd] [spja] [kd] [sj] [ha] [zth]
    [oa] [dI] [ha] [tjd] [kd] [spja] [kd] [sj]
    [ha] [rLG] [pI] [fS] [dG] [rjf] [kG] [xupf]
    [zd] [SL] [rpj] [pI] r [po] [zY] [dP]
    J l [zY] c [sgB] b [vY] c
    z [dP] Y [sd] [yL] [pS] j k
    [yL] x [fba] n [yC] [pS] y [aS]
    Y [dP] J l [zY] c [sgB] b
    [vY] c z [ldP] c [xY] Z z
    [sd] y [pS] j k [yL] x [fba]
    C [uV] [aD] k L [uZ] C [nSD]
    V [IB] [SG] I [aG] O [PG]

    Level: 5
    Length: 01:43
    Snowy (Undertale)

    Toby Fox

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    Level: 7
    Length: 02:37
    Prélude Opus 28 No. 4 in E Minor

    Frederic Chopin

  • ( [%t] Y O s O Y t Y O s O Y [5t] u P s P u u P s [tP] u [4t] Y p s [tp] Y T Y p s [tp] Y t y O s O y q y O s [qO] y @ q T [wY] s [WY] T ( t T Y o [EY] T [%W] t Y O Y t W t O [(Y] W % t Y O s O Y t Y O s O Y [5t] u P s P u $ u P s [tP] u [4t] Y p s [tp] Y q e T Y p s [tp] Y ^ i y O g s O W E i [qy] E [@q] E [wT] o [WY] T [(t] T Y o [EY] T [%W] t Y O Y t t O Y t W [3W] T O u T w [!0W] T O u T E [%(t] Y s O Y t Y s O Y t [%t] i s O i r [4Wt] i s O i y [1wu] o s f s o u o s f s o 6 0 [tu] p s f s p u p s f s p 3 7 [Wu] O a f a O r u O a O u 3 [WT] u O S O u T T u O [Wu] T @ [wE] Y o P o Y [3WT] u O S [rO] u [@wE] Y [eo] P [Eo] Y 3 [WT] u O S [rO] u [@wE] Y [eo] P [Eo] Y [!*u] O [WP] f [EP] O u Y T r E W w @ ^ * w E T u Y [uO] [Yo] [uOS] [YoP] [OSf] [oPD] [SfH] [PDh] [fHL] [DhJ] [HLx] [hJZ] [LxV] [JZv] [xV] [ZvB] V [vB] V [vB] [xV] [ZvB] [LxV] [JZv] [LxV] [JZv] [HLx] [hJZ] [fHL] [DhJ] [fHL] [DhJ] [SfH] [PDh] [OSf] [oPD] [OSf] [oPD] [uOS] [YoP] [uOS] [YoP] [uOS] [YoP] [uOS] [YoP] [uOS] [YoP] [uOS] [YoP] [uOS] [YoP] [uOS] [YoP] [uOS] [YoP] [uOS] [YoP] [uOS] [YoP] [uOS] [YoP] [uOS] [YoP] d [7D] [QY] [rI] [Ya] [rI] [QY] D [QY] [rI] [Ya] [rI] [QY] [^D] [wY] [To] [YS] [To] [wY] [wY] [To] [YS] [ToD] [wY] [6D] [QY] [TI] [YS] [TID] [QY] [%f] [QY] [tI] [Ys] [tID] [QY] [!D] [qY] [ri] [Ya] [ri] [qY] O [*r] [qT] [ri] [qTO] [*r] [$O] [0T] [QuP] [TI] [Qua] [0T] D [Qu] [EI] [uP] [EIS] [Qu] S [7Y] [QIa] [rY] [qO] [ry] [QYI] Y T r W [QI] [7D] [QY] [rI] [Ya] [rI] [QY] [^D] [wY] [To] [YS] [To] [wY] [6D] [QY] [tI] [Ys] [tI] [QY] % [QY] [tI] [Ys] [tID] [QY] [5D] [wu] [to] [us] [tof] [wu] D [wu] [to] [us] [tof] [wu] [5g] [ei] [typ] [is] [typ] [ei] [ep] [ep] 5 [9qra] e [9qts] 5 5 q r u f [yd] [10tos] s u o t u w t 0 w [8sl] [4qsgHl] O t i [WagHk] [tsgHl] q W 8 q [%dgHz] [18fhx] s u o [tdhz] [ushl] w t 0 w [8fx] [6fjlx] s u p [tDjlZ] [ufjlx] e t 0 e [8GC] [30HV] [ra] [Wf] [uO] [ra] [Wf] [30HV] [ra] [Wf] [uO] [ra] [Wf] [@(HV] [ts] [WG] [IO] [ts] [WG] [(H] [ts] [WG] [Is] t [WHV] [29HV] [ra] [Wf] [IO] r [WHV] [!*jb] [ra] [Wg] [iO] r [WHV] [$HV] 0 E E u O [OSL] u E E [0SL] $ [SjL] 7 [QDjkZ] e [Tfjkx] u [OHkZV] Y r e [(GC] 7 [3GHkC] 7 [0fx] W [EShL] u [raHk] O u r [Wak] 7 [30HV] [ra] [Wf] [uO] [ra] [Wf] [@(HV] [ts] [WG] [IO] [ts] [WG] [29HV] [ra] [Wg] [iO] [ra] [Wg] [*H] [ra] [Wg] [iO] [ra] [Wg] [18HV] [ts] [Wg] [iO] [ts] [Wg] [7HV] [TS] [Wg] [iO] [TS] [Wg] [^HzV] W y i [yhv] W [qgc] W [yoh] i [yOH] W [@sgH] l * q W E T [iPJ] T E W [qHV] * [^HzV] W y [ihv] [yJB] [HV] W [hv] [qgc] W [yoh] i [yOH] W [@sgHl] * q W E T [iPJ] T E W [qHV] * [7HzV] W y [ihv] [yJB] [WHV] [^kn] [qJB] [Wv] y W [qc] Z z [lm] [JB] [HV] [hv] [gc] [oh] [OH] [@sgHl] * q W [EPJ] T [iDHJZ] T E W [qSL] * [@hJLv] * q W [Egc] T [Olcm] i T W [qJB] * [@cvB] ^ * w E T o P S h J L v [Bm] C [bn] c [VB] x [vb] [Zm] [CV] [zn] [cv] [LB] [xC] [lb] [Zc] [kV] [zx] [Jv] [Lx] [jC] [lz] [Hc] [kL] [hx] [Jl] [GZ] [jk] [gz] [HJ] [fL] [hj] [Dl] [GH] [dk] [gh] [SJ] [fG] [sj] [Dg] [aH] [df] [Ph] [Sf] [pG] [sd] [Og] [aS] o P S g D S P o y Y o P S d g D h J L z c Z v B m b B C v x c l L j J G h f g s S p P I o u i y Y u Y i Y I Y o Y O Y p Y P Y a Y [%s] t Y O [YDHl] t [sDHl] t Y O Y t [5s] t u P [ufJl] t [fJl] t u P [us] t [4s] Y i p [isDjl] Y [SDjL] Y i p [is] Y [^s] W y i [ydgl] W [idg] W E y [Ei] W [@(i] E [To] Y [TOPSH] E S D h [sl] T Y o [YPJ] T [%O] t Y i [YsDH] t [WsDH] t Y i Y O % ( [ts] y Y O [YDHl] t [sDHl] t Y O Y t [50Es] t u P [ufJl] t [fJl] t u P [us] t [4es] t i p [is] t [@QS] t I p [Is] t [2qg] i O s [OHlc] i [Hkc] i O a O i [!0] E u O [ufHJ] E [PfhJ] E u o u E 1 [(D] Y I P [IGJZ] Y [GjZ] Y I p I Y 9 W y I [ydGH] W [OdgH] W y i y W [*S] T i O [igHL] T [fHL] T u o [us] T [@s] T u o [uP] T [ws] T Y o [YP] T t Y O % ( W t Y O s D H J [OsDl] [oPfl] [ipgl] [YpGL] [YpGl] [yaHc] [IPSJ] [iOdJ] [YoDJ] [Tofl] [TofJ] [tpGZ] ! e T u S @ [WTiP] w Y s [%(tO] [9r] [(t] % w Y O [qT] [(t] % ( t O
    Level: 7
    Liebestraum No. 3

    Franz Liszt