What Angel Wakes Me

Masayoshi Soken 10 September 2020


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About This Music Sheet

What Angel Wakes Me is a song by Masayoshi Soken. Use your computer keyboard to play What Angel Wakes Me music sheet on Virtual Piano. This is an Intermediate song and requires a lot of practice to play well. The song What Angel Wakes Me is classified in the genres: Japan, Songs From Games, Final Fantasy on Virtual Piano. You can also find other similar songs using Animation, Fantasy.


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    Level: 8
    Length: 05:18
    Dragonsong (Final Fantasy XIV)

    Masayoshi Soken


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    Level: 7
    Length: 04:28

    Twenty One Pilots

  • [spe80]| |[sqpe8]| | [ws80]| |[wa80]| | [spe80]| |[sqpe8]| | [ws80]| |[wa80]| s| [ue80] o oop [qe8] o o u [wu80]| |[wr80]| t| [ue80] o o u [qpe8] ooo y [wu80]yt||[w80]| we t [e80]| we t[qe8]tu e t [w80]| s o [w80]| ttyu [qie9]| u| [tqe9] t w we [e80]| |[e80]| sapo [e80]| u o [qpe8] ooo t [wu80]| |[yw97] w u w [ue80] o o u [qpe8] o ot u [w80]| y t [w97]| we t [e80]| we t[qe8]etu et [w80]| s o [w80]| tttt [qe9] u| t [yqe9] t| yt [e80]| |[e80]| t t [wo80] uu y [yw80] u| tt [wo97] u u y [te80]||tt [wo80] uu y [yw80] u| tt [wo97] u u y [te80]| ttt [wo80] uu y [yw80] u ttt [wo97] u u y [te80]| ttt [wo80] uu y [yw80] u ttt [wo97] u u y [te80]| | [e80] e t y [te80] e t u [pe80]| |[e80]| | [ue80] o oo p[qe8]o ot u [w80]| |[yw97] w u w [ue80] o o u [qpe8] o ot u [w80] y t| [w97]| we t [e80]| we t[qe8]etu et [w80]| s o [w80]| yu i [qe9] u y t [tqe9] t t r [e80]| |[e80]| t t [wo80] uu y [yw80] u| tt [wo97] u u y [te80]||tt [wo80] uu y [yw80] u| tt [wo97] u u y [te80]| ttt [wo80] uu y [yw80] u ttt [wo97] u u y [te80]| ttt [wo80] uu y [yw80] u ttt [wo97] u u y [te80]| | [w80]| u u [wo80] u|| [w97]| u y [te80]| | [w80] t u o [wp80]| o| [w97]| u y [te80]| | [w80]| |[ws97]| | [ue80] o oo p[qoe8]| | [w80] w t w [wu97] w u y [te80] 0 w 0e[qe8] q e r [wt80] w u w [wu97]| we t [e80]| we t[qe8]etu et [w80]| |[w97]| we t [e80]| we t[qe8]etu et [w80]| |[w97]| | [e80] 0 t r [qe8] q e y [wu80] w twtu[w97] w y r [e80] 0 e0et[qe8] q e q [w80] w t w [wu80]| | [yw975]| |[wt850]
    Level: 6
    Length: 02:50
    Skinny Love


  • ui[o8] [wi0] [u8] [wi0] [o8] [wi0] [u8] [wi0] [o5] [wo9]I[o5] [wf9] [s8] [w0] [w0] yu[i7] [wu9] [i7] [wd9] [a5] [w9] [w9] yu[i7] [wu9] [i7] [wp9] [o5] [w9] [w9] ui[o8] [wi0] [u8] [wi0] [o8] [wi0] [u8] [wi0] [o5] [wo9]I[o5] [wf9] [d5] [w9] [w9] yu[i7] [wu9] [i7] [wd9] [s8] [wa0] [p5] [wa9] [s8] [w0] 8 [w0] [w80]| o| [o8] w [f0] [wf] [s8] w [o0] w [u8] w 0 w 8 w [o0] w [i7] w [d9] [wd] [a7] w [i9] w [y7] w 9 w 7 w 5 ui[o8] [wi0] [u8] [wi0] [o8] [wi0] [u8] [wi0] [o5] [wo9]I[o5] [ws9] [f8] [w0] [w0] yu[i7] [wu9] [i7] [wd9] [s8] [wa0] [p5] [wa9] [s8] [w0] 8 [w0] [ws80]
    Level: 5
    Length: 00:42
    The Smurf Song

    Pierre Kartner