Dragonsong (Final Fantasy XIV)

Masayoshi Soken 13 November 2020

[fe]jl[uk] [pj] [ha] [sjih]||[jgd9] [he] [ig] [ed] [tsof8]|[woda5]|[usp4] [a8] [sq] f [oda5] 9 a o [ypo2] 6 9 6 [ypo9]|[uaWO%]|[usp6] [a0] [pe] [ro] [tqpo]||[ypi2] [o6] [i9] [y6] [wut8]|[ywr5]|[te20] [r6] [t9] [ue] [y3] 7 [yro0]|[tpo4] 8 w e u i s f j|||[utse] a s f [yied]|[ywra] o [utpe]|||[utse] d f j [yeI] h G d [f3] 7 0 e [wur]|f h [qj] t [pk]|[h0] t o f [g9] [fe] [ig] [je] [h6] 0 [tf] d [s9] e y I|p a s [d^] q [iE] [yq] [ure0]|[W3] a [s6] [a0] [ts] [f0] [d9] e [ya] o [p6] 0 e r t u p a [s6] [d0] [tf] [j0] 9 [he] [IG] d [f3]|0 e [wur]|f h [qj] t [pk]|[h0] t o f [g9] [fe] [ig] j [h6] 0 t|[s4] [a8] [se] [uf] [d5] 9 [ra] o [p6] 0 e t u p s f sfj|||[f8] w [uh] w [G9] e I|8 [wf] [uh] [wj] [G9] [fe] [dI]|[f6] 0 e y|0 e y [T6] 0 e T||6 7 [f8] w [uh] w [G9] e I|8 [wf] [uh] [wj] [G9] [fe] [dI]|[f3] 7 0 e r u p a [urO0]|||[f30] h [qj] t [pk]|[qh] t o f [g9] [fe] [ig] j [h6] 0 t|[s4] [a8] [se] [uf] [d5] 9 [ra] o [p6] 0 e t u p a s [fe]jl[uk] [pj] [ha] [sjih]||[jgd9] [he] [ig] [ed] [tsof8]|[woda5]|[usp4] [a8] [sq] f [oda5] 9 a o [ypo2] 6 9 6 [ypo9]|[uaWO%]|[usp6] [a0] [pe] [ro] [tqpo]||[ypi2] [o6] [i9] [y6] [wut8]|[ywr5]|[te20] [r6] [t9] [ue] [y3] 7 [yro0]|[tpo4] 8 w e u i s f j|||[sl8] w t [zud] [xof] u [vth] w [zd7] w r y o|[sl] [ka] [pj4] 8 e u [yre5]|[oh] [pj] [pj2] 6 9 Q e|y [ka] [sl8] w t [zud] [xof] u [vth] w [zd7] w r y o||[sl] [zd^] q E [yxf] [igc] y [jbE] q [xkhf3] 7 [ywoa]|[upeS6] 0 [xjfL6]|[ljcb4] 8 q e t i p a [spi9] t y|[xwljb5]|[zyvrokh]|[xkhf3] 7 0 w r y [zokhd]|[sljf6] 0 e r t|[zwvkh5]|[ljcb4] 8 q e t i p a [spi9] e y|[xwljb5]|[zyvrokh]|[zjcb3] 7 0 e r u p a [upeS6] 0 [rdaI7] Q [ofTS*]|[xjfeL6]|[ljcb4] 8 q e t i p a [spi9] e y|[xwljb5]|[zyvrokh]|[xkhf3] 7 0 [xwvkh] r y [xokhf]|6 0 e r t|[xwkhf5]|[ljcb4] 8 q e t i p f [ypied9]||[yxvroml]|[zwvnk5]|[xljb6]|||[ute60]||[yeI]|||[uoe60]|[60] [yeI] [Q6]|[Q6]|[wuoe6]|[yweI6]|[uteQ6]|[ydQ6] [ts][yd][uspf6]||[yeI]|||[wute6]|[w6]|[yeQI6]|[yteQ6]|[utqp4]||[wur30]|o|[yie92]|u|[ywr81]|t|[r7] $ 7 ( Q r Y I [urO30] 7 [W30] 7 [rW30] 7 [urW30] 7 [uTO!] % * [uaO0] [uaWO] T [uS]|[aTI$] Q r T [QPE]||[zd7]Q[rSL]y[zdI]y[rGC]Q[xf0]wru[SL6]0[pje]T[ka7]QruyIaSdSaIyTrQ[zd7]Q[xrf]y[IGC]y[rnk]Q0W[rjb]u[VOH]u[xrf]w[GC$]|r T [eTI]|[GC] [jb] [wnk]ryo[aL]oyr[jbQ]eyIpI[yGC]e[vh0]w[rGC]u[voh]u[rnk]w[jb0]eyIpIye[zd5]9[wSL]r[zyd]r[wGC]9[xf6]0eT[uSL]T[pje]0[ka7] $ 7 9 QryI[aGC]I[yjb]r[wnk]ryo[aL]oyr[jbQ]eyIpI[yGC]e[vh0]w[rGC]u[voh]u[rnk]w9e[yjb]IpIye[zd5]9[wSL]r[zyd]r[wGC]9[xf6]0eTuT[zed]0[xf$][ZQD]e[xfT]e[jbQ][GC7]QrYIaDG[vh0]w[rGC]u[voh]u[rnk]w[jbQ]eTI[GC$]*Qe[zvnk5]|[urQ]|[yoa]|[khd]|[znC]||z|L|[zr]Cn[LI] [ka] [jS] [okjd]||[khf0] [rj] [uh] [rf] [ypdG9]|[pfeS6]|[daI5] [S9] [wd] G [pfS6] 0 S p [upa3] 7 0 7 [upaW]|[^SPIE]|[d7]Gkz[SQL] [rka] [pjT] [ywka]||[o3]fhk[pj7] [oh0] [uf7] [yIG9]|[ueQ60]|[y5]oad[TS9] [ywd] [IG9] [upfeS6]|[pjfSQ$]|[kfa7] $ 7 0 Q r u I [rYTQ7]

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About This Music Sheet

Dragonsong (Final Fantasy XIV) is a song by Masayoshi Soken. Use your computer keyboard to play Dragonsong (Final Fantasy XIV) music sheet on Virtual Piano. This is an Expert song and aimed at advanced users. If you're not an advanced user, you can still load this song and press auto-play to enjoy the music. The recommended time to play this music sheet is 05:18, as verified by Virtual Piano legend, Arda. The song Dragonsong (Final Fantasy XIV) is classified in the genres: Final Fantasy, Songs From Games, Japan on Virtual Piano.


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    Level: 6
    What Angel Wakes Me

    Masayoshi Soken


  • P D [igdP]| |D|[hYD]| |D|[iH]|[hY]|g|[hE]| |D|[oPJ]| |h|[tlY]| |h|[JE]|[iH]|h|[hYPE]| |E| |[igTE]|E| |E| |[w^P(]| |[PE]| |[q^P]| |P|J| |H|s|D| |d| |@ ^ ( q w E [qW]|[w(]| |5 9 w e E y [tW]|[wE]| |[ZD] Y D d s P O o O P s d [JD] Y D d s d D g h H J l J D [oZ]|P| |s|[PJ] S L| |S| |[lO]|H| |[YD]| |P|g|D|[[email protected]] ^ w|[h(] h [H9] ^ [h9] W [wg] q [h(] [s8] [D(] 8 ( [h^] [H(] 8 [s(] 8 [d(] q @ ^ [wh] ^ ( [h^] [l9] ^ [J9] [WJ] [wD] q [wh] [s(] [WD] ( E [h(] [tH] ( [s8] ( [dW] E t W [tJ] W t W y q [zy] q [yJ] q [JE] q E q E [qJ] [h(] 8 [qH] [H8] [wJ] [J8] [WJ] [D(] W [J(] [WJ] [l(] [WJ] [D(] w [P(] [qg] [D(] [qg] ^ [h(] ^ w ^ [h(] ^ [qH] ^ [wJ] ^ t W [tZ] W t W y q [yc] q [zy] q [JE] q E t [yc] [ic] [cY] E [iZ] E o [hE] [WH] % ( [WH] % ( [D(] % ( w q [D(] [D(] % 8 ( [D%] [D8] [z9]| |E| |P D [igdP]| |D|[hYD]| |[iH]|[hY]|g|[hE]| |[hE]| |[wh]|[tl]| |[hE]|[oJ]|[iH]|h h [hE]| |E| |h|[gTE]| |^| |[tW]| |[wE]| |D|[qWD]| |E

    Level: 5
    Length: 02:43
    Again and Again (Plastic Memories)

    Masaru Yokoyama

  • j l v||| h k v||| k l v||| z x b||| j l x||| h k x||| g j l||| f h l||| p s f|p s [lf]|[pl] s [lf] s [pl] s [lf]| [oh] k z a d h o a [ld] k [oj] a [hd]|[oh]|d| s f h f s f h f s f [xh]|[xs] f [xh]| [zdc] g j|d g [xj] z [li]|s|[zokh]|d| [zpj] s [xlf] s [xpl] s f [sk] [pl] s f|p s [zf] l [zo] a [vkd]|[vok] a d k [ol] k h d a|[xd] z [zi] p [sl]|[li] p s h [jig] p s|[ig]|s l [ul] o s f u|s|[wkhd] y o p a|y| e t u t e t [us] t [se] t [us]|[se] t [us]| [wo] a d r y o w r [ys] [ra] [wp] r [yo]|[wo]|y| t u o u t u o u t u [of] u [tf] u [of] u [ygd] i p d y i [pf] d [sq] t i p [woda]|y| [ped] u [spf] u [sfe] u p [ta] [se] a o u p|[ud] [se] [wd] y [oha] y [wha]|y w [wp] y o a w y [of] [yd] [qd] t [si] t [sqp] t i [to] [qp] t i t [sq]|t| [so8] w t y u|w|5 9 w e r 9 [yw] 9 6 0 e 0 6 0 [use] 0 [us6] 0 [use] t [us6] 0 [use] 0 [oda5] 9 w r 5 9 [ws] [ra] [p5] 9 [wo] r [o5]|[y9]| [u8] w t w 8 w t w [u8] w [tf] w [f8] w [tf]| [pgd9] e y i 9 e [yf] [ed] [sqp] t i t [oda5]|9| [pd6] 0 [sfe] t [sf6] 0 e [r0] [t6] 0 [ue] 0 6 [d0] [ed] [s0] [oda5] 9 [wha] r [ha5] 9 w 9 [yro5] 9 w [y9] 5 [f9] [wf] [d9] [d4] 8 [sq] e [s4] 8 q 8 [e4] 8 q e [sp4]|8| [uso8] w t y u w t w [yoa5] 9 w t y|w| [ea] [us] [ph] u [ea] [us] [ph] u [ea] [us] [ph] u j e p u [wfa] y o p d w o y [ws] y [oa] y h w [od] y [qpd] t i [tp] s q i t [qf] t i t s q i t [so8] w t y u 8 t w [yoa5] 9 w e r 5 w 9 [t6] 0 e 0 6 0 [soe] 0 [so6] 0 [soe] t [so6] 0 [soe] 0 [oda7] w r y 7 w [ysr] [ywa] [yp7] w [yro] w [yo7] w r w [u8] w t w [o8] w t w [uo8] w [tsf] w [sf8] w [tsf] w [pgd9] e y i 9 e [yf] [ed] [sp4] 8 q 8 [oda5] 9 w 9 [upd6] 0 [pfe] 0 [pf6] 0 e [y0] [ut6] 0 [te] [u0] [tp6] 0 [ed] [s0] [oda5] 9 [whda] 9 [hda5] 9 w [rk] [l5] [k9] [wh] [d9] 5 9 [wd] f [d9] [pd4] 8 [sq] e [sp4] 8 q [e8] [t4] 8 q e [sp4] 8 q [s8] [s8] w t y u w t w [yoa5] 9 w e r|w| [t6] 0 e t [us]|0 e [oda5] 9 w [sr] [ya] o y 5 [sof8] w t y u w [tof] w [pg4] 8 q [fe] d [s5] 9 [ywa] y [wr95]
    Level: 6
    Length: 02:55
    Hanezeve Caradhina (Made in Abyss)

    Kevin Penkin

  • 6 6 8 6 5 4 3
    6 6 8 6 5 4 5 4 3
    6 6 8 6 5 4 3
    6 6 8 6 5 4 5 4 3 p p p
    [6s] p [up] 6 8 6 5
    4 O [3p] p p o
    [6p] p [up] [6p] [O8p] [O6up] [5p]
    [4tip] 3 p [up] [tup]
    [O60psf] [up] [eup] 6 8 6 5
    [4q] [up] [iO] [30up] [up] [up] [Oup]
    [O6ps] [pf] [sfj] [D6pj] [8sfj] [DH6sj] [5sH]
    [4sfj] [H5sgk] [4sfj] [3fOH] [pj] [pj]
    [6fx] [fx] [fz] [6fz] [8sfjl] [H6agk] [5psgj]
    4 [sgj] [pgj] [pgj] [3sfOH] [sfOH] [psfj]
    6 p f j s [6f] j [8f] j l [6j] l x [5l] x
    [4b] x j [5n] V x [4b] c [3kxHV]
    [6ejxb] [Zhv] [jb] [6e] [8tjlxb] [V6ejxb] [ZV5wjb]
    [4qjlcb] [lcHV] [jlcb] [30kxHV] [kxHV] [jlxb]
    [6epj] [6ej] [8tl] [6ej] [5wh]
    [4qig] [5woh] [4qig] [30uf] [30u] [30u]
    [18w] [wt] [18wtu] [tuo] [18uos] [osf] [158osfh] [sfhl]
    [29e] [ey] [29eyI] [Iyp] [I29pd] [pdG] [G269pdj] [Gdjz]
    [6jxb] [upsf] [jxb] [18lvm] [jxb] [opsf] [hzv]
    [29glc] [ipsd] [30fkx] [Orua]
    [6jxb] [upsf] [jxb] [18lvm] [jxb] [opsf] [C29kn]
    [4qlcm] [zC] [ipsd] [lcm] [C30kxn] [Orua]
    [6b] [pf] b [8m] b [of] v
    [9c] [id] [0x] [ua] V
    [6b] [pf] b [8m] b [of] n [9y]
    [qim] p m [un] a
    6 e 6 [8e] 6 e 5
    [4e] e [3e] e
    [6e] e 6 [8e] 6 e 5
    [4e] e 5 r [4f] [3p] a f H k j k
    [el] [uj] [pj] e t f e p w
    q e t [iH] [0j] [Wj] [rj] [uh]
    [ej] [uj] [pfj] [ej] [Htj] f [Hefj] p [wj]
    [qfj] i w o q i 0 u [Wj] [Ok] [rj] [aH] [uj] [fk]
    [H6jlx] [ufj] [pfj] 6 8 t e p 5
    4 e t [ifj] [gH] [3fj] [Wfj] [rfj] [Hufj]
    [H6jl] [ujx] [plxb] [Z6jb] [8tlxb] t [ZVlb] p [5lV]
    [4lxb] i [Vwlcn] o [qlxb] i [3xHV] [WO] [epjb] [ujb]
    [ex] [ux] [px] [ex] [tlxbm] s [Vekcn] p [wjlcb]
    q [elcb] [tjcb] [ijcb] [0lxHV] W [lxHV] r [ujlxb]
    p [fj] x [jb] l [px] b [lx] b [fm] b [jm] [om]
    i [gb] o h i g [unV] f O H a k f x
    [pb] [fv] [jb] p [lbm] f b j [ob]
    [ibm] [gmV] o [hbm] i g [unV] f O [nHV] a k [fbm] x
    [epj] u p [ej] [tl] s [ej] p [wh]
    [qgc] e [hv] t [igc] [0fx] W [rf] [uf]
    [8to] s o s [8to] s f h [8tf] h l x [8thl] [xv] [lx] [vm]
    [8tp] d [9yp] d [7rp] d [8tG] j [6eG] j [7rz] C [30jz] [Cb] [z%WC] b
    [6jxb] [upsf] [jxb] [18lvm] [jxb] [opsf] [hzv]
    [29glc] [ipsd] [30fkx] [Orua]
    [6jxb] [upsf] [jxb] [18lvm] [jxb] [opsf] [Ckn]
    [4qlvm] [zV] [padg] [lm] [5wk] n [$Ql] m [4qz] [@(Z]
    [3xn] [ruoa] [xn] [5v] [xn] [yuoa] [zb]
    [6lvm] [tuop] [C7kn] [rQYI]
    [3fkx] [ruoa] [fkx] [5hzv] [fkx] [yuoa] [GLC]
    [18hzv] [kn] [uosf] [jb] [7hv] [rQYIGC]
    [0u] 0 u [0o] u 0 y
    [0t] 0 [0r] 0
    [6tu] 6 u [7ro] [7u] y
    [80t] 8 [9r] [9t]
    [30W] e

    Level: 9
    Length: 03:35
    Seven Nation Army (Expert)

    The White Stripes