Wishing Rem Inori Minase (Re:Zero)

Kenichiro Suehiro 4 December 2020

[utsohfe]|||[tsqpoid]| |xcb v[to0]v [vie9]llhss[ywog] f d s [uso8]|[uto] w [yo7]|[ywg]fgh[shf6]0te [utso] e [utso] e [utso]asd[f5]8eq [tspoi] e [tspoi] e [tp0]opa[spi2]6q|[te9] f [wod5]|[yr] s [uso8] w i t [u8] w [y7] w [t6]0w|[usoe] as f e op[w84]|q e [toi]|[p3]8wa[si][q62]|[te9] s [wso5] a [yra] s[uo][t8]|i t [u8] w [y7] w [wt60]|[se]uoas f e op[e84]|q e [toi]|[p3]8was[q62] 9etp a[so][w5] fp[yr] a[uso]8|[ti] w [u8] w [y7] w [t6] 0t[slfe]u[tka][uslf]ou[xtjf]e06[oh][spjg]4 8wetqoiteq[pj8]3[wka][sljg]2 6q9et[sl][sld5]9[wka]r[yka]w[ysl][soh]8 wtitw8[ut]w8w[y7]wrw[t6] 0t[slfe]u[tka][uslf]ou[xtf]e06jzx[eb9$]|Qe[zyd][xfI][ysl]eQ9[pj$][ka] [sljg][q62]|[pj9][ka][tie][sl][w5] [xf][yrpoj] [ka][w5][slhg][81] 8w[ti]8515[ur0] [w8] [yr97] 5 [ye^] ^9[ytqd]9[yd^][yd9][tq]9[uf^]9[tqig]9[uf^] [sp6] 60[te]0[yd6][ts0][utea]060[te]066[wt%] %8[wYOD(]8[YOD%][YOD8][w(]8[yd%]8[wts(]%f [uso1] 8w[uts]w8w[uts]w8 [yo97]57 [te$] $9[ufeI]9[ufI$][ufI9]e9[pe$][ts9]e9$ [wte4] 48[upfe]8[upf4][upf8]e8[pe4]8[utso3]8w[yd8][tspi][q62] 9[tspie]q[tspi9]6[uts3]8[ywd]0[ts8]3[sohO] [q4] [sigO8]qWt[tsiO]q84[tYWO]q84[wto] 5 58[ywt]85 [ywt]985[ywt]98 [w975]ryo||37[igaWO]|[ufaO730] 3 [ypid4] 4q[wte]q[ts8][tsi]4 4[97][ywr]w9p[spjf3] 30[ywr]0[oh7][sohf]6 60[utspfe]0[ig]6[oh][poh2]6[qpig][uf9]eq[ig9]6[ufaO3]7[ydWO]7[igaO%]0[rfaO]0[yoda6] 0r[ya]e[ts0][utso][q5] [^E]q[t81] [w80] [y6$]Ipd$Q[ye]Q[ts9][tspi]4 4q[wte]q8[pj][spjf3]7w0w[ypf]r[ka][soh]6 60[upf][ig][@7(][oh][sohf2]6q[ts][tsie9] 9eyuye9[i6]2[uf9] [yoda5] 59[ywr]9[wo] [ywra95]|7 [ts] [wutso60] [t6][oe][se][ph][pl][mf] [sh] [toe] [tsqo84] [t8][qo][se][th][ql][mi] [sh] [to0] [utso2]6q [t9][oe][ys]hlm [sh] [to] [wtso95]| |[ywroa9]|[yr]|[utoe]|l kl x|hj[tqoe]| |[toj0] k[lg][ie9]||l[lh][ywo] k k l[hf][tso]| |[rod]|a|[usoe]|l kl x|jzx[ypbQ]||zxl|jk [lg][ie9]|jk [lh][ywo] xj k [lf][tso]|g s [tf] o [rd] o [pdE] y [zsiP] [zy]z[siP] [yx] [sicP] [yx] e u [so] [zu]z[sol] u [so] u [sWO] t [oZY] [tZ]Z[oY] [zt] [olY] [xt] t u [sohf] u [shf] o [rhd] o [spQ] y [xp] [yx]xp [yj]lp y [sqpo] t [xp] [xt]xp [tj] [olh0] [zt]l[i9] e [sli] [sle] [slf0] [ztd] [sol] [vlhH] q [tlgcH] i [slgH] q [tsOH] i [sohd] w ty[sod]ytw[sod]ytw[sod]yt w ryopasdfg h| |0r[kgcOH]|[xukfH0] r [zqjgd] t [ojgd] [tsl][sl]q r [yo] rj[xlb0] r [uo] [vr][xvlh]e u [xojf][jgc][vh][vh9] [gec][xf][yi] [gec][xfH]0 [zrkdOH] [kgcWH] [xua] [zkhed] u [kda] [sl][sl][wi] [yP] [ts8] w [dQ]Gjzy [pjd] [yl][sljG]q t [spoi] tj[xljb0] r [yo] [rnk][vlh][oe] u [xjf*]eT[ygc][vuh][xvlh9]ei[sl][slg][yp] i [spf] i [spg] [xf] [zwhd5]|[yw] [oha]5[wkda]|[yro] [sl] [slhf6] 60[uto]re0[uto]re0[uto]re0[E5]5[yd5]9[yqd]9[uf5][ig][81] [uf] [ywtd8] [ts][ts][qpe84] [ywd83]|[tsqpi62] 9qe[tp]eq959[ywd]e[yrd]e[wuf][igaO9]%0[ohW]r[ufW]0[yd][uspf]6 0rye06[t0]e06[r0]e06[E5] [yd9] [ywd9] [uf5] [ig81] [oh8] [wutf0][yd][ts] [tqpe84] [ywd83]|[tsqpi62] 9qe[tpi]eq959[ywd]e[yrd]w[uf9][wig95] [uf] [yd]ss|||[utod]||ss[ypi]||p [uoja]||f[sh][uoe]|[wuof]ds[qd]etosd [if][ga][yrqo] h [yof] df0 r [yo] d [se6] e uu[tse6] [ywpid4] 8 [ype8] [ts4][ts]4 7 [ywr] [w97]p[spjf3]7w0 [yw] [ka][sohf][e6] 0 [utfe0][yd]e[ts][tspi2]6q9q[tp]eq9[tpi]e[pe]q[pe]96[pj2] [pj5] [ka5][ohda97] 57w[r9]yoa[wd9]haoyrwryorw525[igaO3] 3[q7][W0][i7][O3][s7]gHkcVn[xnV73]|[faO730]|[ypid4] 46[wtqe8] [ts][ytso]4|[ywr4]579 p[spjf3]|[ywr3]70[oh][sohf]6 60[utspfe][pigd][spoh][spoh2]2[sqpig7][uf9]eq[ig9]62[ufaO3]37[ydaWO0] [igaO%]%0[urfaO] [yoda6] 636[yoa6]e0[ts6]36[ytso5] [ywE5]9[wut81] [wt] [ypdI$] $69QeyuyeQ96$[ts]2$4[ytso][y4]68qweteq864[p1][spjf3] 37[w0]ry07333[ka7]3[sohf6] 6[tW(][uspf!][spig2][oh3][sohf2] [ts2]6[tsqi]9[sq][ie][tp]sgjljgspi9642 [uf] [yoda5]|[wr9] [wo] [wra95] 7 [ywro] [ts] [utsoe6] 0 [utoe] 0 [utoe] [t0] [oe] [wu50] [y4] 8 [wu] 8 [utsoe] 8 [wo3] [u8] [yq2] 6 [uq8] 6 [utsq8] 6 [yqd8] 6 [wu95]Osf| |[ywoda]|9|[utso8] w [uto] w [uto] w [uto] w [utso8] w [uto] w [uto] w [uto] w [utso8]|||[xvslf]|||[t10]

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About This Music Sheet

Wishing Rem Inori Minase (Re:Zero) is a song by Kenichiro Suehiro. Use your computer keyboard to play Wishing Rem Inori Minase (Re:Zero) music sheet on Virtual Piano. This is an Expert song and aimed at advanced users. If you're not an advanced user, you can still load this song and press auto-play to enjoy the music. The recommended time to play this music sheet is 05:54, as verified by Virtual Piano legend, Arda. The song Wishing Rem Inori Minase (Re:Zero) is classified in the genres: Songs From TV, Japan, Manga on Virtual Piano. You can also find other similar songs using Anime.


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  • [sl] [sl] [sl] [sl]
    [80t] tt[tu]otot [ti]ut [ty]ytett[tu] [to]otit [tu] [ti]u
    [0et] tt[tu]otot [ti]ut [ty]ytett[tu] [to]otitutitu[8qt]
    tetet t [et]t[et] t t [tu] [ty] tt[tu] [ty] t tw[80t] t t t t t t t
    [0wt] [ts]s[tsf]hthtgtft [td] t ts[tsf]hthtjt [tf] t
    [0et] ts[tsf]htht [tg]f[ts] td[tsf]h[th]hthtjthtg[tsf]
    [td]s[qetis]p[ts] [tis] [tp]d[tp] t t t
    ts[tsf] [td]stftd[tsf] [td]st [80t]st t t t t t to[qtip]
    [ep] [up] [ep] [ta] [ea] [ua] [ea]
    [tis] [es] [ys] [es] [uf] e i [ed][os][8t]
    [wp]ou w y w u wo[qtip]
    [ep] [up] [ep] [ta] [ea] [ua] [ea]
    [tis] [es] [ys] [ef] [uf] e id[es][of][8t]
    w [uosf] w y w u ws[6epsf]
    [ud]s[5woaf] [ud]s[8tosf] [ud]s[30oaf] [ud]s[qetup]
    [etus] [etu] [etup] [etu] [etu] [etu] [etu]f[qetpsh]hhhff[wroaf]fffds[8s]|||
    [8t] [8t]s[8tuosf]h[8t][osh][8t] [8tg][uof][8t] [8td]
    [8t]f[8tosh]f[8tosh]f[8t][osh][8t][osfj][8t] [8tosf] [8ts]
    [0et] [0t]d[0tpsf]h[0tsh] [0tosh] [0tg]f[0t]d[0t]f[0tsh]
    [0tf]h[0tpsh] [0tf]h[0tosh] [0tf]j[0tf] [0td]s[qtis]p[qts]
    [qtis] [qtp][id][qt]f[qt] [qt] [qt]f[qtipf]
    [qtf][ipg][qt] [qtf][ipsg][qt] [qtf] [qtd] [qt]
    [80tu] [8ts]s[8t] [8t] [8t] [8t] [8t] [8t]o[qtip]
    [ep] [up] [ep] [ta] [ea] [ua] [ea]
    [tis] [es] [ys] [es] [uf] e i [ed][os][8t] [wp]ou w y [wf] [uod]
    [ws] [qtip] [ep] [up] [ep] [ta] [ea] [ua] [ea]
    [tis] [es] [ys] [ef] [uf] e id[eis][of][8t] w [uosf] w y w
    us[ws] [6epsf] [ud]s[5woaf] [ud]s[8tosf] [ud]s[30oaf]
    [ud]s[qetup] [etus] [etu] [etup] [etu] [etu] [etu]
    [etu]f[qetsh]hhhff[wraf]fffds[8s]| |7^
    [6upsf]| [6s] 6 [6upsf]| [6s] 6
    [4ipsf] f [4s] [4g] [4ipsf] d [4s] [4d]
    [1uosf]| [1s] 1 [1uosf]| [1s] 1
    [5oaf] f [5s] [5g] [5oaf] d [5s] [5d]
    [6upsf]| [6s] 6 [6upsf]| [6s] 6p[4ipsf] f [4p] [4o] [4ipsf]| [4p] [4p]
    [1tuo]| [1osf] 1 1| [1od]f[1d]f[5yoad]| [5a] 5 [5d]| [5a] 5
    [6psf]| [6s] 6 [6psf]| [6s] 6
    [4ipsf] f [4s] [4g] [4ipsf] d [4s] [4d]
    [1uosf]| [1s] [1p] [1uosf]| [1s] 1
    [5oaf] f [5s] [5g] [5oaf] d [5s] [5d]
    [6psf]| [6p] [6o] [6psf]| [6p] 6p[4ipsf] f [4p] [4o] [4ipsf]| [4p] [4p]
    [1tuo]| [1osf] 1 1| [1od]f[1d]f[5yoad]| [5a] 5 5| 5 5
    [qetip] p p p [qeya] a|
    aa[qeups] s s s [qeif]||ds[8wt] [of]||
    [8wy]| u o[qetip] p p p [qeya] a|
    aa[qeups] s s f [qeif]||
    ds[8wtosh]| f| [8wy]| u s
    [etuf]ds[wryf]ds[0wra]aa[wrya] aa[4q] s| |
    o[9qep]o oo u u[9wru]u uu y [8w]tt|||
    o[9qep]o oo u u[9wru]u ou y [80]tt

    Level: 8
    Length: 03:49
    Drivers License

    Olivia Rodrigo

  • 1[50]5[50]8[50]([50]w[50]t[750]Y[750][4Wi][5625]Y[5625]i[375][^yi][375]i[375]P[375]O[375][@Eo][1875]i[375]o[4825]2[375][1Yo][750]P[750][4Os][5625]i[5625]Y[375][^yP][375]P[375]o[375]P[375][%YP][5625]s[24375]t[1175]W[1175]([1175]8[470][8Yos][235]t[235][8osD][235]t[235][4etg][235]q[1175][4etD][235]q[1175][4g][235][^Pdg][235][Eg][235][^PdJ][235][EH][235][(PDh][1175]g[1175]Y[1175][(PDh][235]Y[1175]([235][8sDh][235]t[235][8sDJ][235]t[235][4gHl][235]q[1175][4Osg][235]q[1175][4D][235][^PdJ][235][EPdJ][235][^Pdh][235][EPdJ][235][8dgJ][3525][tDhl][235][29][235][@(][470][oD][235][(P][1175][EP][1175]Y[235]E[235]([235]D[235][^sD][3525][dg][3525][^yP][1175]q[1175][EyP][235]q[235]^[235]P[235][18sDh][235]8[1175][tH][235]w[1175][8h][235][^Pdg][235]^[1175][ED][235]q[1175][^g][235][%WsDh][3525]H[3525][Wh][1175]Y[1175][Os][235]Y[235]W[235]s[1175]d[1175][^EiPD][3525][iPD][3525][^iPd][1175]q[1175][EiPd][235]q[235]^[235]D[1175]g[1175][(YPDH][3525][(YPh][3525][9yPg][235][8toD][235]8[1175]w[1175]t[235][8h][235][9ypsh][3525]g[3525][9f][1175]e[1175][ypsg][235]w[1175]h[1175]9[235]s[235][5wps][470]w[235][wad][1175]y[1175][oad][235]y[235]w[470][@(][470][YoD][235][(P][1175][EYoP][1175]Y[235]E[235]([235]D[235][^YsD][3525][idg][3525][^EyP][1175]q[1175][EyP][235]q[235]^[235][EP][235][18oDh][235]8[1175][tOgH][235]w[1175][8oDh][235][^idg][235]^[1175][EYsD][235]q[1175][^idg][235][%WsDh][3525][OsH][3525][WEh][1175]Y[1175][tOs][235]Y[235]W[235]s[1175]d[1175][^EiPD][3525][iPD][3525][^iPd][1175]q[1175][EiPd][235]q[235]^[235]D[1175]g[1175][(YPDH][3525][(YPh][3525][9yPg][235][8toD][235]8[1175]w[1175]t[235][8oh][235][9yosh][3525][ig][3525][9uf][1175]e[1175][yisg][235]e[1175][oh][1175]9[235][OH][235][5woadh][470][5wk][783]h[783]d[783]a[783]d[783]h[783][5wl][783]j[783]g[783]s[783]g[783]j[783][5wdhkz][470][WsD][235]t[1175][OsD][235]t[1175][Wd][235][WsD][235]t[1175][OsD][235]t[1175][Wd][235][wPg][235]E[1175][oPg][235]E[1175][Dw][235][8id][235]w[1175][tYs][235]w[1175][8d][235][qOD][235]t[1175][iOD][235]t[1175][qd][235][^Og][1175]q[235][Ei][1175]d[235][^Ys][235][^ETiP][470][^EoDh][470][@(OgH][470][@(PhJ][470][WsD][1175]Y[1175]O[1175][sD][1175]O[1175]Y[1175][Wd][1175]Y[1175][WsD][1175]Y[1175]O[1175][sD][1175]O[1175]Y[1175][Wd][1175]Y[1175][wPg][1175]y[1175]o[1175][Pg][1175]o[1175]y[1175][wD][1175]y[1175][8id][1175]w[1175]t[1175][YoD][1175]t[1175]w[1175][8g][1175]w[1175][9Osh][1175]W[1175]y[1175][iH][1175]y[1175]W[1175][9h][1175]W[1175][9Osg][1175]W[1175]y[1175][iD][1175]y[1175]W[1175][9g][235][wyosh][235]o[1175]s[1175][wyd][1175]h[1175]J[1175]z[1175][5whkv][3525][5wjlb][3525][5wkzn][235][18lZm][235]8[1175]w[1175][tDhZ][235]8[235][4qgHc][235]q[1175][tiDZ][235]q[1175][tigc][235][^EgHc][235][Egc][1175]i[1175][PJB][235][EHV][235][@(hJv][1175][gc][1175]([1175][EYhZv][235]([1175][EY][235][18hZv][235]8[1175]w[1175][tJB][235]8[235][4qlVm][235]q[1175][tigc][235]q[1175][tiDZ][235][^Edgz][235][Edgz][1175]i[1175][PsDl][235][Edgz][235][@(gHc][1175][DhZ][1175]([1175][EYDhZ][3525]2[235][8tYs][235]8[1175]w[1175][toY][235]8[235][4qOg][235]q[1175][ioY][235]t[1175][qOg][235][^Edg][235][^dg][1175]q[1175][EdJ][235][^dH][235][(YDh][1175][dg][1175]([1175][YDh][235]E[1175]([235][8tDh][235]8[1175]w[1175][tDJ][235]8[235][4qHl][235]q[1175][ig][235]t[1175][qD][235][^EdJ][235][^dJ][1175]q[1175][EPh][235][^dJ][235][8tdJ][3525][8tDl][3525]w[235][18sDl][235]8[1175]w[1175][tDhZ][235]8[235][4qgHc][235]q[1175][tiDZ][235]q[1175][tigc][235][^Egzc][235][Egc][1175]i[1175][PJB][235][EHV][235][@(hZv][1175][gc][1175]([1175][EYhZv][235]([1175][EY][235][18hZv][235]8[1175]w[1175][tJB][235]8[235][4qlVm][235]q[1175][tigc][235]q[1175][tiDZ][235][^EJzB][235][^EJzB][235][5whJv][235][^EJzB][235][^EJzB][3525][8tlZm][1175]

    Level: 9
    Length: 02:55
    A Cruel Angel’s Thesis (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

    Yoko Takahashi

  • 5 9 w e|r|y [o5] 9 w [hd]|| 4 8 q e|r|y [o4] 8 q [hd]| 8| 5 9 w e|r|y [o5] 9 w [hd]|| 4 8 q e|r|y [o4] 8 q [hd]|| @ ^ ( e|E|y [[email protected]] ^ ( [hd]|| 4 8 q e|E|y [o4] 8 q [hd]| 8| 5 [y9] o p a s [wa] [p9] [o4] 8 [yq]|t|o|[[email protected]] ^ ( w| ( w 4 8 q| t 8 [tq] [r5] [y9] [wo]| e|[wr] 5 9 w y|o| 5 [y9] o p a s [wa] [p9] [o4] 8 [yq]|t|o|[[email protected]] ^ ( w|w ( w 4 8|[tq]|t 8 t [r5] [y9] o w|e 9 r 5 9 w r|| 8 w t o f d s f [d7] w r o|w r| 6 0 e u d s [a0] s [a5] 9 w o| 9| 8 w t o f d s f [d7] w r o| r| ^ q E|s d [sE] a 6 e o|[u9] e| 5 [y9] o p a s [wa] p [o4] 8 [yq]|t 8 [qo]|[[email protected]] ^ ( w| ^ w 4 8 q|| 8 t [r5] [y9] [wo]| e w r 5|9 y|| 5 [y9] o p a s [wa] [p9] [o4] 8 [yq]|t 8 o|[[email protected]] ^ ( w|t ( w 4 8 q| t 8 t [r5] [y9] [wo]| e w r 5 9 w| [ro]| 4 8 q [ie]|[ie] [ie] [ie] 4 [ie] [ie] [ie] 8 [ie] [qie] [ie] @ ^ ( [oE]|[oE] ( [oE] @ [oE] E [oE]([oE] [oE] [oE] [oE] 2 6 9 [to]|[to] 9 [to] 2 [tp] 9 [tp]|[tp9]|9||| 9
    Level: 6
    Length: 01:27
    Dire, Dire Docks (Super Mario)

    Koji Kondo