Wu Ji (The Untamed)

Hai Lin 4 December 2020

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About This Music Sheet

Wu Ji (The Untamed) is a song by Hai Lin. Use your computer keyboard to play Wu Ji (The Untamed) on Virtual Piano. This is an Expert song and aimed at advanced users. If you're not an advanced user, you can still load this song and press auto-play to enjoy the music. The recommended time to play this music sheet is 01:43, as verified by Virtual Piano legend, Arda. The song Wu Ji (The Untamed) is classified in the genre of Songs From TV on Virtual Piano. You can also find other similar songs using China.


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    Level: 6
    Length: 01:09
    Wu Ji (The Untamed) (Alternative)

    Hai Lin

  • 1 y [t5] y [t8] y [ts] [y5] [t1] y [tp] [yo] [tp] [yo] [wtsp] [yo] [wt8] [ye] [wt] [ye] [wto5] [yp] [tsoe6] [ypd] [ts81] [yw] [te] [yw] [te5] [yw] [ted] [ywh] [f8] [yw] [te] [yw] [te] [yw] [te5] [yw] [s1] [yw] [te] [yw] [te8] [yw] [ted] [ywp] [o1] [yw] [te] [yw] [te5] [yw] [te6] [yw] [s81] [yw] [te] [yw] [te85] [yw] [ted] [ywh] [f81] [yw] [wthe] [yw] [tfe0] [yw] [tse8] [ywp] [d92] [ue] [yr] [ue] [yrh5] [ue] [yrj] [ue] [d92] [ue] [yr] [ue] [yrh] [ue] [ywr5] [ue] [ts81] [yw] [te5] [yw6] [te8] [yw] [ted] [ywh] [f81] [yw] [te] [yw] [te5] [yw] [te6] [yw] [s81] [yw] [te5] [yw6] [te5] [yw] [ted] [ywp] [o81] [yw] [te8] [yw] [wte] y [te5] [yw] [s81] [yw] [te5] [yw] [te8] [yw9] [ted] [ywh] [f81] [yw] [te] [yw] [wtse] [yd] [tpe5] [ywo] [s81] y [wtl] [ye] [wtj8] 9 [wth] [y9] [81] [yw] [te] [yw] [te8] 9 8 wWeErtTyYuiIoOpPa[usp81] 3 6 8 [pid92] 4 [of8] 0 [uoa7] 3 5 0 r 0 [w7] 5 [ypie2] 4 6 9 [uroa3] 0 [us6] 5 [wuro3] 5 7 0 [wt] 0 7 5 4 6 [tp8] q [ya9] r [wus] 8 [wro3] 7 0 w [uts8] w [of0] 8 [tp2] 4 6 9 [id2] 4 [us8] 6 [yaO3] 7 [f0] W [rk] W 0 7 [e4] 8 [qp] 8 [se] 8 6|[w3] 8 [wo] 8 [ws] 8 5|2 6 [qp] 6 [sq] 8 [f6] 4 [d5] 9 w 9 [yo] 9 w 9 [y5] 9 w 9 [y5] 2 7 5 [ts81] [yw] [te] [yw] [te5] [yw] [ted] [ywh] [f8] [yw] [te] [yw] [te] [yw] [te5] [yw] [s1] [yw] [te] [yw] [te8] [yw] [ted] [ywp] [o1] [yw] [te] [yw] [te5] [yw] [te6] [yw] [s81] [yw] [te] [yw] [te85] [yw] [ted] [ywh] [f81] [yw] [wthe] [yw] [tfe0] [yw] [tse8] [ywp] [d92] [ue] [yro]h [ue] [yrp5]j [ue] [yrd]z [ue] [o92]h [ue] [yrp]j [ue] [yur]f e [yw5] [ue] [ts81] [yw] [te5] [yw6] [te8] [yw] [ted] [ywh] [f81] [yw] [te] [yw] [te5] [yw] [te6] [yw] [s81] [yw] [te5] [yw6] [te5] [yw] [ted] [ywp] [o81] [yw] [te8] [yw] [wt] y [te5] [yw] [s81] [yw] [te5] [yw] [te8] [yw9] [ted] [ywh] [f81] [yw] [te] [yw] [wtse] [yrd] [tpe5] [ywo] [s81] y [wt] [ye] [wt] y [te5] [yw] [81] y [wt] [ye] [wt] y [te5] [yw] [p81] y [wto] [ye] [wtp] y [toe5] [yw] [p81] y [wto] [ye] [wtp] y [toe5] [yw] [O81] y [wto] [yW] [wtO] y [toW5] [yw] [O81] y [wto] [yW] [wtO] y 5tYoOsDh[ts1] 5 [w8] [yW%] [wY8] t [wo(] [O5] [o8] [wtO]o[wY8] [yw5] [wt8] [w1]w[85] w [wo8] [Y5] [wo8] [O(] [ts%] [t8] [wd]s[qO] [o8] [w1]w[[email protected]] [W8] w (98|[i4] 1 4 o [O8] [i%] [O8] [sq] [o5] oYy t [y%] %|% [t1] [Y5] [o8] [wO] [o5] [O9]o[wY] [y9] [t8] [s5(] [[email protected]] [W4] [[email protected]] Ww[5(] [94] [ts81] 5 8 [wo1] [ts5] [wo1] [wtso5] [yd8] [YOD%] [[email protected]] [ts8] [[email protected]] [wto81] [w5]w[8(] 8 [ti4] [iW4] [to1] [WO4] [tq8]iOs4 ds[O1] [w5]tYo[w1]w[[email protected]] [W8] [w5] (98 5 [tsYO%] ( [sYW] [tO(] [[email protected]] [tO8] [woE] [wY8] [yr5] [y9]Y[ywr] [t9] [yw7] w 9 r [t%] [o(]o[to] [O(] [ro5] [O9]o[wrY] [y9] [t8] ( w W w (98|[t81]Yosw t o [sY] o [wsY5] [id] [OD%] [dY(] [tsW] [iO] [to8] ww( 8 [iW4] [iW] [woE] [tWO] [sqY] 4 dsO [oY8] www W w Ww( 8 [tsYO%] % [sY] [tO] [[email protected]] [tO] [oE] [wY] [yrq7] yYy t [y9] w 9 t [wt1] [o5]o[oY8] [iO5] [yo5] [o2]O[ro5] [i2] [ywro5] 9 8 W w 9 8 [w5] 5 5 9 t [s9] r [o9] 5 [w5]||[w5] [w5]|5|[s81] [yw] [te] [yw] [te5] [yw] [ted] [ywh] [f8] [yw] [te] [yw] [te] [yw] [te5] [yw] [s1] [yw] [te] [yw] [te8] [yw] [ted] [ywp] [o1] [yw] [te] [yw] [te5] [yw] [te6] [yw] [s81] [yw] [te] [yw] [te85] [yw] [ted] [ywh] [f81] y [wth] y [tfe0] [yw] [tse8] [ywp] [d92] [ue] [yr] [ue] [ywr] [ue] [yr] [ue] [92] [ue] [yr] [ue] [ywr] [ue] [yr] [ue] [s81] [yw] [te5] [yw6] [te8] [yw] [ted] [ywh] [f81] [yw] [te] [yw] [te5] [yw] [te6] [yw] [s81] [yw] [te5] [yw6] [te5] [yw] [ted] [ywp] [o81] [yw] [te] [yw] [wt] y [te5] [yw] [s81] [yw] [te8] [yw] [te5] [yw6] [ted5] [ywh] [f81] [yw] [te5] [yw] [tse8] [ywd] [tpe] [ywo] [s81] [yw] [te] [yw] [wte] [yw] [te5] [yw] [81] y [wt] [ye] [wt] y [te5] [yw] [81] y [wt] [ye] [wt] y [te5] [yw] [81] y [wt] [yW] [wt] y [tW5] [yw] [81] y [wt] [yW] [wt] y [tW5] [yw] [81] y [wt] [ye] [wt] y [te5] [yw] [81] y [wt] [ye] [wt] y [te5] [yw] [81] y [wt] [yW] [wt] y [tW5] [yw] [t81] [yw] [toe] [yw] [s5]0t|1

    Level: 7
    Length: 04:45
    Song of Lucidity (The Untamed)

    Hai Lin


  • [e6] [u0][pe] [u0][pe] [s6] [se] [a6] [se] [q4] [t8][qi] [t8][qi] [p4] [qp] [o4] [qo] [u1] [o5][s8] [o5][s8] [f1] [f8] [d1] [d8] [y5] [o9][wa] [o9][wa] [a5] [wa] [a5] [ws] [e6] [u0][pe] [u0][pe] [s6] [se] [a6] [se] [q4] [t8][qi] [t8][qi] [p4] [qp] [o4] [qo] [u1] [o5][s8] [o5][s8] [f1] [f8] [d1] [d8] [y5] [o9][wa] [o9][wa] [a5] [wa] [a5] [ws] [sp6] 0e [pe] [pd6] [ea] [a6] [se] [spi4] 8q 8q [s4] [sq] [d4] [qf] [sof1] 8 [o1] [o8] [so1] [s8] [d1] [d8] 5 [ywo] [yo5] [ywo] [oa5] [woa] [oa5] [wso] [sp6] [oa0][upe] e [pd6] [ea] [a6] [se] [spi4] 8q 8q [s4] [sq] [d4] [qf] [sof1] 8 [o1] [o8] [so1] [s8] [d1] [d8] 5 [ywo] [yo5] [ywo] [oa5] [woa] [oa5] [wso] [spe60]|[pf] [pd] [pd] [sp] [spe60] p [q84]|[if] [id] [id] [si] [sqi84] [if] [851]|o o [so] [so] [od851] [od] [w95] [w95] [ws95] [wa95] [w95] [w95] [ws95] [wp95] [e60]|[pf] [pd] [pd] [sp] [spe60] p [q84]|[if] [id] [id] [si] [sqi84] [if] [851]|o o [so] [so] [od851] [od] [w95] [w95] [w95] [w95] a a a s [sp6] 0e [pe] [pd6] [ea] [a6] [se] [spi4] 8q 8q [s4] [sq] [d4] [qf] [sof1] 8 [o1] [o8] [so1] [s8] [d1] [d8] 5 [ywo] [yo5] [ywo] [oa5] [woa] [oa5] [wso] [sp6] [oa0][upe] e [pd6] [ea] [a6] [se] [spi4] 8q 8q [s4] [sq] [d4] [qf] [sof1] 8 [o1] [o8] [so1] [s8] [d1] [d8] 5 [ywo] [yo5] [ywo] [oa5] [woa] [oa5] [wso] [spfe60]|d [e60] s p [se60] [pfe60] [q84]|d [q84] [sp] d [qf84] [sqo84] [851]|o [o851] [so] d [f851] [od851] [w95]|s [woa95]| [ws95] [wp95] [spfe60]|d [e60] s p [se60] [pfe60] [q84]|d [q84] [sp] d [qf84] [sqo84] [851]|o [o851] [so] d [f851] [od851] [w95] [w95] [w95] [w95] a a a s [sp6] 0e [pe] [pd6] [ea] [a6] [se] [spi4] 8q 8q [s4] [sq] [d4] [qf] [sof1] 8 [o1] [o8] [so1] [s8] [d1] [d8] 5 [ywo] [yo5] [ywo] [oa5] [woa] [oa5] [wso] [sp6] [oa0][upe] e [pd6] [ea] [a6] [se] [spi4] 8q 8q [s4] [sq] [d4] [qf] [sof1] 8 [o1] [o8] [so1] [s8] [d1] [d8] 5 [ywo] [yo5] [ywo] [oa5] [woa] [oa5] [wso] [uspe6]||| [sqpi4]||| [uso81]||| [ywoa5]
    Level: 8
    Length: 01:46
    Vem Dancar Kuduro


  • o [d8]f w y u|o h [od] 3 7|w|o h [so] 4 8 w [ti]|[wu] 8 [wt]y 5|5 as[ya] o y t [yw1]u 5 9 [wu]|w 9 [yw] 3 y 7 [yw]||0 pa[tsi2]|9 [yod3]|o w [sohd] 5 w t y o s d h v| |o|i|[yw1]u y [wu] [y5] [wu] i [wu8] [ywo] 3 7|w r t t [tp] 4 [p8] [wtp] [rp94] p o [ri] [yo] 3 7 w [wt6]|u [to] [ie] 4 [u8] [ie] [wu] 4 [yw] 9 w [ywo3] I [yo] [iT] [w6] u 0 [ie] 2 u [tie9] u [ie] u [wt] [wt]y|[ywt5] [ywt5]|5 5 [ywto] w [yw1]u y [wu] [y5] [wu] i [wu8] [ywo] [93]|9 w|t t [utp] 4 [p8] [wtp] [rp94] p o [ri] [yo] 3 7 w [wt6]|u o [tie] [82] u [ti] [uqe5] y q r w [ywo3] I [yo] [iT] [w6] u 0 [ie] 2 u [tie8] u [wt95]y t r t [tiW1] u y [yw]u 5 u [wu] [ut] 6 u [yw] [ut] 0 p [us] [ya] 3 [u7] [yw] [yw]u 7|[wu] o [utp4] p [tp] [ya94]|a [s9] [yto] [yt3] 8 w [rW0%]|u [ur] [ut] 6 [u0] [yw] [ut] 0 p [us] [ya] 3 [a7] [ywa] p [yro]|w u [tie82] u [ie] [wu3] [ie4] [of] [q4] [of] 5 [so]d [s9] [id] w 5 [us] o [od1]f f [wof] [tof] w o [o8] [yod] 3 [d7] [wod] [yod]|7 [wa] a [tso4] [tso8] [tsqo] [yqoda4]|a [yp] [ro] 3 7 r [wt6]|u [wu] [tie] 2 u [ie] [ywto5]|o [ro4] i [wu3] u o [wus6]|0 w sd[sif82] d s [od30] s [sqo4] d [so]d|5 5 [sohd] [sohd] [sig] 5 o [od1]f f [wof] [tof] w o [o8] [yod] 3 [d7] [wod] [yod]|7 [ywa] [ya] [tso4] [tso8] [tsqo] [yqoda94] 9 [ya] [yp] [ro] 3 7 r [wt6] 0 u [wu] [tie] 2 u [ie] [ywto5]|o [wro4] i [wu3] u [d7] [us] [w6]|w sd[sif82] d s [sod5] 5 s [si] [us] 4 8 w [yqoda4]|9 w as[yod3] h a [yso] @ ^ w|[utq82] i [ywto30] [id] [us]|4 8 w [ya]|w [tp] 8 [ywto5]|5 as[ya] o [yw] w [yw1]u y [wu] [y5] [wu] i [wu8] [ywo] 3 7|w r t t [tp] 4 [p8] [wtp] [rp94] p o [ri] [yo] 3 7 w [wt6]y|u [to] [ie] 4 [u8] [ie] [wu] 4 [yw] 9 w [ywo3] I [yo] [iT] [w6] u 0 [ie] 2 u [tie8] u [wt95]y t r t [tiW1] u y [yw]u 5 u [wu] [ut] 6 [u0] [yw] [ut] 0 [ya] [us] [tp] [ya3] [u7] [yw] [yw]u 7|[wu] o [utp4] p [tp] [ya94]|a [s9] [yto] 3 8 w [rW0%]|u [ur] [ut] 6 [u0] [yw] [ut] 0 [us] [tp] p [ya3] [a7] [ywa] [tp] 0 [yro] w u [tqie2] u [ie] [wu3] [ie4] [of] [q4] [uof] 5 [so][yod] [tsi9] [yod] 5 5 [us] o [od1]f f [wof] [tof] w o [o8] [yod] 3 [d7] [wod] [yod]|7 [ywa] [ya] [tsoi4] [tso] [tsqoi] [yqoda4] q a [yp] [ro] 3 7 r [wt6]|u [wu] [tie] [82] u [ie] [ywto5]|o [ro4] i [wu3] u o [wus6]||w sd[spif2] d s [od30] s [sqo4] d [so]d|5 5 [sohd] [sohd] [sig] 5 o [od1]f f [wof] [tof] w o [o8] [yod] 3 [d7] [wod] [yod]|7 [ywa] [ya] [tsoi4] [tsoi8] [tsqoi] [yqoda94] 9 [ya] [yp] [ro] 3 7 r [wt6] 0 u [wu] [tie] 2 u [ie] [ywto5]|o [wro4] i [wu3] u [d7] [us] [w6]|w sd[sif2] d s [sod5] 5 s [si] [us] 8 w t [yo]|[ti] W o [od8]f [wf] f [of] t o o [od] 0 [rd] d [od] y|a a [sqo] s [si] [yqida]|o [pj] [pjd] 3 [ohd] 7 [wt6] 0u u [tie] 2 u [ie] [ywto5]|o [wro4] i [ywu3] u [yod%] [us] [w6] 0 w sd[sif82] d s [sod5] 5 s [si] [us] 1 5 9 [tq]|0|sd[sif9] d s [wod]d| |5 5| |d s [ywso8]|||[ywto81]

    Level: 7
    Length: 04:00
    Aloha (Hospital)

    Jo Jung-suk

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    Level: 7
    Length: 04:44
    Decretum (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)

    Yuki Kajiura