Prelude in E Minor – Frédéric Chopin

r a a[rwu] [rwu] [rwu] [rwu] [rwu] [rwu] s[rwu] [rwu] a[Qeu] [Qeu] [Qeu] [Qeu] [QeY] [QeY] s[QeY] [QeY] a[qeY] [qeY] [qeY] [qeY] [qey] [qey] s[qey] [qey] a[0Wy] [0Wy] [0Wy] [0Wy] [0wy] [0wy] p[0wT] [0wT] [0et] [0et] [0et] [0et] [0Qt] [0Qt] a[0Qt] [0Qt] p[0Qt] [0Qt] [0Qt] [0Qt] p[(Qt] [(Qt] a[(Qt] [(Qt] p[9Qt] [9Qt] [9Qt] [9Qt] [9Qt] [9Qt] a[9Qt] [9Qt] p p[9qt] [9qt] [9qt] [9qt] [9qr] [9qr] O[9qr] [9qr] [80r] [80r] p[80e] a[80e] d[80e] s[80e] u[80e] p[80e] I[70e] [70e] [7(e] [7(e] [80e] [80e] p[80e] [80e] I[7(e] [7(e] [7(e] [7(e] [80e] [80e] [a p] [7(e] o I [ tr] [YI] [dsa] a[rwu] [rwu] [rwu] [rwu] [rwu] [rwu] s[rwu] [rwu] a[Qeu] [Qeu] [Qeu] [Qeu] [qeY] [qeY] s[qeY] [qeY] a[qWY] [qWY] [qWy] [ qWy] [0Wy] [0Wy] s[0Wy] [0Wy] a[0wy] [0wy] P P[0wT] P[a P p P] h f G[80e] D[etIp] l[etIp] D[etIp] D[wrYI] f[wru] h[wru] a[wru] d[etu] s[etu] [fu] p I[70r] [70r] [80e] p[80e] I[70r] [70r] [70r] [70r] [80e] [80e] [80e] [80e] I[70r] [70r] [70r] [70r] [7(r] [7(r] [7(e] [7(e] u u[8w] [8w] [8w] [8w] [8E] [8E] I[80e] [80e] u[70e] [70e] [70W] [70W] [70w] [70w] I[70w] [70w] u[^8w] [0Qru] [(QrY] [0wru]

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