Simple and Clean – Hikaru Utada

([oE][dY] [sY][P p]YP
5[o9][wd] [sE][P p]EP
([oE][dY] [sY][P p]YP
^[iq][iE][it][iy]P[pt][EP] [5oPD][9 d]w[EP][wp][E p]yP
[4ipsg][8 D]q[ed][sq][[st] d]i[tD] [(od]EY[o P]Y Y
[4d]8[qD]e[sq] [iP]

# Verse 1A
8wE t E 8EtyYytE
^qEty E ^qEty E 8wtyY t 8wyYo E
^qE t q ^qEty

# Verse 1B
8(w 8(w 8 [w(] [18] ^w
%(W W W(
59w9w9 9
%(W ^qEq
%(W 59w9

# Bridge 1
@^(w48q 59w 9wE @^(w (EY
^qEty q
[o(]EY Y EY

# Verse 2A
@^(EY E {([EY][EY]} ( [EY] ^ ^qE q [i^]qEqE Eq
[@Y]^(EY El
[^P]qEqE q ^qEqE qE

# Verse 2B
8(w 8 [w(] [18] w [1 8 1 8 ^ 8 ^ 8] %(W W (%
59w9w9 9
%(W W ( ^qEq59w9

# Bridge 2
[o@]^(EY E(

# Chorus
YPDgh wyopP tosdD EiPsiPs wyoPwyoP

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