Transformers (Theme)

we Ety [te] qe tyY E [shift+9] ewqw
9wE | q9Et Eew q w e
yoo ioy tEE tyy Ip
o iop Ppyoop [wyo] [yo] [9ey]

op Psd [sp] ip sdD P Y poio
yoP | iyPs Ppo i o p
dhh ghd sPP sdd Gj
h ghj Jjdhhj [odh] [dh] [ypd]

[wo] [ep] [EP] [ts] [yd] [tsep] [qi] [ep] [ts] [yd] [YD] [EP] [Y9] [ep] [wo] [qi] [wo] [9y] [wo] [EP] | [qi] [9y] [EP] [ts] [EP] [ep] [wo] [qi] [wo] [ep] [yd] [oh] [oh] [ig] [oh] [yd] [ts] [EP] [EP] [ts] [yd] [yd] [IG] [pj] [oh] [ig] [oh] [pj] [PJ] [pj] [yd] [oh] [oh] [pj] [woydh] [ydoh] [9yepd]

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