Jason Derulo, Trumpets, Virtual Piano Music Sheets

Trumpets – Jason Derulo

lkj hh sdd lkj hh sdd sfhgs hgfd sfs ssgfsd ooddfds

[8s]s pspo [4s]s pspo [8s]s pspo [9d]d opsp
[8s]s pspo [4s]s pspo [8s]s pspo [9d]d opsps

dfg fds ofdsdsdd apas dfg fds oofdsdsdd apas dfg fds ofdsdsddfd apas dfg fds shffdfdfds

1st Alternative
l k
[tj][uos]t[uosh-j] q[tip][qs][tipd]e[tupd]e[tup] w[ryo][wl][ryok] [tj][uos][tj][uosh-h]q[tip] [qs][tipd] e[tupd]e[tup] w[ryo]w[ryos] [tf][ous][th][uosg] q[tips]q[tip] [eh][tipg][ef][tupd] w[ryos][wf][ryos][wtu] ss [tig] fsd [tup] oo [ryod]dfds


8 w t df[qg][tf-d][is] [eo-f][ud-s][pd-s][ud] [wd] y [oak-pj] [yak] [8sk]

w t df[qg][tf-d][is] [si-o][eh-f][uf-d][pf-d][uf-d] [ws] y

[ol][yk] [tj][uos]t[uosh-h] [..repeat again from 1: to 4 then:] [ox][yz] [tx][uos]t[uos-l] [ql][tip][qj][tipj] e[tuph]e[tup] w[ryo][wx][ryoz] [tx][uos]t[uos-l] [ql][tip][qj][tipk-j] [eh-f][tuph]e[tup] w[ryo]w[ryoj] [tl][uos][th][uosj] q[tip]q[tip] [el][tupz][ex][tupz] w[ryol][wx][ryol] [wtu] [ti] [wtp] [ryo] sa[ol]ljlj[oh-ol]l
[tj-l][yj]h l[yl] jljh zz [sh-j][al-j] [pl]ljlj[oh-ol]l
[tj-l][yj-h] l[yl]jljh
zzhj[tl-j] [ul]l[oj-l][ij-h]
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