Whatcha Say

Jason Derulo 10 September 2020

[e4] tee4|[w8]|u8 op[6p]uy [u6]|y5 y[u5]ytr
[e4] te[e4]|[w8]|[u8] op[p6] f [6d] d 5|sas o

[t4] 4t 4t8t[t8] [t8] 8tt[t6]yyt6ty[u6]y5 5 [y5]t[r5]
[t4] 4t 4t8t[8t] [t8] t8t[t6]yy[t6]ty[u6]y5 5 5

4 4 4u4yt4e[t8]et8et8 [8y] 6 6 6[u6]y[t6]e5te[t5]e[y5] [e5]w
[e4] 4 4 [4u]y[4t] e[t8]e[t8]e[t8] 8yt[t6] [6t] [t6] [y6] uy[5y] 5 5

yu[4i] i4i [4o]i[u8]y[t8] 8t [t8]e[6t] et6 y[y6] 5 5 5y[y5]u
i4 i4i [o4]i[u8]yt8 [t8] t8t[6o] u[u6] y[u6]y5 5 5

[e4] t4ee 4we[w8] 8 [u8] [8o]p[p6]uy6u 6y5 5y[u5]yt5r
[e4] t[e4]e 4we[w8] 8 [u8] [o8]pp6 f6d [6d] 5 5s[a5]s o

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