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William Harrison Withers Jr. was an American singer-songwriter and musician. He recorded several major hits, including "Ain't No Sunshine" (1971), "Grandma's Hands" (1971), "Use Me" (1972), "Lean on Me" (1972), "Lovely Day" (1977), and "Just the Two of Us" (1981). Withers won three Grammy Awards and was nominated for six more. His life was the subject of the 2009 documentary film Still Bill. He was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2005 and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2015. Two of his songs were inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame. Withers worked as a professional musician for just 15 years, from 1970 to 1985, after which he moved on to other occupations.Credit: Wikipedia

Artist's Music Sheets

  • y y y y o y y t r r y | y u r e e e | w r e e e | o y y r u y | y y y y o y y t r r y | y u r e e e | w r e e e | o y y o I | r u I o p a o | o I y u I | I o I u t y u | u I o o I o p p | y s s s a | y a a a p | y a a a o | u o u o a o | s s s a | a d d a p d d | a s a o o p o | a a a p | a a a o | u o P p o o p a | a d d a p d d | a s a o o p o
    Level: 3
    Lovely Day

    Bill Withers

  • [t80]| |[t80] [yq9] [wu0] [qie]| [dP] s| [qie] [wu0] [yq9] [t80]| [pi] o| [t80] [yq9] [wu0] [wu0]| | [yq9]||[t5]68 [t80]| | [t80] [yq9] [wu0] [qi9]| | [qie] [wu0] [yq9] [t80]| | [t80] [yq9] [wu0] [r975]| 5 6 [t80]| |56[t8]| | [t8] [y9] [u0] [qi]| | [qi]u0 [y9] [t8]| | [t8]y9 [u0] [u0]|| [y9] [y9]||568 [t8]| | [t8] [y9] [u0] [qi]| [dP] s| [qi] [u0] [y9] [t8]| | [t8] [y9] [u0] [r7]|| [t8] [t8]| u y t 8| | [u8]u9 [y0] [yq] t| t q[tq] [r0] [e9] [w8]| | [t8] [y9] [u0] [u0]|| [y9]t[y5]| uy[t5]68 [t0]| | [y0]u [yq]u [yw] [yq] t y| w[tq] [r0] [e9] [w8]| | [u0] [y0] [tq] [t0] [r9]|| [yq] [t0]||09 8
    Level: 5
    Length: 01:19
    Lean on Me

    Bill Withers


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