Conan Gray

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About the Artist
  • Birth Name:

    Conan Lee Gray

  • Nationality:


  • Born:

    5th December 1998

  • Genres:

    Pop USA

Conan Lee Gray (born December 5, 1998) is an American singer and songwriter. Raised in California and Georgetown, Texas, he began uploading vlogs, covers and original songs to YouTube as a teenager. Gray signed a record deal with Republic Records in 2018, where he released his debut EP Sunset Season (2018). His debut studio album Kid Krow (2020) debuted at number 5 on the US Billboard 200, making it the biggest US new artist debut of 2020. Kid Krow included the commercially successful singles "Maniac" and "Heather".

Credit: Wikipedia

Artist's Music Sheets

  • [68q] eqe [68q] eqe [68q] eqe [68q] eqe
    [680] e0e [680] e0e [680] e0e [680] e0e
    [469] q9q [469] q9q [469] q9q [469] q9q
    [^49] eqe [^49] eqe [4^] qq [4^] qq
    [68qo] i t [68qo] i [68qo] i t [68qo] i
    [680o] u t [680o] u i [680p] P s [680o] i u
    [469o] i y [469o] i [469o] y y [469o] i [^49p] i i [^49o] i i [^4p] P s [^4o] i i
    [48wo] w w [48ep] e e [8qig] i [uf] [8qts] E [ep] [68wo] w w [68ep] e e [8qig] i [uf] [80ts] E [ep] [69wo] w w [69ep] e e [qeig] i [uf] [9ets] E [ep] [^9o] [^9p] q [^qp] [q^P]
    [48eg] [ep] [ep] [48ep] e [yo] [8qip] i u [8qts] E [ed] [68eg] [ep] [ep] [68ep] e [wo] [80ep] e e [80ts] t [yd] [9qeg] [ep] [ep] [9qep] [wo] y [9qig] [ep] [ep] [9qep] [ts] [ep] [^9d] p p [^9p] o [qg] [^qj] J l [^qh] g
    [68qo] i t [68qo] i u [68qo] i t [68qo] i i
    [680o] u t [680o] i i [680p] P s [680o] i u
    [469o] i y [469o] i [469o] i y [469o] i [^49p] i i [^49o] i i [^4p] P s [^4o] i u
    [48wo] w w [48ep] e e [8qig] i [uf] [8qts] E [ep] [68wo] w w [68ep] e e [8qig] i [uf] [80ts] E [ep] [69wo] w w [69ep] e e [qeig] i [uf] [9ets] E [ep] [^9o] [^9p] q [^qp] [q^P]
    [48eg] [ep] [ep] [48ep] e [yo] [8qip] i u [8qts] E [ed] [68eg] [ep] [ep] [68ep] e [wo] [80ep] e e [80ts] t [yd] [9qeg] [ep] [ep] [9qep] [wo] y [9qig] [ep] [ep] [9qep] [ts] [ep] [^9d] p p [^9p] o [qi] [q^J] J j [q^J] j
    [qigl] t e [8tgl] e u [qigl] t e [6el] J [tj] [0ufj] t e [8tfj] e [uj] [6eJ] [tJ] [ej] [8eJ] j [th] [9ydj] e q [6tdj] e y [qedj] y i [9qp] d [yg] [Eqyj] g d [9qyEJ] g d [qETP] P p [iP] p
    [ig] p p [ip] o [ip] [is] d [eg] p p [ep] o [ep] [es] d [yig] p p [yp] o
    [yig] p p [yp] s p [Eyd] p p [Eyp] o
    [Ep] TiP s

    Level: 6
    Length: 02:49

    Conan Gray


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