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About the Artist

Shin Hyo-seob, professionally known as Crush, is a South Korean record producer and singer-songwriter. Crush often uses Jazz musical instruments in his style of music, implementing modern tunes. He debuted on April 1, 2014, with the single "Sometimes" and released his first album Crush on You on June 5, 2014.

Credit: Wikipedia

Artist's Music Sheets

  • [8u] w t u|w t o
    3 7 [0r] o|0 r t
    6 0 w t|0 w t||
    [4w][5t]iu t|
    [8u] w t u|w t o
    3 7 [0r] o|0 r t
    6 0 w t|0 w t
    [59wr]||sss d f
    f 8 [wd] y u|w y
    [ud] [0d] [rd] [yd] [rf] [yd] [us] [6s]
    0 w t|0 w t|
    0 w [ts]ss [rd] [th] og9
    e y i|e y [ig] [8g]
    [wf] [tf] [og] f [wd] [td] y 5
    9 w t|9 w t [59wr]||
    s d f f
    8 w t [yd]f[ud] o s [ah]
    0 r I o|d d d
    6 [0f] r t o d d d
    q [tf] i [os]| t [ip]
    [9pg] e [uf] [ipg]||[pg]
    [8of] w [td] [us]| p d
    5 9 w t|9 w t
    [59wr]| ssf g [osh] [osh]
    1 8 w t [uh] g [wf] d
    5 9 w y [os] d [rf] [ps]
    6 [0ad] [esf] [tps] u [ad] [esf] [dg]
    4 [8sf] q t [iof] [tpg] [qah] [sh]
    8 w t u [oh] g [uf] [aOH]
    3 [7pj] 0 [rak] u|[rf] d
    [6s] [0a] [es] [tj] 5 9 [ws] [rd]
    [4q]||[ips] d f p
    9 [ed] u i|s|
    [0tuo]sd| s d f p
    [qt] d t o|a s h
    [4q]| ggg g h g
    [1f] 5 8 [woh] t [8ts] w [tyd]
    5 9 w [yod]|[wra] [tys] w
    6 0 [rto]|0 r [to]||
    gg[5g] g h g [1f]
    5 8 [woh] t [8ts] w [tyod] 5
    9 w [yo]sh w [rya] [wts] 6
    0 r [to] 0|r t

    Level: 6
    Length: 01:25
    Beautiful (Crush)



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