Ernst Anschütz

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About the Artist

Ernst Gebhard Salomon Anschütz (28 October 1780 in Goldlauter near Suhl, Electorate of Saxony; 18 December 1861 in Leipzig) was a German teacher, organist, poet, and composer. He is also known for his account of the death of Johann Christian Woyzeck [de] in 1824 (see: Georg Büchner's play Woyzeck). Anschütz worked as a teacher in Leipzig for 50 years.

Credit: Wikipedia

Artist's Music Sheets

  • t [iq] ii [o8] [pq] pp|p[o8]pP u o i| t [iq] ii [o8] [pq] pp|p[o8]pP u o i| sspd|s[sw]PP|PPo[s8]|PPpp t [iq] ii [o8] [pq] pp|p[o8]pP u o i|
    Level: 4
    Length: 00:30
    O Christmas Tree

    Ernst Anschütz


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