Evgeny Grinko

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About the Artist
  • Birth Name:

    Evgeny Grinko Евгений Гринько

  • Nationality:


  • Genres:


Russian Сomposer from the outskirts of Moscow.

Credit: Wikipedia

Artist's Music Sheets

  • e [utj] [utk] [he] [ut] [utf] [ge] [ut] [ut] [fe] [ut] [ut] e [utj] [utk] [he] [ut] [utf] [qg] [te] [te] [qg] [te] [te] q [tfe] [tge] [qf] [te] [ted] [f9] [qe] [qe] [d9] [qe] [qe] 0 [rfW] [rgW] [f0] [rW] [rdW] [a0] [rW] [rW] 0 [rW] [rW] 0 [rfW] [rgW] [f0] [rW] [rdW] [a0] [rW] [rW] 0 [rW] [rW] e [utj] [utk] [he] [ut] [utf] [ge] [ut] [ut] [fe] [ut] [ut] e [utj] [utk] [he] [ut] [utf] [qg] [te] [te] [qg] [te] [te] q [tfe] [tge] [qf] [te] [ted] [f9] [qe] [qe] [d9] [qe] [qe] 0 [rfW] [rgW] [f0] [rW] [rdW] [a0] [rW] [rW] 0 [rW] [rW] 0 [rfW] [rgW] [f0] [rW] [rdW] [a0] [rW] [rW] 0 [raW] [raW] [d9] [qe] [qe] 9 [qe] [qe] [f9] [qe] [qe] [f9]g [qfe] [qe]d [a0] [rW] [rW] 0 [rW] [rW] 0 [rW] [rW] 0 [rW] [rW] [f9] [qe] [qe] [g9] [qe] [qe] [S9] [qe] [qe] [d9] [qe] [qe] [a0] [rW] [rW] 0 [rW] [rW] 0 [rW] [rW] 0 [rW] [rW] [fe] [utf]g[utf]g[ed] [utd]f[utd]f[se] [uts]d[uts]d[ea] [uts] [utd] [qf] [tfe]g[tfe]g[qd] [ted]f[ted]f[sq] [te] [tpe]a[sq] [ted] [tse] [f9] [qfe]g[qfe]g[d9] [qed]f[qed]f[s9] [sqe]d[sqe]d[a9] [sqe] [qed] [d0] [rdW]f[rdW]f[s0] [srW]d[srW]d[a0] [rW] [rpW]a[s0] [rdW] [srW] [fe] [utf]g[utf]g[ed] [utd]f[utd]f[se] [uts]d[uts]d[ea] [uts] [utd] [qf] [tfe]g[tfe]g[qd] [ted]f[ted]f[sq] [te] [tpe]a[sq] [ted] [tse] [f9] [qfe]g[qfe]g[d9] [qed]f[qed]f[s9] [sqe]d[sqe]d[a9] [sqe] [qed] [d0] [rdW]f[rdW]f[s0] [srW]d[srW]d[a0] [rW] [rW] 0 [rW] [rW] 6 [jeb80] [nke80] [vh6] [e80] [e80][xf][gc6] [e80][xf][e80] 6 [e80] [e80] 6 [jeb80] [nke80] [vh6] [e80] [e80][xf][qgc] [tie] [tie] q [tie] [tie] q [xtife] [tigec] [xqf] [tie] [tie][zd][xf9] [yqe][zd][yqe] 9 [yqe] [yqe] 0 [xurfW] [urgcW] [xf0] [urW] [zurdW] [ka0] [urW] [urW] 0 [urW] [urW] 0 [xurfW] [urgcW] [xf0] [urW] [urW][zd][ka0] [urW] [urW] 0 [urW] [urW] 6 [jeb80] [nke80] [vh6] [e80] [e80][xf][gc6] [e80][xf][e80] 6 [e80] [e80] 6 [jeb80] [nke80] [vh6] [e80] [e80][xf][qgc] [tie] [tie] q [tie] [tie] q [xtife] [tigec] [xqf] [tie] [tie][zd][xf9] [yqe][zd][yqe] 9 [yqe] [yqe] 0 [xurfW] [urgcW] [xf0] [urW] [zurdW] [ka0] [urW] [urW] 0 [urW] [urW] 0 [xurfW] [urgcW] [xf0] [urW] [urW][zd][ka0] [urW] [urW] 0 [urkaW] [urkaW] [zd9] [yqe] [yqe] 9 [yqe] [yqe] [xf9] [yqe] [yqe] [gc9] [yxqfe] [yqe][zd][ka0] [urW] [urW] 0 [urW] [urW] 0 [urW] [urW] 0 [urW] [urW] [xf9] [yqe] [yqe] [gc9] [yqe] [yqe] [SL9] [yqe] [yqe] [zd9] [yqe] [yqe] [ka0] [urW] [urW] 0 [urW] [urW] 0 [urW] [urW] 0 [urW] [urW]
    Level: 7
    Length: 02:40

    Evgeny Grinko


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