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About the Artist

Gibran Alcocer, born in Yucatán, Mexico, is a 20-year-old musician known for his skills in piano, composition, and production. His musical journey began in childhood with piano lessons, eventually leading to a deeper engagement with classical music. By age 12, Alcocer's talents in composition and production had begun to surface. In 2021, he gained popularity on TikTok with his piano covers. By early 2022, Alcocer started to focus on creating instrumental music. His first original track, 'Idea 10', a solo piano composition, was released in July 2022. Self-composed, produced, and performed, the track garnered significant attention on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.

Credit: Wikipedia

Artist's Music Sheets

  • pps[9d]s[yid] [yi]
    e [yi]p[yip]a[6s]a[tus] [tu]
    e [tu]p[tup]s[5a] [ru] [ru]p[wp] [rup] [ru]o[4p] [et] [et]
    q [et]p[etp]s[9d]s[yid] [yi]
    ef[yid]s[yip]a[6s]a[tus] [tu]
    e [tus]s[tus]d[5a] [ru] [ru]p[wp] [rup] [ru]o[4p] [et] [et]
    [qa] [ey] [ey] [qs] [eu] [eu] [eu]|
    [9z]j[yig]z[yij]g[ez]j[yig]z[yil]k[6l]k[tuf]l[tuk]f[el]k[tuf]l[tuk]j[5k]h[ruf]k[ruh]f[wk]h[ruf]k[ruj]h[4j] [et] [et] q [etf]j[etk]l[9z]j[yig]z[yij]g[ez]j[yig]x[yil]k[6l]k[tuf]l[tuk]f[el]k[tuf]l[tuk]j[5k]h[ruf]k[ruh]f[wk]h[ruf]h[ruk]x[qj] [et] [et] [qk] [ey] [ey]
    [ql] [eu] [eu] [eu]|
    [9g] [yi] [yi]
    efg[yif]d[yis]d[6f] [tu] [tu]
    e [tu] [tus] [5a] [ru] [ruf]
    w [ru] [ru] [4p] [et] [et]
    qp[eta]s[etd]f[9g] [yi] [yi]
    efg[yif]d[yis]d[6f] [tu] [tu]
    e [tu] [tuf] [5h] [ru] [ruk]
    w [rul] [ru] [qj] [et] [et]
    [qk] [ey] [ey] [ql] [eu] [eu] [eu]|
    [9z]j[yig]z[yij]g[ez]j[yig]z[yil]k[6l]k[tuf]l[tuk]f[el]k[tuf]l[tuk]j[5k]h[ruf]k[ruh]f[wk]h[ruf]k[ruj]h[4j] [et] [et]
    qkl[etk]j[etk]l[9z]j[yig]z[yij]g[ez]j[yig]x[yil]k[6l]k[tuf]l[tuk]f[el]k[tuf]l[tuk]j[5k]h[ruf]k[ruh]f[wk]h[ruf]h[ruk]x[qj] [et] [et]
    [qk] [ey] [ey] [ql] [eu] [eu]
    [eu]| [pj][sl][9dz] [yi] [yi]
    e[fx][yidz][sl][yiak][pj][5ak] [ru] [ru]
    w [ruak][ak][ruak][ak][6sl] [tu] [tu]
    [8ak] [ru] [ru]
    [qpj] [et] [et]
    q [et][pj][etpj][sl][9dz] [yi] [yi]
    e[fx][yidz][sl][yiak][pj][5ak] [ru] [ru]
    w [ruak][ak][ruak][ak][6sl] [tu] [tu]
    [8dz] [ru] [rufx]
    [qpj] [et] [et]
    [qak] [ey] [ey]
    [qsl] [eu] [eu]
    [9z]j[yig]z[yij]g[ez]j[yig]zx[yiz]l[6l]k[tuf]l[tuk]f[el]k[tuf]l[tuk]j[5k]h[ruf]k[ruh]f[wk]h[ruf]jk[ruj]h[4j] [et] [et]
    qkl[etk]j[etk]l[9z]j[yig]z[yij]g[ez]j[yig]zx[yiz]l[6l]k[tuf]l[tuk]f[el]k[tuf]l[tuk]j[5k]h[ruf]k[ruh]f[wk]h[ruf]h[ruk]x[4j] [et] [et]
    4 [et] [et]
    k| l

    Level: 6
    Length: 02:01
    Idea 10 (Gibran Alcocer)

    Gibran Alcocer


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