Makoto Miyazaki

2 Music Sheets

About the Artist
  • Birth Name:

    Makoto Miyazaki

  • Nationality:


  • Born:

    28th August 1981

  • Genres:


Japanese music composer for One-Punch Man anime adaptation of a Japanese superhero franchise.

Credit: Wikipedia

Artist's Music Sheets

  • p a S d [d7]| |Q r [yS] d 5 9 w [rp] d f Gh [dI9] e y e j| |[upf6] 0 T p G h f G [da7] Q T y d f G [dG5] 9 [zw] r L| [zwh]| [jdG9] e y e| e y| [SG$]| J G k G GJL||I| p| f| [da7] Q r y| r [SQ] d 5 9 w r| w [f9]| [G9] e y [dI]||h| [pG6] 0fT [ud]| [eS] [f0]| [da7] Q T y| [pQ] [rf] y [od5] 9 w r| w [f9]| [pG9] e y [ed] I e [yh] e [pfS6] 0 e T d| [eS]| [d0] rSu [od] d S d [dQ] eSy [dI] d| f| [G7] QfT [yG] G f G [pS6]| h| G| [f6]| [d0]S[ra]S[ud] o| [rf] u [oh] [QG] y I p d y I| |[rp] [pI] [da] p f [pI] [da] [pI] w [rp] [yd] [po] f [yp] [od] y [p9] [pe] [yd] [pI] f [yp] [ed] [yS] e [uS] [pS] a [pS] [ud] [pf] d [rp] [pI] [da] p f [pI] [da] [pI] w [rp] [yd] [po] f [yp] [od] y [p9] [pe] [yd] [pI] f [yp] [ed] [yS] [ueT]| |S a S [da5] 7 9 w||S d [uT6] 0 e T||f| [aG7] Q r [yd]| Q [rh] y [G6] 0fT [ud]| S f| [da5] 7 9 w| p f| [d6] * 0 e d| [fS]| [pdG9] e y [ed]| e [yh]| [f$]| I| p| f| [da7] Q r y| Q [rS] [yd] [yr5] 9 w r| 9 [wf] r [pG9] Q e [yd]| Q [he] y [G6] 0fe [pd] 0 [S6] [f] 0 [d7] Q r y| [pQ] [rf] y [d5] 9 w y| w [rf] y [G2] 6 9 [dQ]| 6 [h9] Q [f6] 0 e * [d0] 6 [S*] 0 [od3] 7S0 [wod] [od3] 7S0 [wod] [pd$] *SQ [ped] [pd$] * [pfQ] e [aG7] Qfr [yaG] [aG7] Qfr [yaG] [pS6] 0 [he] 0 [TG] e [f0] * [d3]S[a7]S[d0] w r [f7] 0 [wh] [G$] 9 Q e d 9 [eQ]| [jd5]9wry I o| y I o||[yI]| [pI]| [pfI]| [da7] [SQ] [yrd] [SQ] [yrd] [SQ] [d9] [S7] [da65] [S9] [wrd] [S9] [wrd] [S9] [d7] [f5] [pG92] [fe] [yIG] [fe] [yIG] [fe] [QG] [f9] [pG6]u3f[u*] [d0]| [S6] [f3]| [da7] [SQ] [yrd] [SQ] [yrd] [pQ] [d9] [fe] [pd65]S[a7]S[d9]S[wa]S[wrd] [f9] [G7] [h5] [da92] [jQ] [eda] [yj] [daI] [je] [daQ] [j9] [pf6] [y0] [eI] [oT] [pje6] [eGC6] [vhe6] [xfe6] [GC7] [kdaQ] [rSL] [ykd] [ySLI] [rkd] [ySLI] [rkd] [wda] 9[fa7] 5[G65] [pG65]9wr[zj9]wrw[heL]yIy[zje]yIy[jed60]| |[p2]d$G69QeyIpdGjz

    Level: 6
    Length: 03:29
    Sad Theme (One-Punch Man) (Alternative)

    Makoto Miyazaki

  • o p a s [s6]| | 0 e [ta] s 4 8 q [oe] s d fg [us8] w t w h| | [yod5] 9 r o f g d f [sp6] 0 r t s d f [sf4] 8 [ql] e k| [qlg]| [shf8] w t w| w t| [fa3]| H f j f fHk| | u| o| d| [sp6] 0 e t| e [a0] s 4 8 q e| q [d8]| [f8] w t [us]||g| [of5] 9dr [ys]| [wa] [d9]| [sp6] 0 r t| [o0] [ed] t [si4] 8 q e| q [d8]| [of8] w t [ws] u w [tg] w [oda5] 9 w r s| [wa]| [s9] eay [si] s a s [s0] wat [us] s| d| [f6] 0dr [tf] f d f [oa5]| g| f| [d5]| [s9]a[pe]a[ys] i| [ed] y [ig] [f0] t u o s t u||| [oe] [uo] [sp] o d [uo] [sp] [uo] q [oe] [ts] [oi] d [to] [si] t [o8] [wo] [ts] [uo] d [to] [ws] [ta] w [ya] [oa] p [oa] [ys] [od] s [oe] [uo] [sp] o d [uo] [sp] [uo] q [oe] [ts] [oi] d [to] [si] t [o8] [wo] [ts] [uo] d [to] [ws] [ta] [ywr]| | a p a [sp4] 6 8 q|| a s [yr5] 9 w r||d| [pf6] 0 e [ts]| 0 [ge] t [f5] 9dr [ys]| a d| [sp4] 6 8 q| o d| [s5] 7 9 w s| [da]| [sof8] w t [ws]| w [tg]| [d3]| u| o| d| [sp6] 0 e t| 0 [ea] [ts] [te4] 8 q e| 8 [qd] e [of8] 0 w [ts]| 0 [wg] t [f5] 9dw [so7] 9 [a5] [d7] 9 [s6] 0 e t| [o0] [ed] t [s4] 8 q t| q [ed] t [f1] 5 8 [s0]| 5 [g8] 0 [d5] 9 w 7 [s9] 5 [a7] 9 [si2] 6a9 [sqi] [si2] 6a9 [sqi] [so3] 7a0 [wso] [so3] 7 [od0] w [pf6] 0de [tpf] [pf6] 0de [tpf] [oa5] 9 [wg] 9 [rf] w [d9] 7 [s2]a[p6]a[s9] q e [d6] 9 [qg] [f3] 8 0 w s 8 [w0]| [sh4]8qet u i| t u i|| [ut]| [uo]| [uod]| [sp6] [a0] [tse] [a0] [tse] [a0] [s8] [a6] [sp54] [a8] [sqe] [a8] [sqe] [a8] [s6] [d4] [of81] [wd] [utf] [wd] [utf] [wd] [f0] [d8] [of5]y2d[y7] [s9]| [a5] [d2]| [sp6] [a0] [tse] [a0] [tse] [o0] [s8] [wd] [so54]a[p6]a[s8]a[qp]a[sqe] [d8] [f6] [g4] [sp81] [h0] [wsp] [th] [usp] [wh] [sp0] [h8] [od5] [t9] [wu] [ri] [woh5] [xwf5] [wgc5] [zwd5] [xf6] [spj0] [kea] [tsj] [utka] [sje] [utka] [sje] [sqp] 8[pd6] 4[f54] [of54]8qe[lh8]qeq[wkg]tut[wlh]tut[wsh95]| | [o1]sf3580wtuosfhl
    Level: 6
    Length: 03:32
    Sad Theme (One Punch Man)

    Makoto Miyazaki


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