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About the Artist

Shiro Hamaguchi (Hamaguchi Shiro) is a Japanese anime composer, arranger and orchestrator. He is best known for composing music to the anime franchises Girls und Panzer, One Piece, and Oh My Goddess! and arranging/orchestrating music in the Final Fantasy series. He frequently collaborates with fellow composers Kohei Tanaka and Akifumi Tada on anime scores.Credit: Wikipedia

Artist's Music Sheets

  • sd[faTI]|a|[urpd]|u|[usoa0]|| op[ytYP]|o|[soie]|g|[wpda]|| dD[faTI]|a|[urpd]|u|[usoea] [yupdE]||T||e||f| [j^] q w t y h s d h||g|z| [k6] 0 r [th] [yd] [uf] [aI]||| f|[j^] q w t y h s d h||| [h9] Gef [ud]|y|I|| sd[faTI]|a|[urpd]|u|[usoa0]|| op[ytYP]|o|[soie]|g|[wpda]|| gh[ysH]|g|[tPJ]|P|[rpd]||S| [uraO]||| [ypie]||| [uraO0]||| 0
    Level: 6
    Length: 00:54
    Gold and Oden (One Piece)

    Shiro Hamaguchi


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