Tappi Iwase

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About the Artist

Sometimes credited professionally as TAPPY, is a Japanese musical composer. He is best known for his contributions to the Metal Gear and Suikoden franchises.

Credit: Wikipedia

Artist's Music Sheets

  • f| d| [se] u p a s d f p [qf] t [id] o p| s d [tf] o s d f j h f [ws] y [od] s a| f j [le] u p a s [ka] [pl] [zu] [ql] t [ji] o p o [ih] [tj] [wk] y o [pl] [ka] pjo [yh] [j9] e y I p I y e 9| |[uf]| [yd]| [ts6] 0 e 0 t [yd0] [ufe] [pe0] [uf4] 8 [yqd] 8 e 8 [tsq] [yd8] [uf8] w t w u [wpj] [toh] [wuf] [ts5] 9 [ywd] 9 r 9 [wuf] [pj9] [sl6] 0 e 0 t [ka0] [sle] [zd0] [sl4] 8 [qpj] 8 e 8 [qoh] [pj8] [ka5] 9 w [sl9] [rka] 9[pj]w [oh9] [pj2] 6 9 Q e y I p yIpd| | [pj]| [ka]| [sl4] 8 q e [ztd] i p s [xf5] 9 w r [yvh] o a d [jb6]| x l j f s p u t e 0 8| 6
    Level: 6
    Length: 01:22
    Metal Gear Solid Main Theme

    Tappi Iwase