Teresa Teng

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About the Artist
  • Birth Name:

    Teng Li-chun

  • Nationality:


  • Born:

    29th January 1953

  • Genres:


Teng Li-chun (29 January 1953 – 8 May 1995), commonly known as Teresa Teng, was a Taiwanese singer, actress, and musician. Referred as "Asia's eternal queen of pop," Teng became a cultural icon for her contributions to Mandopop, giving birth to the phrase, "Wherever there are Chinese people, there is the music of Teresa Teng". With a career spanning 30 years, Teng remained widely popular throughout the 1970s and 1980s; she remained popular even up to the first half of the 1990s, up until her death in 1995. Teng was known as a patriotic entertainer whose crystalline voice and performances revolutionized Chinese popular culture during the 1970s and 1980s.

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Artist's Music Sheets

  • [80wh]| | f d s [680f]| | p s f [468j]| | g d s [579a]||p o|| o [80ws]||f h|| s [0wra]||f h|| h [qetj]||k l|| j [80wh]| | f d [680s]||s s| f d [468s]||s s| d f [$26d]||s p| d f [579d]| | o [80ws]||f h|| s [0wra]||f h|| h [qetj]||k l|| j [80wh]| | f d [680s]||s s| f d [468s]||s s| d f [$26d]||p [579a]| s d [80ws]| | h [80wf]||d s| h| [0wra]| | p a [qetp]||a [wryp]| o| [80wf]| | h| [80wf]||d s| h| [0wra]| | p a [qets]||s [Q9es]| d f [wryd]| | o [80ws]||f h|| s [0wra]||f h|| h [qetj]||k l|| j [80wh]| | f d [680s]||s s| f d [468s]||s s| d f [$26d]||p [579a]| s d [80ws]| h g [680f]| d s [468p]| a p [%O48is]| [Oid]| [8uos]
    Level: 7
    Length: 01:47
    The Moon Represents My Heart

    Teresa Teng