The All-American Rejects

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The All-American Rejects is an American rock band formed in Stillwater, Oklahoma in 1999. The band consists of lead vocalist and bassist Tyson Ritter, lead guitarist and backing vocalist Nick Wheeler, rhythm guitarist and backing vocalist Mike Kennerty, and drummer Chris Gaylor. Wheeler and Ritter are the band's songwriters; Wheeler is the primary composer and Ritter is the primary lyricist. Although Kennerty and Gaylor are not founding members, they have appeared in all of the band's music videos and on all studio releases except for the band's self-titled debut.Credit: Wikipedia

Artist's Music Sheets

  • [e6]|[spo]|[spo]|u| [w5]|[spo]|[spo]|u| [q4]|[spi]|[spi]|u| [w5]|[spo]|[spo]|u| [ute6]||e o o u| [tqie4]||e o o u| [pi92] t t|y|t| [spi30]|u|[yup30] t r t [upe6]||e o o [wuoa5]| [qpi4]||e o o [uoa30]| [pi92] t t|[ypi92]|t| [oia30]|u|[yoa30] t r t 4 w [t4] w [yu4] t [e4] [tr] 4 [wt] [t4] w [yu4] t [e4] [tr] 1 [yt] 1 t [y1] t [yt1] [uo] [oi1] [yi] 1 [wu] [y1] [uo] [t1] [yt] [t4] w [t4] w [yu4] t [e4] [tr] 3 [wt] [t3] w [yu3] t [e3] [tr] 2 [yt] 2 t [yo2] t [yi2] [ui] [upi2] o|t||t| [sod8]|i|u|i u [soi4]|u|y|t w [ut6]|u|[yuo]|t w [yto5]||| [spf6] 6 [spf6] [w6] [spof6] [o6] [uspf6] 5 [spi4] [t4] [tspi4] [e4] [tspi4] [y4] [uspi4] 4 [spi2] [t2] [tspi2] 2 [ypid2] 2 [oda2] 2 [usof3] 3 [utso3] [t3] [yuso0] [o9] [uso8] [u7] [spf6] 6 [spf6] [w6] [spof6] [o6] [uspf6] 5 [spi4] [t4] [tspi4] [e4] [tspi4] [y4] [uspi4] 4 [spi2] 2 [tspi2] 2 [ypid2] 2 [oda2] 2 [ofa3] [u3] [uofa3] 3 [oia3] [u2] [ofa1] [t1] [soi4] 4 [soi4] [w4] [usoi4] [t4] [soi4] [r4] [soi4] [t4] [soi4] [w4] [uso4] [o4] [uso4] [o4] [uso8] [u8] [yuso8] 8 [uso8] [t8] [utso8] [o8] [yso8] [i8] [yso8] [u8] [uso8] [o8] [utso8] [t8] [soi4] 4 [soi4] [w4] [usoi4] [t4] [soi4] [r4] [uso3] [t3] [uso3] 3 [uso3] [o3] [uso3] [o3] [pid2] [u2] [ypid2] 2 [poid2] 2 [pid2] [i2] [upid2] [o2] [pid2] [t2] [spi2] 2 [tspi2] 2 [sof1] 1 [soif1] 1 [usof1] 1 [soif1] [u3] [spi4] 4 [uspi4] 4 [yspi4] 4 [tspi4] [w4] [usp6] 6 [usp6] 6 [yusp6] 6 [utsp6] [w6] [yoa5] 5 [ytoa5] [t5] [yoa5] [t5] [ytoa5] 5 [sof1] 1 [sof1] [i1] [usof1] [o1] [sof1] [t3] [spi4] [w4] [uspi4] 4 [yspi4] 4 [tspi4] [w4] [usp6] 6 [usp6] 6 [yusp6] 6 [utsp6] [w6] [yoa5] 5 [yoa5] [u5] [yoa5] [t5] [yoa5] [t5] [usp6] 6 [usp6] 6 [usp6] 6 [yusp6] [t6] [ytso5] 5 [ytso5] 5 [yod5] 5 [yuod5] [y5] [ypd$] $ [ypd$] [w$] [yupd$] [u$] [ypd$] [t$] [tsi4] [t4] [tsi4] 4 [yid4] 4 [tsi4] [r4] [upe60][60] [60][60] [60][60]u[60][60] [u60]| [yso7]7 7[a7] [o7]7o77 [s7]| [ypd$] $ [ypd$] [w$] [yupd$] [u$] [ypd$] [t$] [tsi4] [t4] [tsi4] 4 [yid4] 4 [tsi4] [r4] [utpe63]| |[usp]|u| [siga84]|o|o|a| [spjd62]| |[pod]|[pid] i [uod95] o|[yto]||[t7]| [so8]|i|u|i u [si4]|u|y|t w [up6]|u|y|t w [yo5]|t t y t t| [sof1] 1 [sof1] [i1] [usof1] [o1] [sof1] [t3] [spi4] [w4] [uspi4] 4 [yspi4] 4 [tspi4] [w4] [usp6] 6 [usp6] [u6] [yusp6] [t6] [usp6] [i6] [uoda5] 5 [uoda5] 5 [oida5] 5 [uoda5] 5 [sof1] 1 [soif1] 1 [usof1] 1 [soif1] [u3] [spi4] 4 [uspi4] 4 [yspi4] 4 [tspi4] [w4] [usp6] 6 [usp6] 6 [yusp6] 6 [utsp6] [w6] [yoa5] 5 [ytoa5] [t5] [yoa5] [t5] [ytoa5] 5 [sof1] 1 [sof1] [i1] [usof1] [o1] [sof1] [t3] [spi4] [w4] [uspi4] 4 [yspi4] 4 [tspi4] [w4] [usp6] 6 [usp6] 6 [yusp6] 6 [utsp6] [w6] [yoa5] 5 [yoa5] [u5] [yoa5] [t5] [yoa5] [o5] [so1] 1 [soh1] [u1] [sog1] 1 [sof1] 3 [si4] 4 [sih4] 4 [sig4] 4 [spif4] [o5] [uso6] 6 [ush6] [u6] [usg6] 6 [usif6] [u6] [yso5] 5 [yoh5] 5 [yog5] 5 [yof5] 5 [soi1] [u1] [soh1] 1 [sog1] 1 [sof1] 3 [si4] 4 [sih4] 4 [sig4] 4 [wsif4] 5 [upo6] 6 [uph6] 6 [upg6] 6 [upif6] [u6] [yso5] 5 [yuoh5] 5 [yog5] 5 [ytof5] [t5] [uso8]
    Level: 8
    Length: 03:51
    It Ends Tonight

    The All-American Rejects


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