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About the Artist
  • Birth Name:

    Toms Burkovskis

  • Born:

    10th September 1992

  • Genres:


Tobu is a Progressive House, Dubstep, Electro artist from Latvia.

Credit: Wikipedia

Artist's Music Sheets

  • [wt]|h [to] h|h| [wut]|h [wr] h|[whe]| [tq]|h [to] h|[pih]| [utoh]|[uh] [yr] h|[whe]| [wt]|h [to] h|h| [wuth]|h [wr] h|[whe]| [tq]|h [to] h|[pih]| [utoh]|[uh] [oa] h|[soh]| [wtl6]|k [tqoh]| s| [wutl0]|k [wrh5]| [wed]| [tql8]|k [tqoh]| [spi]| [utol0]|[uk] [yrh5]| [wke]| [wtl6]|k [tqoh]| s| [wutl0]|k [wrh5]| [wed]| [tql8]|k [tqoh]| [spi]| [utol]|[uk] [oha]| [sok] l [sp6] [sp6]| [sp6] [shf8] [shf8] [wsof5]| [wsof5] [wsof5] [oda5] [sp5] [usp6] [usp6]| [sp6] [sjg8] [shf8] [wsf5]|[wsf5] [wsf5] [sg50] [sf50] [sh85] [sf85] [sp6] [sp6]| [sp6] [shf8] [sjg8] [wsof5]| [wsof5] [wsof5] [oda5] [sp5] [usp6] [usp6]| [sp6] [sjg8] [shf8] [wsf5]|[wsf5] [wsf5] [sqg5] [sf50] [so85] [po65] [sp6] [sp6]| [sp6] [shf8] [shf8] [wsof5]| [wsof5] [wsof5] [oda5] [sp5] [usp6] [usp6]| [sp6] [sjg8] [shf8] [wsf5]|[wsf5] [wsf5] [sg50] [sf50] [sh85] [sf85] [sp6] [sp6]| [sp6] [shf8] [sjg8] [wsof5]| [wsof5] [wsof5] [oda5] [sp5] [usp6] [usp6]| [sp6] [sjg8] [shf8] [wsf5]|[wsf5] [wsf5] [sqg5] [sf50] [so85] [po65] [63]|s [oh63] [s63] [oh][63]s [a63] [s84] [oh] s [oh84] [s84] [oh][84]f [sh84] [s8] [oh] s [oh8] [s8] [oh]8s [a8] [s8] a8s [a8] [h7] g7f [a7] [s6] [oh] s [oh6] [s6] [oh]6s [a6] [s84] [oh] s [oh84] [s84] [oh][84]f [sh84] [s8] [oh] s [oh8] [s8] [oh]8s [a8] [s8] a8s [j8] [h7] g7f [a7] ppssl[lj][ji]issj[jh][sh]shh sshhx[xl][ol]oaak[kh][ph]pjj ppssl[lj][ji]issj[jh][sh]shh sshhx[xl][ol]oaak[kh][ph]pjj [pl] s [lk]j[ih] s jhs h [sl] h [xk]l[oh] a kh[pd] j [pl] s [lk]j[ih] s jhs h [sl] h [xk]l[oh] a kh[pk] [lj] [sp6] [sp6]| [sp6] [shf8] [shf8] [wsof5]| [wsof5] [wsof5] [oda5] [sp5] [usp6] [usp6]| [sp6] [sjg8] [shf8] [wsf5]|[wsf5] [wsf5] [sg50] [sf50] [sh95] [sf50] [sp6] [sp6]| [sp6] [shf8] [sjg8] [wsof5]| [wsof5] [wsof5] [oda5] [sp5] [usp6] [usp6]| [sp6] [sjg8] [shf8] [wsf5]|[wsf5] [wsf5] [sqg5] [sf50] [so85] [po65] [sp6] [sp6]| [sp6] [shf8] [shf8] [wsof5]| [wsof5] [wsof5] [oda5] [sp5] [usp6] [usp6]| [sp6] [sjg8] [shf8] [wsf5]|[wsf5] [wsf5] [sg50] [sf50] [sh95] [sf50] [sp6] [sp6]| [sp6] [shf8] [sjg8] [wsof5]| [wsof5] [wsof5] [oda5] [sp5] [usp6] [usp6]| [sp6] [sjg8] [shf8] [wsf5]|[wsf5] [wsf5] [sqg5] [sf50] [so85] [po65] [63]|s [oh63] [s63] [oh][63]s [a63] [s84] [oh] s [oh84] [s84] [oh][84]f [sh84] [s8] [oh] s [oh8] [s8] [oh]8s [a8] [s8] a8s [a8] [h7] g7f [a7] [s6] [oh] s [oh6] [s6] [oh]6s [a6] [s84] [oh] s [oh84] [s84] [oh][84]f [sh84] [s8] [oh] s [oh8] [s8] [oh]8s [a8] [s8] a8s [sj8] [sh7] [sg]7[fa] [a7] [s63] [oh] s [oh63] [s63] [oh][63]s [a63] [s84] [oh] s [oh84] [s84] [oh][84]f [sh84] [s8] [oh] s [oh8] [s8] [oh]8s [a8] [s8] a8s [a8] [h7] g7f [a7] [s6] [oh] s [oh6] [s6] [oh]6s [a6] [s84] [oh] s [oh84] [s84] [oh][84]f [sh84] [s8] [oh] s [oh8] [s8] [oh]8s [a8] [s8] a8s [j8] [h7] g7f [a7]
    Level: 7
    Length: 02:41



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