Tobu Itro 10 September 2020

[wt]|h [to] h|h|[wut]|h [wr] h|[whe]|[tq]|h [to] h|[pih]|[utoh]|[uh] [yr] h|[whe]|[wt]|h [to] h|h|[wuth]|h [wr] h|[whe]|[tq]|h [to] h|[pih]|[utoh]|[uh] [oa] h|[soh]|[wtl6]|k [tqoh]| s|[wutl0]|k [wrh5]| [wed]|[tql8]|k [tqoh]| [spi]|[utol0]|[uk] [yrh5]| [wke]|[wtl6]|k [tqoh]| s|[wutl0]|k [wrh5]| [wed]|[tql8]|k [tqoh]| [spi]|[utol]|[uk] [oha]| [sok] l [sp6] [sp6]| [sp6] [shf8] [shf8] [wsof5]| [wsof5] [wsof5] [oda5] [sp5] [usp6] [usp6]| [sp6] [sjg8] [shf8] [wsf5]|[wsf5] [wsf5] [sg50] [sf50] [sh85] [sf85] [sp6] [sp6]| [sp6] [shf8] [sjg8] [wsof5]| [wsof5] [wsof5] [oda5] [sp5] [usp6] [usp6]| [sp6] [sjg8] [shf8] [wsf5]|[wsf5] [wsf5] [sqg5] [sf50] [so85] [po65] [sp6] [sp6]| [sp6] [shf8] [shf8] [wsof5]| [wsof5] [wsof5] [oda5] [sp5] [usp6] [usp6]| [sp6] [sjg8] [shf8] [wsf5]|[wsf5] [wsf5] [sg50] [sf50] [sh85] [sf85] [sp6] [sp6]| [sp6] [shf8] [sjg8] [wsof5]| [wsof5] [wsof5] [oda5] [sp5] [usp6] [usp6]| [sp6] [sjg8] [shf8] [wsf5]|[wsf5] [wsf5] [sqg5] [sf50] [so85] [po65] [63]|s [oh63] [s63] [oh][63]s [a63] [s84] [oh] s [oh84] [s84] [oh][84]f [sh84] [s8] [oh] s [oh8] [s8] [oh]8s [a8] [s8] a8s [a8] [h7] g7f [a7] [s6] [oh] s [oh6] [s6] [oh]6s [a6] [s84] [oh] s [oh84] [s84] [oh][84]f [sh84] [s8] [oh] s [oh8] [s8] [oh]8s [a8] [s8] a8s [j8] [h7] g7f [a7] ppssl[lj][ji]issj[jh][sh]shhsshhx[xl][ol]oaak[kh][ph]pjjppssl[lj][ji]issj[jh][sh]shhsshhx[xl][ol]oaak[kh][ph]pjj[pl] s [lk]j[ih] s jhs h [sl] h [xk]l[oh] a kh[pd] j [pl] s [lk]j[ih] s jhs h [sl] h [xk]l[oh] a kh[pk] [lj] [sp6] [sp6]| [sp6] [shf8] [shf8] [wsof5]| [wsof5] [wsof5] [oda5] [sp5] [usp6] [usp6]| [sp6] [sjg8] [shf8] [wsf5]|[wsf5] [wsf5] [sg50] [sf50] [sh95] [sf50] [sp6] [sp6]| [sp6] [shf8] [sjg8] [wsof5]| [wsof5] [wsof5] [oda5] [sp5] [usp6] [usp6]| [sp6] [sjg8] [shf8] [wsf5]|[wsf5] [wsf5] [sqg5] [sf50] [so85] [po65] [sp6] [sp6]| [sp6] [shf8] [shf8] [wsof5]| [wsof5] [wsof5] [oda5] [sp5] [usp6] [usp6]| [sp6] [sjg8] [shf8] [wsf5]|[wsf5] [wsf5] [sg50] [sf50] [sh95] [sf50] [sp6] [sp6]| [sp6] [shf8] [sjg8] [wsof5]| [wsof5] [wsof5] [oda5] [sp5] [usp6] [usp6]| [sp6] [sjg8] [shf8] [wsf5]|[wsf5] [wsf5] [sqg5] [sf50] [so85] [po65] [63]|s [oh63] [s63] [oh][63]s [a63] [s84] [oh] s [oh84] [s84] [oh][84]f [sh84] [s8] [oh] s [oh8] [s8] [oh]8s [a8] [s8] a8s [a8] [h7] g7f [a7] [s6] [oh] s [oh6] [s6] [oh]6s [a6] [s84] [oh] s [oh84] [s84] [oh][84]f [sh84] [s8] [oh] s [oh8] [s8] [oh]8s [a8] [s8] a8s [sj8] [sh7] [sg]7[fa] [a7] [s63] [oh] s [oh63] [s63] [oh][63]s [a63] [s84] [oh] s [oh84] [s84] [oh][84]f [sh84] [s8] [oh] s [oh8] [s8] [oh]8s [a8] [s8] a8s [a8] [h7] g7f [a7] [s6] [oh] s [oh6] [s6] [oh]6s [a6] [s84] [oh] s [oh84] [s84] [oh][84]f [sh84] [s8] [oh] s [oh8] [s8] [oh]8s [a8] [s8] a8s [j8] [h7] g7f [a7]

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  • t|u|o|[o8]|[w0]|[whf0]|[hf8]|[w0]|[wsf0]|[sf8]|[w0]|[wt0]|[t8]|[wu0]|[wo0]|[oi9]|[wq]|[wqhg]|[hg9]|[wq]|[wqga]|[ga9]|[wq]|[wrq]|[r9]|[ywq]|[wqp]|[p7]|[wq]|[wqjg]|[jg5]|[wq]|[wqga]|[ga7]|[wq]|[wrq]|[r5]|[ywq]|[wqp]|[p8]|[w0]|[wjf0]|[jf5]|[w0]|[wsf0]|[sf8]|[w0]|[wt0]|[t8]|[wu0]|[wo0]|[s0]|[wt]|[wtlh]|[lh0]|[wt]|[wthf]|[hf0]|[wt]|[wt]|[t0]|[wut]|[wto]|[sq]|[yte]|[ytlje]|[qlj]|[yte]|[ytjge]|[qjg]|[yte]|y|y|i|p|[p7]|[wq]|[wq]|5|[wqI]|[wqo]|[sf8]|[w0]|[w0]|5|[ws0]|[wu0]|[uqe8]||y|[wqp7]||o|[wt80]||[wts80]|[wts80]
    Level: 7
    Length: 00:34
    Blue Danube

    Johann Strauss II

  • [use] p p s s p p s [tqp]|[O0]|[use] p p s s p p s [tqp]|[O0]|[use]|p s s|p s [utp6]|a s [ua3]|[tpi4]|[ypi2]|[ur3]|[utp6] u t u p u t u [utp6]|a s [yoa5]|p|o|i|[ut8] w t w u w t w [y62]|u i [ue0] t p t [a0] u s u [tqp] t i t p t i t [yq62]|u i [ur3]|y|t|r|[upe] t u t p t u t [yi84]|[ut] [yr] [te]|[yr] [wut8]|[yi] u|[pi84]|[uo] [yi] [ut]|[yi] [wuo8]|[pi] o|[^E] 9 q E y|[te4] 8 q e [tp]|i|[ur3]|||[utp6]|a s [ua3]|[tpi4]|[ypi2]|[ur3]|[utp6] u t u p u t u [utp]|a s [yoa]|p|o|i|[ut] w t w u w t w [y62]|u i [ue0] t p t [a0] u s u [tqp] t i t p t i t [yq62]|u i [ur3]|y|t|r|[e6]
    Level: 6
    Length: 01:00
    Castle on a Cloud (Les Miserables)

    Claude-Michel Schonberg

  • [30] [30f] k j h G f [03] 9 k j h G [30fu] 3 3 3 3 [18] [1fu] [1fu] 1 [ka] [jp29] 2 2 2 2 [oh18] 1 [29G] 2 [30uof] [uu] oo u oo o u oo u ooo u u oo uu u oo u ooo [30] [18] [18] [30] [30] [o30] u u [3fu] 3 [03oh] 1 [GI] [29] (29fu] 7 [7fu] [fu] [3fu] 3 [ho] [03fu] [fu30] [1fu] [ka] [fu1] [fu1] [29DY] [fu] [fu] [fu] [fu1] [DY] [DY] [DY] [fu1] [DY] [DY] [DY] [fu7] [fu] [fu] [fu7] [fu] [fu] [fu7] [fu] [fu] [fu7] [fu] [fu] [30f] s s a [30fu] s s a [DYf] s s a [G29] [s29] [s29] a [29f] s s a [f0u] s s a [f9Y] s s a [GY29] [s29] [s29] a [f19] s s a [f0u] s s a [f9Y] s s a [f2] s s a [f7] s s a [f0u] s s [7a] [f7] s s a [f7w] [7ws] [7ws] a G [7s] [7s] [7a] [30uof] u [fu] o o u u o [7uo] [fu30] [fu] [oak] [pj9] [ho18] [G29] [fu] [pfeu] p [pqt] f [dyQ] [lpi] [koa] [jp]
    Level: 6
    Infinity War Theme (Avengers)

    Alan Silvestri