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Yuzu is a Japanese pop rock duo who debuted in 1997. Its members are Yūjin Kitagawa (Kitagawa Yūjin) and Kōji Iwasawa (Iwasawa Kōji). Both of the band members come from Yokohama in Kanagawa Prefecture, and attended Okamura Junior High School. Their songs "Hyōri Ittai" (Two sides of the same coin), "Reason", and "Nagareboshi Kirari" (Shooting star) were used as ending themes for the 2011 anime series Hunter × Hunter.

Credit: Wikipedia

Artist's Music Sheets

  • [30] [Wru] [Wru] [Wru] r 0
    [6t] 0 e [et] [et] [ry] [tu]
    [4tu] 8 q e t [et] 4
    [5y] 9 w r [ry] [ry] [tu] [yi]
    [8i] w t [tu] 8
    [4t] 8 q e [et] [et] [ry] [tu]
    [1w] 5 8 0 [wt] 1
    [7y] 9 Q e [Qe] [9Q] [ry]
    [3t] 7 0 W [Wr] 3 % 7
    6 t [0et] t [0et] y [0etu] t
    4 t [qet] t [qet] y [qetu] y
    5 y [wry] y [wry] u [wryi] i
    8 u [wt] y [wt] u [wt]
    4 t [qet] t [qet] y [qetu] w
    8 t [80] w [80] t [0w] y
    7 [Qe] [Q9e] y [Qe] t
    3 r [7e] [W0r] [0r] [7u] [3O]
    6 [ps] [etups] [ps] [etups] [ad] [etusf] [ps]
    4 [ps] [etups] [ps] [etups] [ad] [etusf] [ad]
    5 [yo] [wry] [adh] [wry] [adg] [8osf]
    w [tu] [8od] [wtuos]
    4 [ps] [etips] [ps] [etips] [ad] [qetsf] [uo]
    8 [os] [0wt] [uo] [0wt] [os] [wtu] [Ipd]
    7 [Qey] [QIeyp] [pd] [Q9e] [Ous]
    3 [Oua] [7up] [WO0ua] W r y
    [qp] s f e t [etuj] t [ef] q
    [wd] [rs] [ya] [ryos] [oad] y r w
    [0u] a d w r [wryh] r [wf] [0h]
    [esfk] t u [tupfj] u t e
    [qp] s f e t [etuj] t [ef] q
    [wd] [rs] [ya] [ryos] [oad] y r w
    [0u] a d w r [wryh] r [wf] [0h]
    [Sefk] T u [Tup] u T e
    [ep] S f j
    b a P
    p [S60ef] [6] [Sf] [0eTDG] [Sf]
    [7] [af] [rQYSG] [af] 7 f [rQYG] H
    [%DHsj] [tf(WH] [DG] % f [(W] [!OD]
    [Sf] [Tu] W a [WTua] P
    [$p] [QSf] e $ [Sf] Q [aD]
    7 [(Ia] Q [Hrk] 8 [(j] [Wt] [fj] [0fSH] W T 0 [WTu] a
    [7DG] [af] [Qr] [30afH] a [Wrua] P
    p [S60ef] [6] [Sf] [0eTDG] [Sf]
    [7] [af] [rQYSG] [af] 7 f [rQYG] H
    [%DHsj] [tf(WH] G % [Sf] [(W] [!OD]
    [Sf] [Tu] W [H] S [WTu] [Spf]
    $ Q [Sef] [$H] [S] [Qe] [Oaf]
    % 7 [(Wr] [af] [%H] S [(Wr] [OSf]
    [!] [Tu] W [uWTG] [OSf]
    [!] [WTu] [Sf] [H] S [WTu] [Sf]
    6 0 e T u H S [af]
    7 Q r Y I k [af] [af]
    r 7 r 7 r 7 r 7 r 7 r [7O] [ra] [7S] [rD]
    [!OSf] [OSf] [WTu] [uWTOSD] [uWTOS] [WTu]
    [$QIPSf] [IPSf] [ETu] [uETIPSD] [QETIPS] [QET] Q
    [7aID] [aID] [rQY] [raQYIS] [raQYID] [rQY] [ruO]
    [30] [W0r] 7 [%] [tQWO] a [(S] D
    [!OSf] [OSf] [WTu] [uWTOSD] [uWTOS] [WTu]
    [$QIPSf] [IPSf] [ETu] [uETIPSD] [QETIPS] [QET] Q
    [7aID] [aID] [rQY] [raQYIS] [raQYID] [rQY] [Oaf]
    [30] [Wru] [Wru] [Wru] [Wru] [Wru] [Wru] [Wru]

    Level: 9
    Length: 03:38
    Hyōri Ittai ED5 (Hunter X Hunter)



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