Consolation No.3 – Franz Listz

10 twutw 0 twut 10 twutw 0 twut
10 twutw 0 t [fw] ut
fQteut [pw][a0][ps][fw] t
fqrwurw[qd] r [wf]dr
[s1] 0twutw0t [wf][us][jo] [h1] 0twutw0t [fw]ut
fQteut [pw][a0][ps][fw] t
fQteut 7QtD [he][GY] r
[3f] wurourwu [hr][fo][lu]k
wurourwu [rh] ou
[3h] w TE o T [ES] wd T f E oh T
[4h] qyeiye [qp][ya] ei S
[5j] 0 twutw [h0][lt][kw] D u [ft] jhasgf I opasf
5qrd [fw][dy]r
[s1] 0 twutw 0 twutw1

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