Fallout 4 Theme – Inon Zur

[slm] | [sfhl] h [odh] J z [pdgj] g [tsg] f | 8 t
[%WY] [8wtu] 1 1 t [%WY] [680 etu] 1 1 t [%WY] [%W] o
[5wy]E [5w] t [^E]y [EYD] [ig] [YD] [DZ] [dz] [sl] [PJ] [sl] [oh] d D g d D s [DZ] [gc] [dz] [PJ] [sl] o s d D h l z [DZ] [dz] [sl] [PJ] [sl] [oh] y Y i y Y t [EYD] [ig] [yd] [EP] [ts] [os] [os] [os] [ts] [YD] [uf] [YD] [ts] [IG] [ts] [YD] [uf] [YD] [ts] [ipsg] [sl] [DZ] s P O [fhlx] [osf] | [osf] | [osf] [sl] [DZ] a P O [fx] P a
[gc] [hv] [HV] [HV] | [JB] [JB] [HV] | [DZ] [dz] [sl] [PJ] [sl] [oh] d D g d D s [DZ] [gz] [dz] [PJ] [sl]

T [eu] [8ti] ! Ta [eup] a S p[QID] [GC] [HV]

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