Hanezeve Caradhina (Made in Abyss OST) – Kevin Penkin ft. Takeshi Saito

fhz|||dGz||| Ghz |||hjx||| fhk||| sfh||| adh||| uoa h h h h h j| hGf |d| oad oad k k k l kjhj| [hj] [hk] [hk]| jhj|z| kjjh | [bxzk] [jh] sfh dGhjdGhjdGhj [sd] f [hj] [dh]| dGhjdGhjdGhjdGhjdGhjdGhj [0u]oa [0u]o [ah] [fh] [fh] [fh] j| hG[fd]|d| [0u]oa [0u]oa hfd ouy k [kh] [kh] [lj]| jk[ej]h |z| [fj] [fk] [fk]| jhj|z| [fj] [fk] [fk]| jhj|[jz]| kj [fj][fh] [bxzk] [tod] [os] [shj] [dh] [Gj] [uo] [uo] [uo] [uo] [uo] p |oIu|y| [dh] w [wr] [ryp] w [wrhz] [ry] w [hk] [hk] [hk] [lj] kjhj [fj] [fk] [fk]| jhj|[jz]| ap [up] [uo] op [ryo] [ey] hGf poI [ur] [uo] [uo] [uo] [uo] [uo] p| oIu| y| [yo] y [oa] [oa] [oa] [ups]| ap [uo] p [up] [ua] [ua]| pop [pd]| [ya] p [tup] [tuo]| [ryo] [ey] uoa uoa h h h h h j| hGf |d| oad oad oad o k k k l | kjh| j| jkk| jhj| z | kjjh hjh|| z ||||

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