A Cruel Angel’s Thesis (Neon Genesis Evangelion) (Expert)

Yoko Takahashi 17 May 2021

[e60]|t|[y96] t y [yw975] y o i [ut80]y u|[ue60]|o|[qpe9] u y [wro97] o u o [utoe0] p|e| |[e60]|t 6 [y96] t [y6] [yw975] y o [i5] [ut80]y u 8 [ue60]|o 6 [qpe9] u [y9] [ro5] o u [o5] [utoe6] p|5 [81] t ww 1 8 [t1] [t5] y [w5] [w5]||[w5] [u860] i u [y750] t y [u6] 8i u e 8 4 er[t5] 7t9 [r7] [r5]||ty[i6] 6u y t 6 6 [u6] [u92] y T y|e|[e6] 3 6 [r5] [r92]| |5 [81] t ww 1 8 [t1] [t5] y [w5] [w5]||[w5] [u860] i u [y750] t y [u6] 8i u e 8 4 er[t5] 7t9 [r7] [r5]||ty[i6] 6u y t 6 6 [u6] [u2] 9y2 [T9] [y92] [92]u[92] [i92] [ue63] 3 [w53] 3 [e63] 3 [r73] 3 [tqe40] [q4]t[q4] [rq4] [tq4] [q4]t[q4] [rq4] [ywr3] 0y3 [t0] [wr60] 6e6 [r6] [tqe2] 9t2 [r9] [ywqe5] [w5]r[w5] [we5] [ywE5] 5 [ut9] * [yi8] 8 [uo5] 4 [tqe2] 9[te]2 [wr9] [tqe92] [92][te][92] [wr92] [ywr3] 0[yr]3 [te0] [wr60] 6[te]6 [yr6] [ute5] w[yi]5 [wut] [ywr5] [w5][te][w5] [ywr5] [wur20]| |[wur30] [yeI30] [urO30] [qe60] 6 [te6] 6 [yr96] [te] [yr6] [yw975] [y5] [yo5] [i5] [ut80]y u 8 [ute60] 6 [uo6] 6 [qpie9] u [y9] [wr75] r r [t7] [ywr8]t t 7 [qe60] 6 [te6] 6 [yr96] [te] [yr6] [yw975] [y5] [yo5] [i5] [ut80]y u 8 [ue60]|o 6 [qpe9] u [y9] [ro5] [o5] [u5] [o5] [utoe6] p|[qe60] 6 [te6] 6 [yr96] [te] [yr6] [ywr975] [yr5] [yro5] [i5] [ut80]y u 8 [ute60] 6 [uo6] 6 [qpie9] [ut] [yr9] [uro53] [uo3] [ut3] [uo53] [utoe63] [p6]

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About This Music Sheet

A Cruel Angel’s Thesis (Neon Genesis Evangelion) (Expert) is a song by Yoko Takahashi. Use your computer keyboard to play A Cruel Angel’s Thesis (Neon Genesis Evangelion) (Expert) music sheet on Virtual Piano. This is an Expert song and aimed at advanced users. If you're not an advanced user, you can still load this song and press auto-play to enjoy the music. The recommended time to play this music sheet is 01:33, as verified by Virtual Piano legend, Arda. The song A Cruel Angel’s Thesis (Neon Genesis Evangelion) (Expert) is classified in the genres: Japan, Songs From TV, Manga on Virtual Piano. You can also find other similar songs using Anime.


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    Level: 9
    Length: 02:55
    A Cruel Angel’s Thesis (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

    Yoko Takahashi

  • [tpe]||s|| [qed]| s| d| [wrd]||h|g| [wtf] d|f|| [tfe]||h|| [qje]| d| s| [wrh]|h|f|h| [qhe]| j||| [je][wh][f0][d9][f0][d9][s8][o5] [tp6] 0 [utse] 0 [id2] 9sq [d9] [da5] [da9] [wh] [g9] [f1]dw[of][ut] w [pf6] 0 [thfe] 0 [jg2] 9d[qe] [s9] [woh5] [woh5] [uf30] [woh5] [woh5] [pje6]| 1 w [uts] [wo]o[ut] w [ut] [ws] [so5] 9d[wr] [o9] [wro] 9 [wr] [o9] [sf6] 0g[te] [f0] [da5] 9s[wr] [d9] [pf4] 6g[qe] [f6] [qpe] 6 [qe] [p6]a [sp2] q[sp][te] [qa] [a5] 9 [wr] [s9]d [sg1] 5f[w0] [d5] [s6] 6 [e0] [f6] [fa7] Qd[yr] [SQ] [yrd] Q [yrp] Q [up3] 0 [rW] [aO0] [raWO] 0 [rW] 0 1 w [uts] [wo]o[ut] w [ut] [ws] [so5] 9d[wr] [o9] [wro] 9 [wr] [j9]h [sf6] 0g[te] [f0] [da5] 9s[wr] [d9] [pf4] 6g[qe] [f6] [qpe] 6 [qe] [p6]a [sp2] q[sp][te] [qa] [a5] 9 [wr] [s9]d [sg1] 5f[w0] [d5] [s6] 6 [e0] [f6] [fa7] Qd[yr] [SQ] [yrda] Qf[yr] [gQ] [fa3] 0 [raWO] 0 [srpW] 0 [rdaW] 0 [tsqpe] [tsqpe] a s s[tqe] a [wrd0] [wrd0] s a p[wr0] a [tsq9] [tsq9] a d a[ywr] p [todP8]|[srf7]|[gd^E]|[hfe6]
    Level: 7
    Length: 01:38
    A Cruel Angel’s Thesis

    Yoko Takahashi


  • [29eyi]||| [6tups]||| [18tu]||| [5yoa]||| [29eyui]||| [6upsf]||| [18yu]||| [5yopa]||| [29eyi]| [9u]| [9i]| [9a]|2|[6tups]| 6| 6| 6| [18tu]| [8y]| [8u]| [8o]|1|[5yoa]| 5| 5| 5| y u [2eyi]|9|[2u]|9|[2i]|9|[2a]|9|[6upsf]|6|6|6|6|6|6|6| [1tu]|8|[1y]|8|[1u]|8|[1o]|8|[5yoa]|5|5|5|5|5|5| [5y] u [2eyi] 6 9 6 [2u] 6 9 6 [2i] 6 9 6 [2a] 6 9 6 [6tups] 0 e r t r e 0 6 0 e r t r e 0 [8tu] w t w [8y] w t w [8u] w t w [8o] w t w [5yoa] 9 w e r e w 9 5 9 w e r e w 9 [9yi] e y e 9 e y e [9u] e y e 9 e y e [6upsf] 0 e r t r e 0 6 0 e r t r e 0 [8tu] w t w [8y] w t w [8u] w t w [8s] w t w [5yoa] 9 w e r e w 9 5 9 w e r e w 9 [9ipdg] e y e [9uf] e y e [9ig] e y e [9ak] e y e [6sfjl] 0 e r t r e 0 6 0 e r t r e 0 [8uosf] w t w [8yd] w t w [8uf] w t w [8oh] w t w [5adhk] 9 w e r e w 9 5 9 w e r e w 9 [9ipdg] e y e 9 e y e [9uf] e y e 9 e y e [6fjlx] 0 e r t r e 0 6 0 e r t r e 0 [8uosf] w t w [8yd] w t w [8uf] w t w [8sl] w t w [79wadhk] [79w] [79w] [79w] [9wr] [9wr] [9wr] [9wr] [wry] [wry] [wry] [wry] [ryo] [ryo] [ryo] [ryo] [9g] [eyi] [eyp] [eyi] [9f] [eyi] [eyp] [eyi] [9g] [eyi] [eyp] [eyi] [9k] [eya] [eyd] [eya] [6l] [0es] [0ef] [0es] [6j] [0es] [0ef] [0es] [6l] [0es] [0ef] [0es] [6j] [0es] [0ef] [0es] [8f] [wtu] [wto] [wtu] [8d] [wtu] [wto] [wtu] [8f] [wtu] [wto] [wtu] [8h] [wto] [wts] [wto] [5k] [9wa] [9wd] [9wa] [5h] [9wa] [9wd] [9wa] [5k] [9wa] [9wd] [9wa] [5h] [9wa] [9wd] [9wa] [9g] [eyi] [eyp] [eyi] [9f] [eyi] [eyp] [eyi] [9g] [eyi] [eyp] [eyi] [9k] [eya] [eyd] [eya] [6x] [0ef] [0ej] [0ef] [6l] [0ef] [0ej] [0ef] [6x] [0ef] [0ej] [0ef] [6l] [0ef] [0ej] [0ef] [8f] [wtu] [wto] [wtu] [8d] [wtu] [wto] [wtu] [8f] [wtu] [wto] [wtu] [8h] [wto] [wts] [wto] [5k] [9wa] [9wd] [9wa] [5h] [9wa] [9wd] [9wa] [5k] [9wa] [9wd] [9wa] [5h] [9wa] [9wd] [9wa] [9eyipdg]||| [60esfjl]||| [8wtosf]||| [59wadhk]||| [9ypdg]||| [6efjlx]||| [8tsf]||| [5wdhk]||| [dg]||| [fl]||| [sf]||| [dk]||| [dg]||| [sx]||| [sf]||| [dk]
    Level: 8
    Length: 03:40
    Time (Inception)

    Hans Zimmer

  • [*WT][*WT][0ru][*WT][0ru][*WT][0ru][*WT][9ey] d S S H f G G G j H H S S S H f f G G j H a p p p S f f f G f d S a p p p S f S H H G [SL] O a [pD] f D [ua] I [TO] O p O [Tu] [pD] f D [ua] I [TO] O p O [Sf] u f f f f [Of] f f D O I f f f f f f f G D D S a u u f f f f f f f D G f f D S H e [tO] [tO] Y u Y O [Sf] [Sf] [Sf] [Sf] [Sf] [Sf] [Sf] [Sf] [aD] O [Sf] [Sf] [Sf] [Sf] [Sf] [Sf] [Sf] [Sf] [DG] D S [Ia] u [Sf] [Sf] [Sf] [Sf] [Sf] [Sf] [Sf] [Sf] [Sf] [aD] [DG] f D S [SH] [Ys] H f [sD] [sD] [sD] [sD] f D S [OS] H f [sD] D D D f D D [DG] f D [sH] [sH] [sG] [sf] [sD] S [TS] [TS] [OH] [uf] [IG] [IG] [pj] [OH] [TS] [TS] [OH] [uf] [IG] [IG] [IG] [pj] [OH] [WO] [ep] [ep] [ep] [TS] [uf] [TS] [uf] [uf] [IG] [uf] [yd] [TS] [ra] [ep] [ep] [ep] [TS] [uf] [TS] [OH] [OH] [YD] [TS] [TS] [OH] [uf] [IG] [IG] [pj] [OH] [TS] [TS] [OH] [uf] [uf] [IG] [IG] [pj] [OH] [WO] [ep] [ep] [ep] [TS] [uf] [TS] [uf] [uf] [IG] [uf] [yd] [TS] [ra] [ep] [ep] [ep] [TS] [uf] [TS] [OH] [OH] [IG] [SL] [*T] [(Y] [0u] [QI] [WO] [ra] [Tp] [Tp]
    Level: 5
    The Day

    Porno Graffitti

  • [yw][Po] [yw][Po] [Y(][Po][Y][Po] [Y][Po] [E^][Pi^] [E^][Pi] [y9][pi][y9][pi] [y9][pi][oy5][E][P9][hPE][g][dP@][s][so(][E][P][(][PoE][oy^][E][Pq][hPE][g][dp2][s][si9][e][P][9][de][so][5][E][P][o9][E][YE@][(][E][PY][(][dE][sY][^][E][oy][iq][E][iy2][9][e][9][e][oy5][E][P9][hPE][g][dP@][s][so(][E][P][(][PoE][iy^][E][Pq][hPE][g][dp2][s][si9][e][P][9][de][so][5][E][P][o9][E][YE@][(][E][PY][(][dE][sY][^][E][iy][q][E][iy2][9][e][9][e][de][dP5][gE][5][dP9][gE][5][dP@][jP][(][hDPE][(][E][5][dP^][gE][5][dPq][gE][5][dP2][jdp][9][Jde][j9][hdpe][gp][9][dP5][gE][9][dP9][gE][9][dP@][jP][(][hDPE][(][E][9][gd^][JgdE][9][gdq][E][Jgd][2][gdp][9][lgde][9][jgd9][e][jgd][Jhd][5][Jd][Jdw][Jd9^][Jhd][^][jDP(@][JDP^][(][w][(][^][^][@][Jgd][^][Jd][JdE][Jdq9][Jgd][^][jgd92][Jgd6][9][q][9][lgd6][6][Jd2][Jhd][5][Jd][Jdw][Jd9^][Jhd][^][jDP(@][9][hDP^][gP(][w][(][^][^][@][Jgd][^][Jd][JdE][Jdq9][Jgd][^][jgd92][Jgd6][9][q][9][lgd6][6][2][zJhd][5][zhd][w][zd9^][zhd][l^][lhD(@][lD][lD^][J(][JhDw][(][^][hD^][@][^][zJgd][E][zdq9][zgd][l^][lgd92][lgd6][9][gspq][9][lgd6][6][Jgd2][5][Jd][Jdw][Jd9^][Jhd][^][jDP(@][9][JDP^][(][w][(][^][^][@][Jgd][i^][Jd][JdE][Jdq8][Jgd][^][jgd92][Jgd6][9][q][9][lgd6][6][2][ld][zhd5][ld][Jw][hdP9^][^][PoY(@][^][(][w][(][^][JDP^][J@][Jgd][^][gdP][E][gPq9][gP][dP^][92][dpi][di6][si9][q][si9][spi6][dpi6][2][Poy5][w][Poy9^][^][PoY(@][^][(][w][(][^][JDP^][J@][Jgd][^][gdP][E][gPq9][gP][dP^][92][dpi][di6][si9][q][si9][spi6][dpi6][2][oy5][E][P9][hPE][g][dP@][s][so(][E][P][(][PoE][oy^][E][Pq][hPE][g][dp2][s][si9][e][P][9][de][so][5][E][P][o9][E][YE@][(][E][PY][(][dE][sY][^][E][oy][iq][E][iy2][9][e][9][e][oy5][E][P9][hPE][g][dP@][s][so(][E][P][(][PoE][iy^][E][Pq][hPE][g][dp2][s][si9][e][P][9][de][so][5][E][P][o9][E][YE@][(][E][PY][(][dE][sY][^][E][iy][q][E][iy2][9][e][9][e][de][dP5][gE][5][dP9][gE][5][dP@][jP][(][hDPE][(][E][5][dP^][gE][5][dPq][gE][5][dP2][jdp][9][Jde][j9][hdpe][gp][9][dP5][gE][9][dP9][gE][9][dP@][jP][(][hDPE][(][E][9][gd^][JgdE][9][gdq][E][Jgd][2][gdp][9][lgde][9][jgd9][e][jgd][Jhd][5][Jd][Jdw][Jd9^][Jhd][^][jDP(@][JDP^][(][w][(][^][^][@][Jgd][^][Jd][JdE][Jdq9][Jgd][^][jgd92][Jgd6][9][q][9][lgd6][6][Jd2][Jhd][5][Jd][Jdw][Jd9^][Jhd][^][jDP(@][9][hDP^][gP(][w][(][^][^][@][Jgd][^][Jd][JdE][Jdq9][Jgd][^][jgd92][Jgd6][9][q][9][lgd6][6][2][zJhd][5][zhd][w][zd9^][zhd][l^][lhD(@][lD][lD^][J(][JhDw][(][^][hD^][@][^][zJgd][E][zdq9][zgd][l^][lgd92][lgd6][9][gspq][9][lgd6][6][Jgd2][5][Jd][Jdw][Jd9^][Jhd][^][jDP(@][9][JDP^][(][w][(][^][^][@][Jgd][i^][Jd][JdE][Jdq8][Jgd][^][jgd92][Jgd6][9][q][9][lgd6][6][2][ld][zhd5][ld][Jw][hdP9^][^][PoY(@][^][(][w][(][^][JDP^][J@][Jgd][^][gdP][E][gPq9][gP][dP^][92][dpi][di6][si9][q][si9][spi6][dpi6][2][Poy5][w][Poy9^][^][PoY(@][^][(][w][(][^][JDP^][J@][Jgd][^][gdP][E][gPq9][gP][dP^][92][dpi][di6][si9][q][spi9][6][gdp6][2][D][dy5][Pow][y9][9][Pow][Y@][9][Po][(][Yw][Po][(][Yw][Po][E^][9][Piq][Eq][Piq][y2][pi][9][yq][pi][9][yq][pi][dy5][5][Pow][y9][Pow][9][Y@][Po][(][Yw][Po][(][Yw][Po][E^][Piq][Eq][Piq][y2][pi][9][yq][pi][9][yq][pi][Pi5][E][Pi9][E][Pi@][go(][E][D][d(][soE][s][do][^][E][di][q][E][pi2][gp9][e][g][gp9][e][gP][g][hd5][JE][Jd][9][E][gP][@][g][hD(][JE][JD][(][E][g][gP][g][gd^][JdE][9][gdq][JgdE][gd2][lgd9][e][9][jgde][Jhd][5][Jd][Jdw][Jd9^][Jhd][^][jDP(@][9][JDP^][(][w][(][^][^][@][Jgp][^][Jd][JdE][Jdq9][Jgd][^][jgd92][Jgd6][9][q][9][lgd6][6][Jd2][Jhd][5][Jd][Jdw][Jd9^][Jhd][^][jDP(@][9][hDP^][gP(][w][(][^][^][@][Jgd][^][Jd][JdE][Jdq9][Jgd][^][jgd92][Jgd6][9][q][9][lgd6][6][2][zJhd][5][zhd][w][zd9^][zhd][l^][lhD(@][lD][lD^][J(][JhDw][(][^][hD^][@][^][zJgd][E][zdq9][zgd][l^][lgd92][lgd6][9][gspq][9][lgd6][6][Jgd2][5][Jd][Jdw][Jd9^][Jhd^][jDP(@][9][JDP^][(][w][(][^][^][@][Jgd][^][Jd][JdE][Jdq9][Jgd][^][jgd92][6][Jgd6][9][6][lgd^][^][2][zJhd][5][zhd][w][zd9^][zhd][l^][lhD(][lD][lD^][J(][JhDw][(][^][hD^][@][^][zJgd][E][zdq9][zgd][l^][lgd92][lgd6][9][gspq][9][lgd6][6][Jgd2][5][Jd][Jdw][Jd9^][Jhd^][9][jDP(@][9][JDP^][(][w][(][^][^][@][Jgd6][i^][Jd][JdE][Jdq9][Jgd][^][jgd92][6][Jgd6][9][q][9][lgd6][6][2][ld][zhd5][ld][Jw][hdP9^][^][PoY(@][^][(][w][(][^][JDP^][J@][Jgd][^][gdP][E][hPq9][hP][hP^][92][dpi][di6][si9][q][si9][spi6][dpi6][2][Poy5][w][Poy9^][^][PoY(@][^][(][w][(][^][JDP^][J@][Jgd][^][gdP][E][gPq9][gP][dP^][(2][dpi][di6][si9][q][spi9][6][gdp6][2][D][dPo5]

    Level: 9
    Length: 03:25
    Let You Love Me

    Rita Ora