A Cruel Angel’s Thesis

Yoko Takahashi 27 August 2020

[qed]| s| d|[wrd]||h|g|
[wtf] d|f||
[tfe]||h||[qje]| d| s|[wrh]|h|f|h|[qhe]| j|||
[tp6] 0 [utse] 0 [id2] 9sq [d9]
[da5] [da9] [wh] [g9] [f1]dw[of][ut] w
[pf6] 0 [thfe] 0 [jg2] 9d[qe] [s9]
[woh5] [woh5] [uf30] [woh5] [woh5] [pje6]|
1 w [uts] [wo]o[ut] w [ut]
[ws] [so5] 9d[wr] [o9] [wro] 9 [wr] [o9]
[sf6] 0g[te] [f0] [da5] 9s[wr] [d9]
[pf4] 6g[qe] [f6] [qpe] 6 [qe]
[p6]a[sp2] q[sp][te] [qa] [a5] 9 [wr]
[s9]d[sg1] 5f[w0] [d5] [s6] 6 [e0]
[f6] [fa7] Qd[yr] [SQ] [yrd] Q [yrp] Q [up3] 0 [rW] [aO0] [raWO] 0 [rW] 0
1 w [uts] [wo]o[ut] w [ut]
[ws] [so5] 9d[wr] [o9] [wro] 9 [wr] [j9]h[sf6] 0g[te] [f0] [da5] 9s[wr] [d9] [pf4] 6g[qe] [f6] [qpe] 6 [qe]
[p6]a[sp2] q[sp][te] [qa] [a5] 9 [wr]
[s9]d[sg1] 5f[w0] [d5] [s6] 6 [e0]
[f6] [fa7] Qd[yr] [SQ] [yrda] Qf[yr] [gQ]
[fa3] 0 [raWO] 0 [srpW] 0 [rdaW] 0
[tsqpe] [tsqpe] a s s[tqe] a
[wrd0] [wrd0] s a p[wr0] a
[tsq9] [tsq9] a d a[ywr] p
[tsqpe] [tsqpe] a s s[tqe] a
[wrd0] [wrd0] s a s[te] d
[tfea0] [tge0] f [da] s[te0] d [f3] 0 [yrfO] 0 [yrpG] 0 [yraH] 0
[tp6] 0 [utse] 0 [id2] 9[us][qe] [id9]
[da5] [da9] [wrh] [g9] [f1]dwf[ut] w
[pf6] 0 [thfe] 0 [jg2] 9d[qe] [s9]
[a5] [a9] [wrp] [a9] [d1]sws[ut] w
[tp6] 0 [utse] 0 [id2] 9[us][wr] [id9]
[da5] [da9] [wrh] [g9] [f1]dwf[ut] w
[pf6] 0 [thfe] 0 [jg2] 9d[qe] [s9]
[oh5] [oh9] [wurf] [oh9] [oh6] 0[pj][te] 0
[tp6] 0 [utse] 0 [id2] 9[us][wr] [id9]
[da5] [da9] [wrh] [g9] [f1]dwf[ut] w
[pf6] 0 [thfe] 0 [jg2] 9d[qe] [s9]
[woh5] [woh5] [uf30] [woh5] [woh5] [pje6]

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    Level: 9
    Length: 02:55
    A Cruel Angel’s Thesis (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

    Yoko Takahashi


  • 8 e y u|yuyt w 8 W t o i t W t [u8]|o|[y7]|u i [u6] y t|5|t|[tqpi]||p [o5] y u i [u8] w t y u|o|[use]||s [uts9]|a p [o5] y u i [ut8]|[wt6]|[y^] q E q ^ E t y [t5] 9 w e [wr]|t y [ut8]|o|[yw7]|u i [u6] y t|5|t|[tqpi]||p [o5] y u i [u8] w t y u|o|[use]||s [uts9]|a p [o5] y u i [ut8]|[wt6]|[y^] q E q ^ E t y [t5] 9 w e r e [wt] [y9] [u8]|o|[y7]|u i [u6] y t|5|t|[tqpi]||p [o5] y u i [u8] w t y u|o|[use]||s [uts9]|a p [o5] y u i [ut8]|[wt6]|[y^] q E q ^ E t y [t5] 9 w e [wr]|t y [ut8]|o|[yw7]|u i [u6] y t|5|t|[tqpi]||p [o5] y u i [u8] w t y u|o|[use]||s [uts9]|a p [o5] y u i [ut8]|[wt6]|[y^] q E q ^ E t y [t5] 9 w e [wr] q 0 9 8 w y u|yuyt w 8 W t o i t W t [ywu8]

    Level: 6
    Length: 01:14
    Town Theme (Final Fantasy I)

    Nobuo Uematsu

  • l| |k|x|j| |h|l|g| |f|j|d| |h||hlt h|lkr h u kle h|k [wl] k [tj] hj[qg]||k [l0] k [je] hg9| |w|hj [tl] h|lkr h u kle h|k [wl] k [tj] hj[qg]||k [l0] k [je] hg9| |w|hj [tlf8] h|[wl][kd][r7]h [ur0] k[lf][e6]h0|[ke][lf][w5]k [wtsj8] h[sj][q4]g|k[lf][30]k [sje6] h[sg][92]| |[w5]|hk [tlf8] h w [tl][kd][r7]h x k[lf][e6]h 0 [ke][lf][w5]k9 [sj] [wh][sj][qg4]|[qi] kl[t8]kw j [th]g[q4] [q4] [q4] [q4] [wsj5] 9 [sh] w [utso8]||os[roda7]|[u0] sd[sfe6] [jg] [hf] [sf] [w5]|[t8]|[qjg4] [hf]|[sf] [sf0]|[e6]|[ygd9] [sf]|s [wda5]||[zh][zh][t8] [lh]|[zh][zh][r7] [lh] [u0] [zh][zh][e6] [lh]|[zh] [zwh5] [lh] [tkh8] [lh][lh][q4] [jg]|[zh][zh]0 [lh] [khe6] [lh] [yljg9]| |[w5]|l[zh] [zth8] [lh]|[zh][zh][r7] [lh] [u0] [zh][zh][e6] [lh]|[zh][zh][w5] [lh] [tkh8] [lh][lh][q4] [jg]|[zh][zh]0 [lh] [khe6] [lh] [yljg9]| |[w5]| |[wt80]
    Level: 7
    Length: 01:39
    Welcome to the Black Parade

    My Chemical Romance

  • [qiOH]| |h|s| |s [hT]| |D||[PJ]||l| |[^OHE]| |[ohY(]| |D|s| |[gYP(]| |[YP]|[JD]| |4| |%||Z| |[VH]| |[vh]| |L| |[ZD] E t Y O| |D| |[hZH4]| |[qYW]| |Z||[JB]|m|[sl]|[H!]| |[YE(]| |[JB]|[PJ]|[VH]|[vh]| |[gc^]|E| |Y|Y|D|S|s|O|[PJ81]| |t|[VH]|[vh]| |l|Z|H|v|[gc!] [vh%] [qVH] [ZD%] [JB(]||[[email protected]]|[O4] 8 [E(] W||D O h|[ig!] [oh%] [qOH] [YD%] [[email protected]]| |[YD(]|[O4]| |E||W| |[ig!] [OH%] [sl] [ZD] [[email protected]] ^ (||[ig4] [OH8] [sql] [ZD8] [ZWD] Y [gc!] [vh%] [qVH] [ZD%] [[email protected]]|^|[ZD(]|[O4]||Y||W||[H!] h D O [ED] O E O H h D O D O|O [D4] [qO]|[WO] E t O [D4] O [tW] O [YW] [iY] [YW] O|[H!] [h%] [D] [O(] [qO] o Y E [Y!] [E%] [Y] E|W| |[ml4]||[PJ]||Z| |[WO]||[SL]||[qi]| |[Z1]||[OH]||[VH]||[ig]||[PE]||[qi4]| |[Y(]||[T]| |[t8]| |[c4]

    Level: 6
    Length: 02:40
    [email protected] (Aldnoah.Zero)

    Hiroyuki Sawano