Inspector Gadget (Theme)

Shuki Levy 10 September 2020

pasd fs Da ds|
pasd f j H|
pasd fs Da ds|
pasd f|
H j

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About This Music Sheet

Inspector Gadget (Theme) is a song by Shuki Levy. Use your computer keyboard to play Inspector Gadget (Theme) on Virtual Piano. This is a Super Easy song which you can also load and play on your mobile or tablet. The recommended time to play this music sheet is 00:26, as verified by Virtual Piano legend, Nova Nine. The song Inspector Gadget (Theme) is classified in the genres: Songs From TV, Kids on Virtual Piano. You can also find other similar songs using Fun.



  • wwewEt wwewEt oo wwwwwEt ytEtEtyw wwweT ytEtEt yiyiy ii oiyEy yyyy wwwqw wwwwE tytEyyi ioo ooioPo oo ppp
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  • p f [lh]||z [ok]d h [ji]s| |p f [lh]||z [ok]d l [ji]s| |h|[yj]pfh j||j [uj]ad h| |[ji]pfk l|z|[ki]pf h j| |[pf]jlf h|l z [ja]lxs [nh] s [va]|[li]xbs h||b [xu]b a [zvd]||v [xi]b s h||v [xo]b d h||v [pl]xb| |p| |[pif]||d f j [sojd]|[hda]||j [uk]ad|f k z [zi] [xs] [jf]||k [yl]p||j l x [JE]zvy [ic]||xz[xu] p a d f j k| |[spf4] 8 [qe] d f j [jfd5] 9 [wrhda]|4 j [k3] 7 [wr] f [k3] z [z6] [x0] [wrj] [te] 5 k [l4] 8 [ue] j [tql] x [z5] [x9] [ywk]|[wrh]|[d6]fj0 y|u|[p6] f [jL7]|*|[spf4] 8 [qe] d f j [jfd5] 9 [wrhda]|4 j [k3] 7 [wr] f [k3] z [z6] [x0] [wrj] [te] 5 k [l4] 8 [ue] j [tql] x [z5] [x9] [wrk]|[qhe]|[d6]fj0 [ye]|u|[fe]jL [f0]z|[f6]x|[p4]fjt u p s d h l zxb

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    y | u i i u y i |
    u | i o | u o|u|o |
    i | o p p o i p |
    o | t y u i o p |
    p | y u i o p a |
    a | u i o p a s |
    s a P p|i|a|o|s |
    t y u i o p a s|o|s

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