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T-ara is a South Korean girl group, formed in 2009 by MBK Entertainment. T-ara's career is marked by hook-heavy dance-pop music, a result of their close partnership with composer Shinsadong Tiger. A broad array of visual concepts have earned the group a "chameleon-like" reputation. The group officially debuted in July 2009 with the single "Lie", following line-up changes due to creative differences. Their debut studio album Absolute First Album was released in December 2009 and spawned several hit songs including "TTL (Time to Love)", "Bo Peep Bo Peep", and "You Drive Me Crazy".Credit: Wikipedia

Artist's Music Sheets

  • j k [le] ukpj [h0] r y| [qj] thij [f8] w u| [f9] edy s [a0] [sr]a o [p6] 0r t o| p a [s6] [s0]atp [o3] 7 0 uo[p4] [p8]oqp [u8] w t u [i9] eoy p [ya7] [wp]oep [u8] 0 w t [yeI30]| p a [s6] [s0]dts [a3] 7 w sa[p4] [a8]sed [f8] w t| [f9] edis [a0] [sr]ayo [p6] 0r t o|| sd[fe] [ud] [pf] g [wfa] u o sd[qf] [td] [of] h [f0] t o f [sg9] e [ji]| [kd7] [wj]hrg [sof8] 0 w t [ypdG0]| s d [sfe6] [j6]j6 6 [wfa5] [k5]k5 5 [qlh4] [k4] [j4] [h4] [sof30] 0 0 0 [f9] edi s [d0] [rd]fyh [j6] 0r t o| p a [s6] [s0]atp [o3] 7 0 uo[p4] [p8]oqp [u8] w t u [i9] eoy p [ya7] [wp]oep [u8] 0 w t [yeI30]| p a [s6] [s0]dts [a3] 7 w sa[p4] [a8]sed [f8] w t| [f9] edis [a0] [sr]ayo [p6] 0r t o| | [sl6] 0[ka]t[pj] [oh3] 7 w| [pj4] 8[oh]e[pj] [uf8] w t| [ig9] e[oh]y [pj] [ka7] [wpj][oh]r [pj] [uf8] 0 w t [yeIG0]| [OH]| [sl6] 0[zd]t[xf] [ka3] 7 w| [pj4] 8[sl]e[zd] [xf8] w t| [xf9] e[zd]i [sl] [ka0] [srl][ka]y[oh] [pj6] 0r t o
    Level: 6
    Length: 01:31
    We Were In Love



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