It’s a Small World

Sherman Brothers 19 June 2020

0 q w|u|t|y t t|r|r|
9 0 q|y|r|t r e|w|w|
0 q w|t y u|y t e|y u i|
u y w|i|u|y|t||
t|t u|t|y| y y |
y|y i|y|u| u u |
u|u o|u|i| i i |
u y w|i|u|y|t

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  • 8wtwuwtw 8wtwowuw 8wtwuwtw 8wtwowto hgf dfdaso ohgf [ad]fdas [t o s h][pj]hg hlhs[opf][iod] [osh]gfs[sd] [osh]gf s[id]fda[su]o o[osh]gf [id]fda[su] o[psj][oh][pg] s[ahk][pdj][odh] sa[lhs][kf][psj]f[dh] tyos[da] [pj][ak][sghl]g[osg]f[osdh] sd[id]d[idh]g[iosdg][uf] [t u f h][pj][ak][sghl]g[osg]f[odh] sd[upaf][pg]fd[tus] [tp]a[tos]iiu[wyuo] [ts][yd][upaf]g[uf][yd][yod]s iopsghj oiu yuyytw oi[ru]rt yutyw wtyuw[yo] yutyw wtyuw[yo]w hgf o[id]fdaso hgf[id]fda[su] o[isj]h[osg]phlhs[opf][iod] [osdh][isg][upf][ts][yd] sdfghjkHJlzZcvV [JZB][HJZV][hv] cvczZ[DJ] [PDJ][OPH][oh][idg]hgd[PDJ] [tos]P[YO] [YP]DPY[to][tyi] [PDJ]toY[qi] J[OPDH][oh][idg][oh][ig]d[YD]P [PDJ][OH][oh][g h g]d[YPD] [ts][EP][WYO] [YD][dgz][sgl][PJ] [YD][DZ][dz][shl][osh][PDJ] [sl][dz][DHJZ][ODH][PDH][oh][PDJ] [YD][oh][ig][ifg][OPJ][OPH][OPDH][oh] [sl][dz][DHJZ][OH][OPDH][oh][PJ] [YD][uf][isdgh][OH][oadh][dghz][DZ] [sl][DZ][hlv][glc][DHZ][oh][PDJ] [oh][PJ][dgz][sgl][PJ][dgz][dz][DHJZ][DHJZ] [PJ]Hh ghgd[PD]P JHhgd [PDJ]Oo E[tyi]oiy | [YP]O[yo][yid][YPD]
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