Mii Channel

4 December 2020

[pi9]|[sp] [sf]|[sp]|[pi] [ri] [ri] [ri]| |[uW] [ie9] [pi] [sp] [sf]|[sp]|[pi] [roha]||[PIGE] [pige]| |[a8]|[uof] p|[wf]|[ta]|[uof]|[PE] [pe]|[uo]|[oeY4] [oeY4] [oeY4]| |[oeY4] [oeY4] [oeY4]| |[yrI]|[iTE]|[ute]|[sp] [sf]|[sp9]|[pQI] [wroi] [wroi] [wroi]|[ha] [ha] [ha]|2 [pi] [sp] [sf9]|[sp2]|[pi] [wofa5]| |[qpid4]| |[wd5] P [yiE] [u8]|[utd] P u [sq4] p [teY] [y^]|[yOE] i y [ywuo8] [ywuo8] [ywuo8]| |[SE] [rd] [fT] [yg] [ji] [lP]|||t|T|[yw5]|[wE] [T9] y [wE]|0 8 [wE] t [wT] y p [yE] u [yq4]|[te] [T8] y [te]|0 q [te]|8 y|[teY]|[ur7]|[yQ] [Y0] u [T0]|% 6 [T0] u [Y3] u a [T0] I [ue6]|[te] [I9] y [te]|u [wi5] [sp]|i [yuoa] [yuoa] [yuoa]|[pi9]|[sp] [sf]|[sp]|[pi] [ri] [ri] [ri]| |[uW] [ie9] [pi] [sp] [sf]|[sp]|[pi] [roha]||[PIGE] [pige]| |[a8]|[uof] p|[wf]|[ta]|[uof]|[PE] [pe]|[uo]|[oeY4] [oeY4] [oeY4]| |[oeY4] [oeY4] [oeY4]| |[yrI]|[iTE]|[ute]|[sp] [sf]|[sp9]|[pQI] [wroi] [wroi] [wroi]|[ha] [ha] [ha]|2 [pi] [sp] [sf9]|[sp2]|[pi] [wofa5]| |[qpid4]| |[wd5] P [yiE] [u8]|[utd] P u [sq4] p [teY] [y^]|[yOE] i y [ywuo8] [ywuo8] [ywuo8]| |[SE] [rd] [fT] [yg] [ji] [lP]|||t|T|[yw5]|[wE] [T9] y [wE]|0 8 [wE] t [wT] y p [yE] u [yq4]|[te] [T8] y [te]|0 q [te]|8 y|[teY]|[ur7]|[yQ] [Y0] u [T0]|% 6 [T0] u [Y3] u a [T0] I [ue6]|[te] [I9] y [te]|u [wi5] [sp]|i [yuoa] [yuoa] [yuoa]

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About This Music Sheet

Use your computer keyboard to play Mii Channel music sheet on Virtual Piano. This is an Intermediate song and requires a lot of practice to play well. The recommended time to play this music sheet is 01:45, as verified by Virtual Piano legend, Arda. The song Mii Channel is classified in the genre of Electronica on Virtual Piano. You can also find other similar songs using Nintendo, Theme Song.


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  • t|t|y|[80wu]||u|| u|y|u|[80wt]||t|| t|y|u|[8qei]||p|| p|o|i|[80wu]||| t|y|u|[8qei]||p|| p|o|i|[80wu]||t||| t|y|[80wu]||i|[79wy]|| y|u|[80wt]
    Level: 5
    Length: 00:32
    You Are My Sunshine

    Jimmie Davis

  • [slhD81]OoOoioiYi[Y1]8[y1]8[t81]OoOoioiYi[Y1]8[y1]8[ts81]OoOoioiYiYy[Y81]y[t81]y[t81]E[t81]E[^W]w[q%]([92]22[Q2]22[w5]55[r5]55[s1]OoO oi [O2]@[o2]7[s1]oas dD [d1]2[a@]5[s4][qO][s4][qd][D4][qh][s@][o(][s@][d(][D@][h(][a2][o9][a2][s9][d2][g9][h%]54[a5]@2[t1]WwW wq [W2]@[w2]7[t1]w[r2]t@y[Y@] [y4] [r5] [s4][qO][s4][qd][D4][qh][s@][o(][s@][d(][D@][h(][a2][o9][a2][s9][d2][g9][s1][O8][s1][d8][D1][h8][a7][o7][a7][s7][d7][g7][O%][i%][O%][a%][s%][g%][o5][Y5][o5][a5][s5][D5][I$][Y$][I$][p$][s$][D$][d2][p2][d2][G2][h2][j2][h5]hh[qH]h[h9][h7][H9]h[h7][h4][H7]h[h4][h2][H@]o[O2]s[a1]s[d7]D[g%]h[H5]k[sl1]OoO o[81][81][81][81][81][81][s81]OoO I[81][81]77^^[p6]iui O666666[p6]iui P66%%55[P$]IiI sQ[QI$][iQ$][QI$][Q$][SQ$][Y(]IiI D[Q$][QI$][iQ$][QI$][Q$][igQ$]777[IG7]77[OH]77[IG7] 7[QI5]55[wo5]55[pe]55[wo5] 5[ig7]77[IG7]77[OH]77[IG7] 7[IG5]55[oh5]55[pj]55[PJ5] 5[J30]fDf Da[30]D[30]P[30][P30]uYu Yr[30]Y[30]T[30][ZQ$]jHj Hf[Q$]H[Q$]D[Q$][QD$]pOp Ou[Q$]O[Q$]I[Q$][WH%]dS[dW%] S[WO%] S[W%]o [WO%]yT[yW%] T[W%] T[W%]w [zWH9%]| [zWH9%]| [zWH9%]| [zWH9%]| [zH%]5%[cH7]%7[kH8]78[zH9]wr[slhD81]OoOoioiYi[Y1]8[y1]8[t81]OoOoioiYi[Y1]8[y1]8[ts81]OoOoioiYiYy[Y81]y[t81]y[t81]E[t81]E[^W]w[q%]([92]22[Q2]22[w5]55[r5]55[slhD81]

    Level: 7
    Length: 01:36
    Mantis Lords (Hollow Knight)

    Christopher Larkin

  • [a6]souasouasouasouasouasouasouasou [p4]otyiutepotyiutepotyiutepotyiute [skf]||| [a6]souasouasouasouasouasouasouasou [p4]otyiutepotyiutepotyiutepotyiute [i2]uetiuoyiuetiuoyiuetiuoyiuetiuoy [s7]auoporysauoporysauoporysauopory [utpea]66666 ee66666 ee66666 ee66666 e [sqpoif]88414 qq88414 qq88414 qq88414 q [utpea]66666a[se][he][a6][s6][h6][a6][s6]h[ea] [se]66666a[se][he][a6][s6][h6][a6][s6]h[ea] [qa][s8][o8][a4][s1][o4]a[sq][qo][a8][s8][o4][a1][s4] q [qa]88414 q[qp]88414 q [c9][x2][v2][z2][c2][x2]j[l9][c9][x2][v2][z2][c2][x2]j[l9] [c9][x2][v2][z2][c2][x2]j[l9][c9][x2][v2][z2][c2][x2]j[l9] [yrpoa]77777 rr77777 r r777[w7]e[r7]tyu[ro]p[ro]p[a7]s[d7]f[h7]j[h7]j[k7]lzx[vr]b e666[a6]6p[ue]e66666 e e6[a6][p6][a6]6s[ed]e6[s6][a6]66oe q884[o1]4p[tq]q88414 q q884[o1]4p[tq]q88414 q e666[a6]6p[ue]e66666 e e6[a6][p6][a6]6s[ed]e6[f6][h6]66je [sq]884[o1]4p[tq]q884[h1]4j[sq] q884[o1]4p[tq]q88414 q 92[g2][f2][g2]2f[g9]92[f2][p2]22 9 92[g2][f2][g2]2f[h9]92[g2][f2]22d9 [vr][h7][h7][v7][v7][h7]h[vr][vr][h7][h7][v7]77 r [vr][h7][h7][v7][v7][h7]h[vr][vr][h7][h7][v7]77 r
    Level: 8
    Length: 03:26
    Aquatic Ambience (Donkey Kong Country)

    The OneUps